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During the night, when sleeping profoundly, some person stealthily entered my hut and ran off with a box of bullets towards the palace, but on the way dropped his burden.

I gave Kamrasi a bottle of quinine, which we call strong back, and asked him in return 102-400 Latest Dumps for a horn containing all the powders necessary to give me the gift of tongues, so that I should be able to converse with any black men whom I might meet with.

We had all now to hurry back to the carcass before the Wagogo could find it but though this precaution was quickly taken, still, before the tough skin of the beast could be cut through, the Wagogo began assembling like vultures, and fighting with my men.

Only too glad to being work I gave him a red blanket, called joho, and five strings of mzizima beads, which were equal to fifty of the common white.

10th and 11th.

They left this two moons before Baraka arrived here, and I told them the white men would not come here, as I heard they had gone to Uganda.

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Kamrasi expected us to advance next day, when some men would go on ahead to announce our arrival, and bring a letter which was brought with beads by Gani before Baraka s arrival here.

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U n ya muezi Country of Moon must have been one of the largest kingdoms in Africa.

The friend coaxingly responded, Oh no he likes Mtesa, and will go and see him too won t you I declined, however, 102-400 Questions to answer from fear of mistake, as both interpreters were away.

Then turning to the last one, which could not escape, I asked the Wanyambo to polish him off with their spears and arrows, that I might see their mode of sport.


31 46 9 , where Mahamed, after firing a salute, took us in to see a Circassian merchant, named Kurshid Agha.

The regions about the palace were all in a state 920-242 Exam Preparation of commotion to day, men and women running for their lives in all directions, followed by Wakungu and their retainers.

They told me it was the first time they had come on this line, and they deeply regretted it, for they LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2 102-400 Questions had lost 5000 dollar s worth of beads by their porters running away with their loads, and now they did not know how to proceed.

Still at home, an invalid, I received a visit from Meri, who seemed to have quite recovered herself.

Further, he commanded in a bullying tone that all the Wahuma who were with Lumeresi should be sent to him at once, adding, at the same time, if his royal mandate was not complied with as soon as he expected, he would at once send a force to seize Lumeresi, and place Lpi 102-400 Questions another man in his stead to rule over LPIC-1 102-400 Questions the district.

The men composing the band were a mixture of Waganda and Wanyambo, who played on reed instruments made telescope fashion, marking time by hand drums.



I sent Frij to Kamrasi to find out what he was doing with the Waganda and my deserters, as I wished to speak with their two head representatives.

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The merchants on the coast, too, though prohibited by their Sultan from interfering with the natural course of trade, send their hungry slaves, as touters, to entice all approaching caravans to trade with their particular ports, authorising the touters to pay such premiums as may be necessary for the purpose.

Some are pastorals, but most are agriculturalists and this difference, I believe, originates solely from want of a stable government, to enable them to reap what they produce for where the negro can save his cattle, which is his wealth, by 102-400 Certification Answers eating grain, he will do it.

By dint of persuasion, however, we induced them to sell us provisions, though at a monstrous rate, such as no merchant could have afforded and having spent the night quietly, we proceeded on to the upper courses of the M yombo river, which trends its way northwards to the Mukondokua river.

However, as they yielded at last, by some few leaning to my side, I gave what they asked for, and went to the next village, still inefficient in men, as all the Pig s Watoto could not be collected together.

Anxious lest they should take sudden fright, I gently raised myself, wishing to fire, but I was quite puzzled there was no mistake about what they were still, look from as high as I would, I could not see their bodies.

The whole of the provisions of this beautiful place had been devoured by the king s guests, simply because he had been too proud to see them in a hurry.

It is true that, whilst the aboriginal Abyssinians in Abyssinia proper are more commonly agriculturists, the Gallas are chiefly a pastoral people but I conceive that the two may have had the same relations with each other which I found the Wahuma kings and Wahuma herdsmen holding with the agricultural Wazinza in Uzinza, the Wanyambo in Karague, the Waganda in Uganda, and the Wanyoro in Unyoro.

The women, anything but pretty, wore their mbugu cut into two flounces, fastened with a drawing string round the waist and, in place of stockings, they bound strings of small iron beads, kept bright and shining, carefully up the leg from the ankle to the bottom of the calf.


