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They, however, left too late, for the hongo had been settled, as I was informed by a letter from Grant next day, brought to my by Bombay, who had just returned from Kaze after six weeks absence.

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After receiving more pombe from the chief, and, strange to say, hot water to wash with for he did not know how else to show hospitality better we started again in the same straggling manner as yesterday.

The plateau, however, is apparently so flat here, that nothing b a minute survey, or rather following the watercourse, could determine the matter.

In the evening four pots of pombe and a pack of flour were brought, together with the chronometer, which was sent to be wound up damaged of course the seconds hand had been dislodged.

He would like to go out on a shooting excursion and teach you the way.

Monkeys of various kinds and squirrels harbour in the trees, but are rarely seen.

Resolving to make them catch it, I walked along as if ruminating in anger up the broad high road into a cleared square, which divides Mtesa s domain on the south from his Kamraviona s, or commander in chief, on the north, and then turned into the court.

The purpose of my coming was to ascertain whether his majesty would like to trade with our country, exchanging ivory for articles of European manufacture as, should he do so, merchants would come here in the same way as they went from Zanzibar to Karague.

I did not like my men having been kept prisoners in Uganda, and pronounced in public that I would not return.


Thank your majesty, said I, in a figurative kind of speech to please Waganda ears and turning the advantage of the project on her side, You have indeed hit the right nail on the head.

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Indeed, great king then you did not come to visit us, but to beg, eh You shall have nothing, positively nothing for we will not have it said the king did not come to see us, but to beg.

In the evening, as the king s musicians passed the camp, I ordered them in to play the milele, and give my men and children a treat of dancing.

The first operation on shore was picnicking, when many large bugus of pombe were brought for the king next, the whole party took a walk, winking through the trees, and picking fruit, enjoying themselves amazingly, till, by some unlucky chance, one of the royal wives, a most charming creature, and truly one of the best of the lot, plucked a fruit and offered it to the king, thinking, doubtless, to please him greatly but he, like a madman, flew into a towering passion, said it was the first time a woman ever had the impudence to offer him anything, and ordered the pages to seize, bind, and lead her off to execution.

Two taxes in five miles was a thing unheard of and I heard no more about the matter, until Bombay in the evening told me how Sheikh Said, fearing awkward consequences, had settled to give two dubuani, one being taken from his own store.


He then thought of adjutant shooting with ball, left the court sitting, desired me to follow him, and leading the way, went into the interior of the palace, where only a few select officers were permitted to follow us.

These two men had now charge of our tents and personal kit, while Baraka was considered the general of the Wanguana forces, and Rahan a captain of ten.

At that moment Singinya was out in the field fighting his enemies and she was sure, when he heard I was here, that he would be very sorry he had missed seeing me.


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I therefore sentenced him to fifty lashes twenty five for the injury he had inflicted on my by working up a rebellion in my house, and the remaining twenty five for attempting larceny saying, as he had wanted my goat and its skin, so now in return I wanted his skin.


This second performance over, from want of breath only, district officers, one by one, came advancing on tip toe, then pausing, contorting and quivering their bodies, advancing again with a springing gait and outspread arms, which they moved as if they wished to force them out of their joints, in all of which actions they held drum sticks or twigs in their hands, swore with a maniacal voice an oath of their loyalty and devotion to 070-243 Certification Dumps their king, backed by the expression of a hope that he would cut off their heads if they ever turned from his enemies, and then, kneeling before him, they held out their sticks that he might touch them.

He now took his seat for the first time upon the chair, for I had told him, at my last interview, that all kings were expected to bring out some new fashion, or else the world would never make progress and I was directed to sit before him on my grass throne.

In addition to the rod and line fishing, a number of men, armed with long heavy poles with two iron spikes, tied prong fashion to one end, rushed to a place over a break in the falls, which tired 1Z0-865 Pdf Exam fish seemed to use as a baiting room, dashed in their forks, holding on by the shaft, and sent men down to disengaged the pined fish and relieve their spears.

