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The queen retorted, And what have you brought me, pray where is it Until I touch it you will neither see me nor obtain permission to trade.

Some thought my best plan would be to go up the Nile, which seemed to them the natural course to pursue, especially as the Nile was said, though nobody believed it, to have been navigated by expeditions sent out by Mehemet Ali, Viceroy of Egypt, up to 3 22 north latitude.

The drum was beaten, as the public intimation of the payment of the hongo, and consequently of our release, and we went on to Mihambo, on the west border of the eastern division of Uzinza, which is called Ukhanga.


Then, trying to terrify me, they said, N yamyonjo had a hundred boats, and would drive us back to a certainty if we tried to force past them, if he were not first spoken with, as the Waganda had often tried the passage and been repulsed.

Our halt at the ford here was cut short by the increasing sickness of the Hottentots, and the painful fact that Captain Grant was seized with fever.

Till now, owing to the strict laws of the country, I had not been able to call upon anybody but the king himself.

He did not want property it was only the pleasure of my company that he wanted, to enable him to tell all his friends what a great man had lived in his house.

He assented, sent all his women away, and had an mbugu spread for the purpose, on which Bombay, obeying my order, first spread a red blanket, and then opened each article one after the other, when Nasib, according to the usage already mentioned, smoothed them down with his dirty hands, or rubbed them against his sooty face, and handed them to the king to show there was no poison or witchcraft in them.

While the purpose of the boy s coming with so many men was not distinctly known, the whole village and camp were in a state of great agitation, Budja fearing lest the king had some fault to find with his work, and the Wanyoro deeming it a menace of war, whilst I was afraid they might take fright and stop our progress.

He said he did not like having to send to Rumanika for everything he wanted his visitors to come to him direct moreover, Rumanika had sent him a message to the effect that we were not to be shown anything out of Uganda, and when we had done with it, were to be returned to him.

It was a pattern Unyoro march, of only two hours duration.

If I wished to go that way, Kamrasi would forward me on to their position in boats for the land route, leading through Kidi, was a jungle of ten days, tenanted by a savage set of people, who hunt everybody, and seize everything they see.

He reached N yamyongo s village before noon, asked for the officer, but was desired to wait in a hut until the chief should arrive, as he had gone out on business the villagers inquired, however, why we had robbed the Wanyoro yesterday, for they had laid a complaint against us.

Walking down the bank of the river where a line of vessels was moored, and on the right hand a few sheds, one half broken down, with a brick built house representing the late Austrian Church Mission establishment we saw hurrying on towards us the form of an Englishman, who, for one moment, we believed was the Simon Pure but the next moment my old friend Baker, famed for his sports in Ceylon, seized me by the hand.

Time was drawing on, and as the queen would not appear of her own accord, I sent to request a friendly conversation with her before I left, endeavouring, as well as I could, to persuade her that the want of cordiality between us was owing to the mistakes of interpreters, who had not conveyed to her my profound sentiments of devotion.

In vain I pleaded I could not stand the suffocation of so many men, especially of Waganda, who eat raw plantains and unless they turned out, I should do so, to benefit by the pure air.

We next tried for guinea fowl, as I tell him they are the game the English delight in but the day was far spent, and none could be found.

A complaint was then laid against Nyamgundu by the chief officer of the village, and I was requested to halt.


My men had greatly amused him by firing their guns off and showing him the use of their sword bayonets.

It did not become my dignity to live in houses appropriated to persons in the rank of servants, which I considered the ivory merchants to be and as I had come only to see him and the high officers of Uganda, not seeking for ivory or slaves, I begged he would change my place of residence 000-102 Exam Engines to the west end, when I also trusted his officers would not be ashamed to visit me, as appeared to be the case at present.

To do the best under these circumstances, I determined on going to Rungua with what kit could be carried, leaving Bombay behind with Musa 000-102 Exam Materials until such time as I should arrive there, and, finding more men, could send them back for the rest.

In consequence of these salutations, there is more ceremony in court than business, though the king, ever having an eye to his treasury, continually finds some trifling fault, condemns the head of the culprit, takes his liquidation present, if he has anything to pay, and thus keeps up his revenue.

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Next morning, as I said I could not by any means pay such an exorbitant tax as was demanded, Kariwami begged me to make an offer which I did by sending him four wires.

During the night, when sleeping profoundly, some person stealthily entered my hut and ran off with a box of bullets towards the palace, but on the way dropped his burden.