I was told, too, that he opened conversation by demanding to know how it happened that Suwarora became possessed of the wires, for they were made by the white men to be CX-310-610 Exam Topics given to himself, and Suwarora must therefore have robbed me of them and it was by such practices he, Mtesa, never could see any visitors.

I now proposed to send Baraka, who, ashamed to cry off, said he would go with Rumanika s officers if I allowed him 102-400 Latest Dumps a companion of his own LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2 102-400 Questions choosing, who would take care of him if he got sick on the way, otherwise he should be afraid they would leave him to die, like a dog, 102-400 Questions And Answers Pdf in the jungles.

When he was gone, Bombay said there was not one man in the camp, besides his own set, who wished to go on to Egypt for they had constant arguments amongst themselves about it and whilst Bombay always said he would follow me wherever I led, Baraka and those who held by him abused him and his set for having tricked them away from Zanzibar, under the false hopes that the road was quite safe.

After going a day s journey, they said they came to where Manua Sera was residing with Kitambi, and met with a most cheerful and kind reception from both potentates, who, on hearing of my proposition, warmly acceded to it, issued orders at once that hostilities should cease, and, with one voice, said they were convinced that, unless through my instrumentality, Manua Sera would never regain his possessions.

In the meanwhile, and whilst this was going on at the king s palace, I went with Grant, by appointment, to see the queen.

Masudi, the merchant who took up Insangez, had been trying his best to deter Rumanika from allowing us to enter his country, by saying we 102-400 Test Prep were addicted to sorcery and had it not been for Insangez s remonstrances, who said we were sent up by Musa, our fate would have been doubtful.

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M yinzuggi, the head of Rumanika s party, gave me to day a tippet monkey skin in return for the cow I had given him on the 14th.

Unconscious myself, I gave loud and impatient orders to my guard, rebuking them for moving like frightened geese, and, with hat in hand, stood gazing on the fair sex till directed to sit and cap.

As nobody could obtain an interview with the king yesterday, I went to the palace to day, and fired three shots a signal which was at once answered from within by a double discharge of a gun I had just lent him on his returning my rifle.

He said he could not find any.

This non interventive order was part of the royal policy, in order that the king might have the full fleecing of his visitors.

Neither his father nor any of his forefathers had had such a great favour shown them.

On hearing my fix, Abdalla said I should have men and, what s more, he would go with me as his father had promised to do but he had a large caravan detained in Ugogo, and for that he must wait.

He was passing by from another quarter, and became amused by the glowing description of my boys, who never omitted to narrate their own cowardice as an excellent tale.

I then made Baraka place all my kit in the middle of the boma, which was a very strong one, keeping out only such beads as I wished him to use for the men s rations daily, and ordered him to select a few men who would return with me to Kaze when I said, if I could not get all the men I wanted, I would try and induce some one, who would not fear, to go on to Usui failing which, I would even walk LPIC-1 102-400 back to Zanzibar for men, as nothing in the world would ever induce me to give up the journey.

He took the affair very seriously, delivering himself to the following purport Well, then, my days are numbered for if I refuse compliance I shall lose my head and if I attempt to pass Kamrasi s, which is on the river, I shall lose my life for I am a marked man there, having once led an army past his palace and back again.

For this purpose my factotum, Bombay, prevailed on Baraka, Frij, and Rahan all of them old sailors, who, like himself, knew Hindustani to go with me.

The first operation on shore 102-400 Questions Candy Swick & Company was picnicking, when many large bugus of pombe were brought for the king next, the whole party took a walk, winking through the trees, and picking fruit, enjoying themselves amazingly, till, by some unlucky chance, one of the royal wives, a most charming creature, and truly one of the best of the lot, plucked a fruit and offered it to the king, thinking, doubtless, to please him greatly but he, like a madman, flew into a towering passion, said it was the first time a woman ever had the impudence to offer him anything, 102-400 Actual Exam and ordered the pages to seize, bind, and lead her off to execution.

This was a collection of huts close to a deep nullah which drains The central portions of Eastern Madi.

