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The price of friendship was not settled that day, however, and my men had to go supperless to bed.

My scent then striking across them, they pulled up short, lifted their heads high, and looked down sideways on us.

To which Bombay replied, Of course I will.

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So ended the day s work.

To show, he said, how absurd they are, your donkey would not be permitted because he has no trousers and you even will have to put on a gown, as your unmentionables will be considered indecorous.

The scenery here formed a strong and very pleasing contrast to any we had seen since leaving the coast.

This second move brought us into a small village, of which Ghiya, a young man, was chief.

The southerners, speaking of these, would call them Wakidi, Wagani, and Wamadi, but among themselves the syllable was is not prefixed, as in the southern dialects, to signify people.

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Rumanika we found sitting dressed in a wrapper made of an nzoe antelope s skin, smiling blandly as we approached him.

Meanwhile the cunning blackguard Maula begged for pardon said I quite misunderstood his meaning all he had said was that I was very fortunate, being in such favour at court, for the king and queen both equally loved me.

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I now longed to open conversation, but knew not the language, and no one near me dared speak, or even lift his head from fear of being accused of eyeing the women so the king and myself sat staring at one another for full an hour I mute, but he pointing and remarking with those around him on the novelty of my guard and general appearance, and even requiring to see my hat lifted, the umbrella shut and opened, and the guards face about and show off their red cloaks for such wonders had never been seen in Uganda.



Then after this I established a property tax on all merchandise that entered my country.

On hearing my fix, Abdalla said I should have men and, what s more, he would go with me as his father had promised to do but he had a large caravan detained in Ugogo, and for that he must wait.

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This touching appeal was too strong for my heart to withstand, so I called up Sirboko, and told him, if he would liberate this one man to please me he should be no loser and the release was effected.

Usually he was very severe with merchants in consequence of that act but he did not molest us, as the messenger who went on to Suwarora returned here just as we arrived, to say we must come on at once, as Suwarora was anxious to see us, and had ordered his Wakungu not to molest us.

Then, too, what a beautiful prospect it has rich marshy plains studded with mounds, on each of which grow the umbrella cactus, or some other evergreen tree and beyond, again, another hill spur such as the one we have crossed over.

24th to 30th.

He urged me again to devise some plan for overcoming him and, becoming more and more confidential, favoured me with the following narrative, by way of evidence how the spirits were inclined to show all the world that he was the rightful successor to the throne When Dagara died, and he, Nnanaji, and 1Z0-047 Dump Rogero, were the only three sons left in line of succession to the crown, a small mystic drum of diminutive size was placed before them by the officers of state.

Ugungu, a dependency of Kamrasi s, occupies this side, the lake, and on the opposite side is Ulegga beyond which, in about 2 N.

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I soon lost my temper whilst striving to settle the hongo.

The important business of announcing our approach to Uganda was completed by Rumanika appointing Kachuchu to go to king Mtesa as quickly as possible, to say we were coming to visit him.

No sooner, however, did Virembo turn tail 1Z0-047 Certification Exam than the Sirhid gave us a broad hint that he usually received a trifle from the Arabs before he made an attempt at arranging the hongo with Suwarora.

I had some further trouble about the disposal of the child Meri, who said she never before had lived in a poor man s house since she was born.

The king then called Maula, and said, Maula, indeed you have spoken the truth there is nothing like this instrument, etc.

Their surprise knew no bounds they could scarcely believe what they saw and then, on recovering, with the spirit of true gentlemen, they seized both my hands, congratulating me on the magnitude of my success, 1Z0-047 New Questions and pointed out, as an example of it, a bystander who showed fearful 10g DBA 1Z0-047 scars, both on his abdomen and at the blade of his shoulder, who they declared had been run through by one of these animals.

They said white men were coming from Karague, and requested the beads might be shown them should they do so.

The road to the palace I found thronged with people and in the square outside the entrance there squatted a multitude of attendants, headed by the king, sitting on a cloth, dressed in his national costume, with two spears and a shield by his side.

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During this march we crossed three deep nullahs which drain the Uzaramo plateau, and arrived at the Makutaniro, or junction of this line with those of Mboamaji and Konduchi, which traverse central Uzaramo, and which, on my former return journey, I went down.

When this was explained to him, I showed him that it was for the interest of his own kingdom to keep a check on Suwarora, whose exorbitant taxations prevented the Arabs from coming to see him and bringing things from all parts of the world.