They said they had their orders to bring me, and if Lumeresi would not allow them to go for Grant, they 1T6-323 Prep Guide would stop where they were, for they knew that if Suwarora found them delaying long, he would send more men to look after them.

A strong debated ensued, which Bombay, by his own account, turned to advantage, by saying, What use is there in shooting cows we have lots of meat what we want is flour to eat with it.

It was granted, and he took a 50 letter on the coast, and a letter of emancipation for himself and family, besides an order, written in Kisuahili, for ten fundo of beads on Rumanika, which made him very happy.

Setting off to attend the king at his appointed time, I found the Kamraviona already there, with a large court attendance, patiently awaiting his majesty s advent.

It was not the custom of my country for great men to consort with servants, and until I saw him, and made friends, I should not be happy.

We sometimes noticed Albinos, with greyishblue eyes and light straw coloured hair.

I answered him with all promptitude, Yes, at once, with some of his officers competent to judge of the value of all I point out to them for future purposes in keeping the road permanently open.

The ammunition I wrote for to Rumanika had been brought by Maula.

Though puzzled at the strange sound of the rifle, the elephants seldom ran far, packed in herd, and began to graze again.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had 650-473 Exam Test been done need not alarm any one.

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Fleets of boats, not canoes, were built for war, and armies formed, that the glory of the king might never decrease.

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Their surprise knew no bounds they could scarcely believe what they saw and then, on recovering, with the spirit of true gentlemen, they seized both my hands, congratulating me on the magnitude of my success, and pointed out, as an example of it, a bystander who showed fearful scars, both on his abdomen and at the blade of his shoulder, who they declared had been run through by one of these animals.

These Waquiva, I was given to understand, occupied the steep hills surrounding this place.

This was perplexing indeed, but to stop longer was useless so we pushed forward as best we could to a pond at the western end of the district where we found a party of Makua sportsmen who had just killed an elephant.

He had little to say, but begged for medicine, and when given some in a liquid state, said his sub would like some also then Kidgwiga s wife, who was left behind, must have some and as pills were given for her, the two men must have dry medicine too, to take home with them.

The company now broke up, but I still clung to the king, begging him to allow me to purchase food with beads, as I wanted it, for my establishment was always more or less in a starving state but he only said, Let us know what you want and you shall always have it which, in Uganda, I knew from experience only meant, Don t bother me any more, but give me your spare money, and help yourself from my spacious gardens Uganda is before you.


This was necessary according to the etiquette of the country.

They brought me at the same time information that the Watuta had invested Ruhe s, after clearing off all the cattle in the surrounding villages, and had proclaimed their intention of serving out Lumeresi next.

It was pronounced amidst peals of laughter from my men for whenever any little excitement is going forward, the Wanguana all rush to the scene of action to give their opinions, and joke over it afterwards.

They had fine oval faces, large eyes, and high noses, denoting the best blood of Abyssinia.

All this exciting news, with the prospect of soon seeing Grant, did me a world of good, so much so, that I began shooting small birds for specimens watching the blacksmiths as they made tools, spears, ad bracelets and doctoring some of the Wahuma women who came to be treated for ophthalmia, in return for which they gave me milk.

As he advanced, my men, forming a guard of honour fired three shots immediately on his setting foot upon our side the river whilst Frij, with his boatswain s whistle, piped the Rogue s March, to prepare us for his majesty s approach.

He expected a chair to sit upon, and got a box, as at home he has a throne only a little inferior to Kamrasi s.

Omwita, you mean, was the last country you resided in before you came here, but originally you came from Abyssinia, the sultan of which, our great friend, is Sahela Selassie.

Last night I was turned out of my bed by a terrible hue and cry from the quarter allotted to Rozaro and his Wanyambo companions for the Waganda had threatened to demolish my men, one by one, for seizing their pombe and plaintains, though done according to the orders of the king and now, IBM 000-102 finding the Wanyambo nearest to the road, they set on them by moonlight, with spear and club, maltreating them severely, till, with reinforcements, the Wanyambo gained the ascendancy, seized two spears and one shield as a trophy, and drove their enemies off.

To all this Baraka replied, that he was merely a servant, and as he 000-102 Labs had orders to stop where he was, he could not leave it until I came but to show there was no ill feeling towards him, he sent the chief a cloth.