25th to 13th.

Time was drawing on, and as the queen would not appear of her own accord, I sent to request a friendly conversation with her before I left, endeavouring, as well as I could, to persuade her that the want of cordiality between us was owing to the mistakes of interpreters, who had not conveyed to her my profound sentiments 102-400 Sample Questions of devotion.

I saw only one sable antelope.

Here the patience of my men fairly gave way, for the village of Jiwa la Mkoa was only one long march distance from us and they, in consequence, smelt food on in advance much sweeter than the wild game and wild grasses they had been living on and many more of them could not resist deserting us, though they might, had we all pulled together, have gone more comfortably in, as soon as the rear property arrived next day with Baraka.

Here an Arab merchant, Khamis, bound for Zanzibar, obliged us by agreeing for a few dollars to convey our recent spoils in natural history to the coast.

To call on the Sultan, of course, 102-400 Dumps was our first duty.

The Sakibobo, or provincial governor, arrived with a body of soldiers armed with sticks, made a speech, and danced at the head of his men, all pointing sticks upwards, and singing fidelity to their king.

If sent to market to purchase a fowl, he comes back with a cock tied by the legs to the end of a stick, swinging and squalling in the most piteous manner.

They had no cows for me, but each of the Waganda bore a log of firewood, which Mtesa had ordered them to carry until they either returned with me or brought back a box of gunpowder, in default of which they were to be all burnt in a heap with the logs they carried.

He begged us to go on in our course, whilst he would go back 102-400 Practice Exam Pdf and send us some porters to carry home the game.

They were to enjoy life until the prince elect should arrive at the age of discretion and be crowned, when all but two of the princes would be burnt to death, the two being reserved in case of accident as long as the king wanted brother companions, when one would be banished to Unyoro, and the other pensioned with suitable possessions in Uganda.

Petherick had gone down the river eight days journey, but was expected to return shortly.

To day I tried the ground again, and, whilst walking up the hill, two black rhinoceros came trotting towards us in a very excited manner.

A white dog, spear, shield, and woman the Uganda cognisance were by his side, as also a knot of staff officers, with whom he kept up a brisk conversation on one side and on the other was a band of Wichezi, or lady sorcerers, such as I have already described.

22d to 24th.

I then told him again I wished one of his sons would accompany me to England, that he might learn the history of Moses, wherein he would find that men had souls which live for ever, but that the earth would come to an end in the fullness of time.

This, the next place we arrived at, was N yamgundu s own residence, where I stopped a day to try and shoot buffaloes.

The thirty odd brothers will be burnt to death, saving two or three, of which one will be sent into this country as was the case with one of the late king Sunna s brothers, who is still in Unyoro and the others will remain in the court with Mtesa as playfellows until the king dies, when, LPIC-1 102-400 Questions like Sunna s two brothers still living in Uganda, one at N yama Goma and one at Ngambezi, they will be pensioned off.

Early this morning I called all the head men of the village together, and demanded the beads to be restored to me for, as I was living with them, they were responsible, according to the laws of the country.

How would you account for this The flatterers said, It is as clear as possible God gave the thunderbolt to Dagaro as a sign he was pleased with him and his rule but when he found two brothers contending, he withdrew it to show their conduct was wicked.

This second lot of boys conveyed the story rightly, when the king sent me a cow.

During this time the Wahuma were well south of the equator, and still destined to spread.

The soil itself looked rich and red, not unlike our own fine country of Devon.

Then setting it down on the ground, they planted some of the rushes on either side of the entrance, and all kneeling together, set to bewailing, shrieking, and howling incessantly for hours together.

A fine looking man of about thirty, he wore the butt end of a large sea shell cut in a circle, and tied on his forehead, for a coronet, and sundry small saltiana antelope horns, stuffed with magic powder, to keep off the evil eye.

How the negro has lived so many ages without advancing, seems marvellous, when all the countries surrounding Africa are so forward in comparison and judging from the progressive state of the world, one is led to suppose that the African must soon either step out from his darkness, or be superseded by a being superior to himself.

The vessel was well stored with provisions and medicines but there was scarcely enough room in her, though she was said to be only half freighted, for the 544 creatures they were transporting.