These Chopi people were leagued with the brothers, and thus kept the highroad to Gani, though the other half of Chopi remained loyal and though Kamrasi continually sent armies against the refractory half which aided his brothers, they never retaliated by attacking this place.

I could get no answer so, to pass the time, we wished to know from the king s own lips if he had prevented Baraka from going to Gani, as he had carried orders from Rumanika as well as from myself to visit Kamrasi, to give him fifty egg beads, seventy necklaces of mtende, and seventy necklaces of kutuamnazi beads, and then to pass on to Gani and give its chief fifty egg beads and forty necklaces of kutuamnazi.

After two hours had elapsed, two more rhinoceros approached me in the same stealthy, fidgety way as the first one.

At last we got under way, and, after winding through a long forest, we emerged on the first of the populous parts of Usui, a most convulsed looking country, of well rounded hills composed of sandstone.

In the evening, whilst we were returning from shooting, a party of Waganda, also lying in the bush, called out to know what we were about saying, Is it not enough that you have turned us out of our homes and plantations, leaving us to live like animals in the wilderness and when told we were only searching for sport, would not believe that our motive was any other than hostility to themselves.


He was not an old man, though he affected to be so walking very slowly and deliberately, coughing asthmatically, glimmering with his eyes, and mumbling like a witch.

On being questioned by me, they said that they once saw some men like my Wanguana there they had come from the north to trade, but, though they carried firearms, they were all killed by the people of Kidi.

We were well rewarded for the stones, as the Waganda call the falls, was by far the most interesting sight I had seen in Africa.

But if the king would clothe my naked men with one mbugu bark cloth each, and give a small tusk each to nine Wanyamuezi porters, who desired to return to their home, the obligation would be great.

The queen now taking a sporting fit into her head, sent for me early in the morning, with all my men, armed, to shoot a crested crane in her palace but though we were there as required, we were kept waiting till late in the afternoon, when, instead of talking about shooting, as her Wakungu had forbidden her doing it, she asked after her two daughters whether they had run away, or if they liked their new abode I replied I was sorry circumstances did not permit my coming to thank her sooner, for I felt grateful beyond measure to her for having charmed my house with such 1Z0-047 Pdf Download beautiful society.

1 37 43 , and E.

A fearful row now broke out between Bombay and Baraka 11th.

The Wasuahili, taking advantage of their timidity, flock here in numbers to live upon the fruits of their labours.

Arriving 1Z0-047 Simulation Questions at the place mentioned, I settled at once I would enter with only two spare men carrying guns, for the acacia thorns were so thick that the only tracks into the thicket were runs made by these animals.

These men, taking their natures from their king Rumanika, are by far the most gentle, polite, and attentive of any black men we have travelled amongst.

The birds were wild, and as nothing was done, I instructed him in the way to fire from his shoulder, placing the gun in position.


It stretched across the hut, was higher than the men could reach indeed it was a perfect marvel and the man must be a good one who brought such a treasure as this to Uddu.

Nnanaji, being a doctor of very high pretensions, in addition to a check cloth 700-410 Test wrapped round him, was covered with charms.

I gave him what he wanted, and away he went.

Now, hoping to produce gravity and then to slip away, I asked if my medicines had given her any relief, that I might give her more to strengthen her.

We jumped off our seats to show him the way, hoping our persecutions were over but still he sat, and sat, until at length, finding we did not take the hint to give him a parting present, he said, I never visited any big man s house without taking home some trifle to show my wife and children.

This was in consequence of my complaining that the king s orders to my men to feed themselves at others expense was virtually making them a pack of thieves.

At this levee sundry Wakungu of rank complained that the Wanyambo plundered their houses at night, and rough handled their women, without any respect for their greatness, and, when caught, said they were Bana s men.

It was not the custom of my country for great men to consort with servants, and until I saw him, and made friends, I should not be happy.

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If the Kamraviona or any of the boys could not move fast enough, on account of the crops on the fields, they were piked in the back till half knocked over but, instead of minding, they trotted on, n yanzigging as if honoured by a kingly poke, though treated like so many dogs.

Mtesa was undergoing the coronation formalities, and for this reason had sent the deserters to Kari s hill, giving them cows and a garden to live on, as no visitors can remain near the court while the solemnities of the coronation were going on.

There are no hills in Uzaramo but the land in the central line, formed like a ridge between the two rivers, furrow fashion, consists of slightly elevated flats and terraces, which, in the rainy season, throw off their surplus waters to the north and south by nullahs into these rivers.