The king to this retorted, in a truly African fashion, That s a lie I can see no harm in 000-102 Exam Test Questions this white man and if he had been a bad man, Rumanika would not have sent him on to me.

Without seeing us again, Lumeresi, evidently ashamed of the power held over him by this rod of Suwarora s, walked off in the night, leaving word that he was on his way to Ruhe s, to get back my gun and all the other things that had been taken from Grant.

He knew that the English were the ruling power in that land, and that they were opposed to slavery, the terrible effects of which had led to his abandoning Old Mbumi, on the banks of the Mukondokua river, and rising here.

Maula then said he would go to a friend s and come back again.

The tobacco they smoke is imported from the coffee growing country of Uhaiya.

My proper sphere was the palace, and unless I got a hut there, I wished to leave the country.

The blackguard Maula, laughing, said, Bana does not know what he is doing it is a heinous offence in Uganda sending presents back nobody for their lives dare do so to the queen her wrath would know no bounds.

A passenger told us that three white men had just arrived in vessels at Gondokoro and the Bari people, hearing of our advance, instead of trying to kill us with spears, had determined to poison all the water in their country.

Not heeding him, I walked up the hill, whilst the other rhinoceros, still trotting, suddenly turned round and came to drink within fifty yards of us, obstructing my path 000-102 Exam Materials this was too much of a joke so, to save time, I gave him a bullet, and knocked him over.

To please myself now I had done quite enough but as the princes would have it, I went on with the chase.

The scenery and situation were perfect for health and beauty.

No other cannibals, however, were known of but the Masai, and their cognates, the Wahumba, Wataturu, Wakasange, Wanyaramba, and even the Wagogo and Wakimbu, circumcise.

This was too much for my patience, so I ordered all my things to be tied up in marching order, and gave out that I should leave and find out the way myself the following morning.

I came, at the same time, to the conclusion that all our previous information concerning the hydrography of these regions, as well as the Mountains of the Moon, originated with the ancient Hindus, who told it to the priests of the Nile and that all those busy Egyptian geographers, who disseminated their knowledge with a view to be famous for their long sightedness, in solving the deep seated mystery with enshrouded the source of their holy river, were so many hypothetical humbugs.

To make the best of a bad job, I now sent Bombay with two other men off to Musa to see what he could do, and ordered my other men to hire Wakimbu from village to village.

He then said he had never taken a single tax from the Arabs, and would gladly relinquish his 000-102 Exam Materials intention to do so.

With these letters in their hands, I made arrangements with our Consul, Mr Drummond Hay, to frank them through Suez, Aden, and the Seychelles to Zanzibar.


The country, still flanked on the right by hills, was undulating and very prettily wooded.

Phanze Kirongo which means Mr Pit here paid us his respects, with a presentation of rice.

Whatever the freak of the moment is, that they adopt in the most thoughtless manner, even though they may have calculated on advantages beforehand in the opposite direction.

He now took his seat for the first time upon the chair, for I had told him, at my last interview, that all kings were expected to bring out some new fashion, or else the world would never make progress and I was directed to sit before him on my grass throne.

How what gate tell us all about it.

The whole scenery was most beautiful.

They, however, took the law into their own 000-M237 Test Answers hands, drove off the Waganda villagers by firing their muskets, and relieved the thieves.

After this, Viarungi pleaded the cause of my mutinous followers, till I shook my finger angrily at him before the king, rebuked him for intermeddling in other people s affairs, and told my own story, which gained the sympathy of the king, and induced him to say, Supposing they desert Bana, what road do they expect to get Maula was now appointed to go with Rozaro to Karague for the powder and other IBM 000-102 things promised yesterday, whilst Viarungi and all his party, though exceedingly anxious to get away, had orders to remain here prisoners as a surety for the things arriving.

We had heard they held superstitious dreads that any one who ate the flesh of pigs, fish, or fowls, or the bean called Maharague, if he tasted the products of their cows, would destroy their cattle and I hoped he did not labour under any such absurd delusions.

Rain now fell, 642-992 Vce And Pdf and the king retired by one gate, whilst I was shown out of another, until the shower was over.

I ought, perhaps, to have stopped this but I thought the best plan was to show total indifference so, at the same time that they 000-102 Pdf Download were allowed to take their cloths, I refused to comply with the chief s request, and begged them to have no fear so long as they saw I could hold my own ground with my guns.

It is no wonder the English are the greatest men in the world.