Viarungi sent me some tobacco, with kind regards, and said he and the Wazina had just obtained leave to return to their homes, K yengo alone, of all the guests, remaining behind as a hostage until Mtesa s powder seeking Wakungu returned.

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Wishing to have a talk with him about Petherick and Grant, I at once started off the Wakungu to thank him for the present, and to beg pardon for my apparent rudeness of yesterday, at the same time requesting I might have an early interview with his majesty, as I had much of importance to communicate but the solemn court formalities which these African kings affect as much as Oriental emperors, precluded my message from reaching the king.


A theft also had taken place, by which both Grant and Sirboko lost property and the thieves had been traced over the borders of the next district.

Ambitious of a cut above cows, the king tried his hand at some herons perched on a tree, and, after five or six attempts, hit one in the eye.

I then gave him a dig on the head Lpi 102-400 Questions with my fist.

Pooh, pooh nonsense says Maula, laughing I will give him more wires than you, and then let us see who will win the king s ear.

This was in consequence of my complaining that the king s orders to my men to feed themselves at others expense was virtually making them a pack of thieves.

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He said he disliked Uganda, where people s lives are taken like those of fowls and wished to live at the coast, the only place he ever heard of, where all the Wanguana come from great swells in Lugoi s estimation.

He then called for his wideawake, and walked with us into another quarter of his palace, when he entered a dressing hut, followed by a number of full grown, stark naked women, his valets at the same time ordering a large body of women to sit on one side the entrance, whilst I, with Bombay, were directed to sit on the other, waiting till he was ready to hold another levee.

This was very provoking for all of them being stern shots were not likely to kill, and the jungle was so thick I could not get a front view of them.

He pressed us strongly to stop another day whilst he sought for them, but I told him I would not, as his magic powder was weak, else he would have found the scabbard we lost long before this.

We found the view overlooking the lake to be so charming, that we preferred camping outside, and set our men at once to work cutting sticks and long grass to erect themselves sheds.

He said, No, he could not wait, for he had been detained here a whole year already but, if I liked, he would leave some of his children behind with me, as their presence would intimidate Suwarora, and incite him to let us off quickly.


A subscription was raised to give them a purse of money they were treated with tickets to the circus, and sent back to the Seychelles, whence they were transported by steamer to Zanzibar, and taken in charge by our lately appointed Consul, Colonel Playfair, who appears to have taken much interest in them.

He was the big man and appointed go between, and no one could dispute it.

At last, after thousands of difficulties much like those I encountered in Uzaramo, the hongo was settled by a payment of one kisutu, one dubani, four yards bendera, four yards kiniki, and three yards merikani.

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The same roystering scene was repeated cups were too small, so the trough was employed and the queen graced it by drinking, pig fashion, first, and then handing it round to the company.

After walking two miles to the boats, we entered the district of Chopi, subject to Unyoro, and went down the river, keeping the Kikunguru cone in LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2 102-400 view.

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Of course I would not listen to this, as I had paid what his men asked for, and that was enough for me.

The bed of the Asua seemed very large, but, being far off, was not very distinct, nor did I care to go and see it them for at that moment, straight in front of me, five buffaloes, five giraffes, two eland and sundry other antelopes, were too strong a temptation.

Budja lost two cows given to his party last night, and seeing ours securely tied by their legs to trees, asked by what spells we had secured them and would not believe our assurance that the ropes that bound them were all the medicines we knew of.

We would present him with cows if we had such as he wanted, but we could not bargain.

The women are not regarded as property according to the Wanyamuezi practice, though many exchange their daughters and some women, for misdemeanours, are sold into slavery whilst others are flogged, or are degraded to do all the menial services of the house.

The king was now rising to go, when, in great fear and anxiety that the day would be lost, I said, in Kisuahili, I wish you would send a letter by post to Grant, and also send a boat up the Kitangule, as far as Rumanika s palace, for him, for he is totally unable to walk.

The Kamraviona finding me rather warm, with the usual pertinacious duplicity of a negro, then said, Well, let that subject drop, and consider the present Kamrasi promised you when you gave him the Uganga meaning the watch Kamrasi s horn is not ready yet.