His remains were then taken to Moga Namirinzi, in the same manner as were those of Dagara but, as an improvement on the maggot story, a young lion emerged from the heart of the corpse and kept guard over the hill, from whom other lions came into existence, until the whole place has become infested by them, and has since made Karague a power and dread to all other nations for these lions became subject to the will of Dagara, who, when attacked by the countries to the northward, instead of assembling an army of men, assembled his lion force, and so swept all before him.

At first there was a demur about my drawing the dog whether from fear of bewitching the animal or not, I cannot say but instead of producing the 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure pet a beautifully formed cream coloured dog a common black one was brought in, which I tied in front of Miengo, and then drew both woman and dog together.

Of course I ran imminent risk of losing my own in thus thwarting the capricious tyrant but his caprice proved the friend of both.

The whole having been thrown up by volcanic action, is based on a strong foundation of granite and other igneous rocks, which are exposed in many places in the shape of massive blocks otherwise the hill range is covered in the upper part with sandstone, and in the bottoms with alluvial clay.

This she would not believe, but called me a story teller in very coarse language, until the men who had been sent were pointed out to her, and they corroborated me.

A large shed was cleared for Java Technology 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure Grant and myself, and all my men were ordered to disperse, and chum in ones and twos with Mahamed s men for Mahamed said, now we had come there, his work was finished.

He gave the following account of himself He used to trade in ivory, on account of some Arabs at Zanzibar.

I found a messenger who consented to tell the king of my desire to see him.

Neither the Wanyambo nor the Wahuma would eat the rhinoceros, so I was not sorry to find all the Wanyamuezi porters of the Arabs at Kufro, on hearing of the sport, come over and carry away all the flesh.

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This little incident made my A2150-533 Exam Dumps Pdf fairies bolder, and, sidling up to me one by one, they sat in a knot with me upon the ground then clasping their heads with their hands, they woh wohed in admiration of the white man they never in all their lives saw anything so wonderful his wife and children must be like him what would not 1Z0-865 Practice Exam Sunna have given for such a treat but it was destined to Mtesa s lot.

There all their engagements were written down in the office book, and the Consul was our judge.

That was true but were there not two white men However, if the king wanted gauze, here was a smart gauze veil and the veil vanished at once.

They rattle along, through plantains and shrubs, under large trees, seven, eight, and nine feet in diameter, till the beautiful waters are reached a picture of the Rio scenery, barring that of the higher mountains in the background of that lovely place, which are here represented by the most beautiful little hills.

And did you get drunk O yes, said Bombay, grinning, and showing his whole row of sharp pointed teeth, they WOULD make me drink and then they showed me the place they assigned for your camp when you come over there.

But when Grant came, we had it out of him, and found this terrible mystery all hung on Lumeresi s prognostications that we never should get through Usui with so little cloth.

I was haunted all night by my fancied cruelty, and in the morning sent its victim, after Uganda fashion, some symbolical presents, including a goat, in token of esteem a black blanket, as a sign of mourning a bundle Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Downloadable Project (Step 2 of 3) 1Z0-865 of gundu anklets and a packet of tobacco, in proof of my forgiveness.

Still I could not see the king to open my heart to him, and therefore felt quite Oracle 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure nonplussed.

On going on board her, I found the slaves to be mostly Wahiyow.

Turning the subject, to put in a word for my great object, I asked her to use her influence in opening the road to Gani, as, after all, that was the best way to get new things into Uganda.

That this second message was a forged one I had no doubt, for the boys had not been long enough gone still, I packed up my medicines and went, leaving the onus, should any accident happen, upon the mischievous storybearers.

The dress of the Wahuma is very simple, composed chiefly of 650-195 Certification Answers cow hide tanned black a few magic ornaments and charms, brass or copper bracelets, and immense number of sambo for stockings, 1Z0-865 Pdf Exam which looked very awkward on their long legs.

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She said she could not answer that question just yet for though the medicine had moved her copiously, as yet she had seen no snake depart from her.