He then gave way, and begged I would allow my men to fire a volley outside his boma, as the Watuta were living behind a small line of granitic hills flanking the west of his district, and he wished to show them what a powerful force he had got with him.

To keep Rumanika up to the mark, I introduced to him Saidi, one of my men, who was formerly a slave, captured in Walamo, on the borders of Abyssinia, to show him, by his similarity to the Wahuma, how it was I had come to the conclusion that he was of the same race.

I said in answer, that Petherick had promised to have boats there all the year round, so I would not wait.

He kept us waiting an hour, and then passing out by a side gate, beckoned us to follow.

The king explained by description and pantomime how the affair passed.

The day thus ended, and I was dismissed.

On the 27th April, Captain Grant and I embarked on board the new steam frigate Forte, commanded by Captain E.

24th to 30th.

At last we got under way, and, after winding through a long forest, we emerged on the first of the populous parts of Usui, a most convulsed looking country, of well rounded hills composed of sandstone.

Much pleased with the things, Kamrasi ordered the tent to be pitched before all his court, pointed out to them what clever people the white people are, making iron pots instead of earthen ones.

From first to last, some of the sick Hottentots rode the hospital donkeys, allowing the negroes to tug their animals for the smallest ailment threw them broadcast on their backs.


Still he did us a good turn for on the 16th he persuaded his men to take service with us at the enormous hire of ten necklaces of beads per man for every day s march nearly ten times what an Arab pays.

The hongo, the sheikh said, had to precede everything yet that had not been settled, because the chief deferred it the day of our arrival, on the plea that it was the anniversary of Short legs s death and he also said that till then all the Wagogo had been in mourning by ceasing to wear all their brass bracelets and other ornaments, and they now wished to solemnise the occasion by feasting and renewing their finery.

Our boats were then lowered, and in a few minutes more the prize was taken, by her crew being exchanged for some of our men, and we learnt all about her from accurate reports furnished by Mr Frere, the Cape Slave Commissioner.

The result was, that he waited for the interpretation, and replied that a post would be no use, for no one would be responsible for the safe delivery of the message he would send N yamgundu to fetch him, but he thought Rumanika would not consent to his sending boats up the Kitangule as far as the Little Windermere and then, turning round with true Mganda impetuosity, he walked away without taking a word from me in exchange.

Then being assured that I knew he never would have done as he had if a woman s attractions had not led him astray, he went to his work again like a man, and consoled himself by taking Sangizo s sister to wife on credit instead of the old love, promising to pay the needful out of his pay, and to return her to her brother when the journey was over.

Indeed, they left the coast and arrived at Kaze immediately in rear of us, and had, like ourselves, found it as much as they could do even to reach this, and now they were at a standstill for want of porters.

Economy, care, or forethought never enters his head the first thing to hand is the right thing for him and rather then take the trouble even to look for his own rope to tie up his bundle, he would cut off his master s tentropes or steal his comrade s.


Hearing this, all my Wanguana danced with delight and I, fearing there was some treachery, called Musa s men again, saying I had changed my mind, and wished to go on in the afternoon but when the time came, not one of our porters could be seen.

A great confusion ensued.

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This was a predicament which looked very ugly, for my boys had both bolted, taking with them my guns but suddenly the beast, evidently regarding the smoke as a phantom which could not be mastered, turned round in a bustle, to my intense relief, and galloped off at full speed, as if scared by some terrible apparition.


then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

No food, however, was given to my men, though the king, anticipating Bombay s coming, sent me one load of tobacco, one of butter, and one of coffee.

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These, of course, were IBM 000-102 Exam Materials rejected with scorn so, in addition, I sent an old box.

He then gave the order to move on, and we all repaired to the palace.

I did not walk straight up to him as if to shake hands, but went outside the ranks of a three sided square of squatting Wakungu, all inhabited in skins, mostly cow skins some few of whom had, in addition, leopard cat skins girt round the waist, the sign of royal blood.

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He began to show a disinclination to allow my going there, and though from the most friendly intention, this view was alarming, for one word from him could have ruined my projects.

I begged them strongly to listen to reason, and accept my advice as an old soldier, not to carry on their guerilla warfare in such a headlong hurry, else they would be led a dance by Manua Sera, as we had been by Tantia Topee in India.