I prepared twenty men, with a quarter of mutton for Grant to help him on the way, but they could not go without a native officer, lest they should be seized, and no officer would lead the way.

While the purpose of the boy s coming with so many men was not distinctly known, the whole village and camp were in a state of great agitation, Budja fearing lest the king had some fault to find with his work, and the Wanyoro deeming it a menace of war, whilst I was afraid they might take fright and stop our progress.

It is dedicated in some mysterious manner to Lubari Almighty , and although the king appeared to have authority over some of the inhabitants of it, yet others had apparently a sacred character, exempting them from the civil power, and he had no right to dispose of the land itself.

One Uganda officer and one Kidi guide were sent to my hut by the king, as agreed upon yesterday, when I detached Mabruki and Bilal from my men, gave them letters and maps addressed to Petherick and giving the officers a load of Mtende to pay their hotel bills on the way, I gave them, at the same time, strict orders to keep by the Nile then, having dismissed them, I called on the king to make arrangements for Grant, and to complain that my residence in Uganda was anything but cheerful, as my hut was a mile from the palace, in an unhealthy place, where 1Z0-047 Exam Sample Questions he kept his Arab visitors.


Mtesa would not take their arms, even at the desire of Budja, on my behalf for as no messenger on my behalf came to him, he would not believe what Budja said, and feared to touch any of our property.

21st and 22d.

That settled, Kamrasi wished to know if we had any specked cows, or cows of any peculiar colour, and would we like to change four 1Z0-047 Dumps Pass4sure large cows for four small ones, as he coveted some of ours.

In consequence of this, Lumeresi daily assembled his grey beards and had councils of war in his drum house but though his subjects sent to him constantly for troops, he would not assist them.

In the same way as all animals, whether wild or tame, require a guide to lead their flocks, so do the negroes find it necessary to have chiefs over their villages and little communities, who are their referees on all domestic or political questions.

We heard, too, that the deserters had returned to the place they deserted from, with thirty Waganda, and a present of some cows for me.

Guards also kept the doors, on which large bells were hung to give alarm, and officers in waiting watched the throne rooms.

He was delighted to see us and, in anticipation of our arrival, had prepared rooms for our reception, that both Captain Grant and myself might enjoy his hospitality until arrangements could be made for our final start into the interior.

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FN 4 A council of the Geographical Society was now convened to ascertain what projects I had in view for making good my discovery by connecting the lake with the Nile, as also what assistance I should want for that purpose.

He, in a still greater rage, said he would pitch into the men, for 1Z0-047 Simulation Questions the whole place would be blown up.

The sand paper tree, whose leaves resemble a cat s tongue in roughness, and which is used in Uganda for polishing their clubs and spear handles, was conspicuous but at the end of the journey only was there anything of much interest to be 1Z0-047 Test Answers seen.

This, of course, was exactly what I wanted but how could king Mtesa, after the rebuff he had received from Kamrasi be induced to consent to it My intention, I said, was to try the king on the Usoga and Kidi route first, then on the Masai route to Zanzibar, affecting perfect indifference about Kamrasi and all those failing which, of course, they would I would ask for Unyoro 1Z0-047 Self Study as a last and only resource.

In former days, I knew, the kings of Uganda were in the habit of sending men to Karague when they heard that Arabs wished to visit them even as many as two hundred at a time to carry their kit so I now begged Irungu to tell Mtesa that I should want at least sixty men and then, on his promising that he would be my commissioner, I gave him the beads he had begged for himself.

Then taking out the presents, she learned the way of wearing her watch with a tape guard round her neck, reposing the instrument in her bare bosom, and of opening and shutting it, which so pleased her, that she declared it quite satisfactory.

He asked again for stimulants a matter ever uppermost in his mind and would not be convinced that such things can do him no possible good, but would in the end be deleterious.

But though in these southern regions the name of the clan has been changed, the princes still retain the title of Wahinda as in Karague, instead of Wawitu as in Unyoro, and are considered of such noble breed that many of the pure negro chiefs delight in saying, I am a Mhinda, or prince, to the confusion of travellers, which confusion is increased by the Wahuma habits of conforming to the regulations of the different countries they adopt.

I then ordered a march for the next morning, and went out in the fields to take my regular observations for latitude.


I found a messenger who consented to tell the king of my desire to see him.