Lumeresi, 102-400 Book on hearing this, first consulted me, saying his chief was displeased with him, Lpi 102-400 Questions accusing him of being too proud, in having at once two such distinguished guests, and meant by these acts only to humble him.

He was sorry he sent us back yesterday from his house and invited us to change ground to another village close by, where he would make arrangements for our receiving other boats, as the ones we had in possession must go 102-400 Exam Book back.

I took what he sent, from fear of giving offence, but replied that I was surprised the great king should wish to see my property before seeing myself, and although I attached no more value to my property than he did to his, I could not demean myself by sending him trifles in that way.

The second time Wadi Hamadi saw the devil in Karague, and was told one man s life would be required in Uganda, and such also was the case by Kari s murder and a third time, in Unyoro, he was possessed, when it was said that the journey would be prosperous but protracted.


The king s Kisuahali now came into play, and he was prompt in carrying out the directions he got from myself to approach the hippopotami.

The Wanyamuezi all inwardly loved him for his great generosity, and all alike thought him protected by a halo of charm power so effective against the arms of the Arabs that he could play with them just as he liked.

On entering the hut I found the old man and his chief wife sitting side by side on a bench of earth strewed over with grass, and partitioned like stalls for sleeping apartments, whilst in front of them were placed numerous wooden pots of milk, and hanging from the poles that supported the beehive shaped hut, a large collection of bows six feet in length, whilst below them were tied an even larger collection of LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2 102-400 spears, intermixed with a goodly assortment of heavy headed assages.

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Fortunately, foreseeing this kind of policy, C2020-625 Pdf Download as Kamrasi had been watching our actions, I invariably gave in presents those cows which came with us from Uganda, and therefore defied any one to meddle with them.

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I was with the little twin Manua at the time, when, stealing along under cover of the high grass, I got close to the batch and fired at the larges, which sent her round roaring.


For a cap he wore a Muscat alfia, on his neck a silk Arab turban, fastened with a ring.

Maula, on the way home, happening to see it, and knowing it to be mine, brought it back again.

A shield was the mark, stuck up at only thirty paces still they were such bad shots that they hardly ever hit it.

It was on this account she fell in love with Saim for he, taking compassion on her doleful stories, had promised to keep her as long as he travelled with me, and in the end to send her back to her parents at Ujiji.

I made him a present of the great principle that power commands respect, and it was to prevent any chance of fighting that we required so formidable an escort.

FN 2 They are well distributed all over these latitudes, but are not found anywhere in dense communities.

Last night I was turned out of my bed by a terrible hue and cry from the quarter allotted to Rozaro and his Wanyambo companions for the Waganda had threatened to demolish my men, one by one, for seizing their pombe and plaintains, though done according to the orders of the king and now, finding the Wanyambo nearest to the road, they set on them by moonlight, with spear and club, maltreating them severely, till, with reinforcements, the Wanyambo gained the ascendancy, seized two spears and one shield as a trophy, and drove their enemies off.

In the end, however, we were to be restored to him, as he considered himself our father, and therefore must see that no accident befell us.

They then placed me in position, and arranging the field, drove the covers like men well accustomed to sport indeed, it struck me they indulged too much in that pleasure, for we saw nothing but two or three montana and some diminutive antelopes, about the size of mouse deer, and so exceedingly shy that not one was bagged.

Such, however, was the case.

It was considered the West End.

Kitunzi offered an ivory for beads, and when told we were not merchants, and advised to try K yengo, he said he dared not even approach K yengo s camp lest people should tell the king of it, and accuse him of seeking for magical powers against his sovereign.

Seeing all this, I changed my plans again, intending, on arrival at Baraka s camp, to prevail on the whole of the party to go with me direct, which I thought they could not now refuse, since Suwarora had sent us an invitation.


One of my men, Sangoro, did not return to camp last night from foraging and as my men suspect the Waganda must have murdered him, I told the Kamraviona, requesting him to find out but he coolly said, Look for him yourselves two days more, for Wanguana often make friends with our people, and so slip away from their masters but as they are also often murdered, provided you cannot find him in that time, we will have the Mganga out.

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