Dr K yengo s men were now attacked by Kidgwiga for having taken a cow from me yesterday, and told they should not eat it, because both they and myself were the king s guests, and it ill became one to eat that which was given as a dinner for the other.

Mr Mbumi, the chief of the place, a very affable negro, at once took us by the hand, and said he would do anything we desired, for he had often been to Zanzibar.

I sent Bombay to the king to tell him the news, and ask him what he thought of doing next.

The Sobat has a third mouth farther down the Nile, which unfortunately was passed without my knowing it but as it is so well known to be unimportant, the loss was not great.

We could spear you all whilst you are loading be quick, be quick, I tell you.

To day, for the first time since I have been here, I received a quantity of plantains.

Next she ordered her slave girls to bring a large number of sambo anklets , and begged me to select the best, for she liked me much.

She therefore was queen.

It was 000-102 Exam Paper only feather weight in reality, but, being loaded with charms, became so heavy to those who were not entitled to the crown, that no one could lift it but the one person whom the spirits were inclined towards as the rightful successor.

It is very broad at the mouth, it is true, but so shallow that our vessel with difficulty was able to come up it.

He generously gave me a goat and eggs, telling my men they might help themselves to plantains from any gardens they liked beyond certain limits, provided they did not enter houses or take anything else.


She said she was ill it was not feigned and if I would give her a goat to sacrifice she would be well at once for she had looked into the magic horn already, and discovered that if I have her a goat for that purpose it would prove that I loved her, and her health would be restored to her at once.

That they flowed into the lake there was no doubt as I could see by the trickling waters in some few places and they lay exactly on the equator.

So indeed we found it for although this wilderness was formerly an entire forest of trees and wild animals, numerous Wakimbu, who formerly occupied the banks of the Ruaha to the southward, had been driven to migrate here, wherever they could find springs of water, by the boisterous naked pastorals the Warori.

The policy and government of the vast possessions of Great Britain were then duly discussed, and Rumanika acknowledged that the pen was superior to that of the sword, and the electric telegraph and steam engine the most wonderful powers he had ever heard of.

The Gallas, or Abyssinians, who are tall and fair, like Rumanika, I said, might do so, for they live not far off on the other side of Amara, but we never fight for such paltry objects.

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Passing through the next villages a collection called Kifukuro we had to pay another small tax of two barsati and four yards of chintz to the chief.

He was much delighted with my coming, produced pombe, and asked me what I thought of his women, stripping them to the waist.

This confinement of the palace family is considered a state necessity, as a preventive to civil wars, in the same way as the destruction of the Uganda princes, after a certain season, is thought necessary for the preservation of peace there.

It was not sufficient, however, to make him forget his regal pride for though Bombay 000-102 Test pleaded hard for our going to see him, and for a change of residence, the immovable king, to maintain the imperial state he had assumed as king of kings, only said, What difference does it make whether your master sees me to day or tomorrow If he wants to communicate about the road to Gani, his property at Karague, or the guns at Uganda, he can do so as well through the medium of my officers as with me direct, and I will send men whenever he wishes to do so.

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Chapter VIII Karague Relief from Protectors and Pillagers The Scenery and Geology Meeting with the Friendly King Rumanika His Hospitalities and Attention His Services to the Expedition Philosophical and Theological Inquiries The Royal Family of Karague The M Fumbiro Mountain Navigation of The Little Windermere The New Moon Levee Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Hunting Measurement of a Fattened Queen Political Polygamy Christmas Rumours of Petherick s Expedition Arrangements to meet it March 000-102 Certification Answers to Uganda.

In this manner we may suppose that the Gallas separated from the Abyssinians, and located themselves to the south of their native land.

I had a great deal to tell him about, as he was the father of the Nile, which river drained the N yanza down to my country to the northward.

The feast was all the better relished as the men knew well that no Arab master would have given them what he could sell for if a slave shot game, the animals would be the master s, to be sold bit by bit among the porters, and compensated from the proceeds of their pay.


Before we left Mbumi, a party of forty men and women of the High Availability for AIX - Technical Support and Administration 000-102 Exam Materials Waquiva tribe, pressed by famine, were driven there to purchase food.

Mijalwa was here convicted of having stolen the cloth of a Turk whilst living in his hut when he was away at the Paira plundering and got fifty lashes to teach him better behaviour for the future.

His eyes were long, face narrow, and nose prominent, after the true fashion of his breed and though a finely made man, considerably above six feet high, he was not so large as Rumanika.

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