I now succeeded in sending for I could not, under the jealous eyes in Uganda, get it done earlier a present of fifteen pints mixed 1Z0-047 Pdf beads, twenty blue eggs, and five copper bracelets, to the commander in chief, as a mark of friendship.

I was now asked to draw nearer within the hollow square of squatters, where leopard skins were strewed upon the ground, and a large copper kettledrum, surmounted with brass bells on arching wires, along with two other smaller drums covered with cowrieshells, and beads of colour worked into patterns, were placed.

As I had come so far, I thought we might go ashore and look at the town, 1Z0-047 Simulation Questions which was found greatly improved since I last saw it, by the addition of several coralline houses and a dockyard.

The payment of these men s wages for the first year, as well as the terms of the agreement made with them, by the kind consent of Colonel Rigby were now entered in the Consular Office books, as a security to both parties, and a precaution against disputes on the way.

At present no notice would be taken of the murderers, as all the culprits would have fled far away in their fright to escape chastisement.

In this manner we may suppose that the Gallas separated from the Abyssinians, and located themselves to the south of their native land.

This was no sooner interpreted than he said, if I would send my men to him with letters in the morning he would forward them on, accompanied with an army.

When killing a cow, they kneel down in an attitude of prayer, with both hands together, held palm upwards, and utter Zu, a word the meaning of which he did not know.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had been done need not alarm any one.

It is true that, whilst the aboriginal Abyssinians in Abyssinia proper are more commonly agriculturists, the Gallas are chiefly a pastoral people but I conceive that the two may have had the same relations with each other which I found the Wahuma kings and Wahuma herdsmen holding with the agricultural Wazinza in Uzinza, the Wanyambo in Karague, the Waganda in Uganda, and the Wanyoro HP0-M40 Certification Material in Unyoro.

On arrival at Ngambezi, I was immensely struck with the neatness and good arrangement of the place, as well as its excessive beauty and richness.

She declared Meri had neither tasted food or slept since my departure, but had been retching all the time.



Who, he said, is to carry all this until the natives have got in their crops This, I said, so far as I was concerned, was all nonsense.

Here Grant shot a nsunnu buck.

I gave him a blister, and, changing the subject, told him the history of the creation of man.

The regions about the palace were all in a state of commotion to day, men and women running for their lives in all directions, followed by Wakungu and their retainers.

I urged that he should either allow me to purchase rations, or else feed them from the palace as Rumanika did but he always turned a deaf ear, or said that what Sunna his father had introduced it ill became him to subvert 1Z0-047 Exam Collection and unless my men helped themselves they Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047 Simulation Questions would die of starvation.

Unexpectedly, and for reasons only known to himself, the king sent us a cow and load of butter, which had been asked for many days ago.

The king, however, sent an officer for Grant, because I would not believe in his statement yesterday that he was coming by land and I also sent a lot of men with a litter to help him on, and bring me an answer.

The prowling, restless elephant, for instance, though rarely seen, leaves indications of his nocturnal excursions in every wilderness, by wantonly knocking down the forest trees.

I then told him it was fortunate he had no disbelievers like us to contend with in battle, for we, instead of trusting to luck and such omens, put our faith only in skill and pluck, which Baraka elucidated from his military experience in the wars in British India.

Having gone to work again, I found that Sheikh Said had 1Z0-047 Test Dump brought ten men, four of whom were Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047 Simulation Questions purchased for one hundred dollars, which I had to pay Bombay, Baraka, Frij, and Rahan had brought twenty six more, all freed men while the Sultan Majid, at the suggestion of Colonel Rigby, gave me thirty four men more, who were all raw labourers taken from his gardens.

Fortunately he asked me to speak a sentence in English, that he might hear how it sounds and this gave me an opportunity of saying, if he had kept his promise by sending Budja to me, I should have despatched letters to Petherick.

The handkerchief I had given Irungu at Usui to present as a letter to Mtesa he had snatched away from him, and given, himself, to his king, who no sooner received it than he bound it round his head, and said, in ecstasies of delight, Oh, the Mzungu, the Mzungu he does indeed want to see me.

This speech also created great hilarity the queen and councillors all became uproarious.

Mahamed then gave us two beds to sit upon, and ordered his wives to advance on their knees and give us coffee, whilst other men brought pombe, and prepared us a dinner of bread and honey and mutton.

It was truly ridiculous here had we been at Faloro so long, and yet could not make out what had become of the Nile.

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