Competition, I found, had raised these men s wages, for I had to pay, to go even as far as Kaze, nine and a quarter dollars a head as Masudi and some other merchants were bound 1Z0-865 Practice Exam Questions on the same line as myself, and all were equally in a hurry to be off and avoid as much as possible the famine we knew we should have to fight through at this late season.


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This was the last village on the Uganda frontier, and before we could go any farther on boats it would be necessary to ask leave of Kamrasi s frontier officer, N yamyonjo, to enter Unyoro.

Slaves, cows, goats, fowls, brass wire, or beads, are the usual things given for this species of dowry.

He sent me a pot of pombe, which I sent home to the women, and walked off for the shootingground, two miles further on, the band playing in the front, followed by some hundred Wakungu then the pages, then the king, next myself, and finally the women the best in front, the worst bringing up the rear, with the king s spears and Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Downloadable Project (Step 2 of 3) 1Z0-865 shield, as also pots of pombe, a luxury the king never moves without.


With this nucleus to start with, I gave orders that they should look out for as many Wanguana freed men i.

FN 24 The Union Jack led the way.

He was a very great man, as I could see, with numerous houses, numerous wives, and plenty of everything, so that it was ill becoming of him to be without his usual habits.


32 19 49 , on a 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure low tongue of land between the Kafu and Nile rivers.

The commander in chief then told me Kamrasi did not wish them to accompany me through Kidi for the Kidi people don t like the Waganda, and, discovering their nationality by the fullness of their teeth, would bring trouble on us whilst trying to kill them.

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He then 1Z0-865 Certification Braindumps accompanies us to the boats, spear in hand, and saw us cross the water.

The water found here turned our brandy and tea as black as 1Z0-865 Certification Material ink.

Whatever the freak of the moment is, that they adopt in the most thoughtless manner, even though they may have calculated on advantages beforehand in the opposite direction.

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There are many positions into which the 1Z0-865 Prep Guide slave may get by the course of events, and I shall give here, as a specimen, the ordinary case of one who has been freed by the death of his master, that master having been a trader in ivory and slaves in the interior.

Jafu, another Indian merchant here, and copartner of 1Z0-865 Exam Cram Musa, came in from a ten days search after grain, and described the whole country to be in the most dreadful state of famine.

The most severe instrument of chastisement is a knob stick, sharpened at the back, like that used in Uganda, for HP3-C31 Vce Files breaking a man s neck before he is thrown into the N yanza but this severity is seldom resorted to, Kamrasi being of a mild disposition compared with Mtesa, whom he invariably alludes to when ordering men to be flogged, telling them that were they in Uganda, their heads would suffer instead of their backs.

Maula, although he had received the second reward, had literally done nothing, whilst Irungu had been years absent at Usui, and finally had brought a valuable hongo, yet he got less than Maula.

It was a very liberal allowance, because the Arabs never gave more than one necklace to every three men, and that, too, of inferior quality to what I served.


Next morning I was too weak to speak moderately, and roared more like a madman than a rational being, as, breaking his faith, he persisted in bullying me.

My patience was beginning to suffer again, for I could not help thinking that the chiefs of the place were preventing their village men going with me in order that my presence here might ward of the Watuta so I called up the kirangozi, who had thirteen Watoto, as they are called, or children of his own, wishing to go, and asked him if he knew why no other men could be got.

From this level the range before us rises in some places to 5000 to 6000 feet, not as one grand mountain, but in two detached lines, lying at an angle of 45 degrees from N.

Now, I was extremely anxious to see men of such wonderful natures.

It was all very pretty and very interesting, and would have continued so, had not 1Z0-865 Cert Exam Kasoro disgraced the Union Jack, turning it to piratical purposes in less than one hour.

Without loss of time I wrote off to Grant, and got these men to carry the letter.

Similar results followed, for the herons were continually whirling round, as they had their nests upon a neighbouring tree and then the king ordered his pages to carry all the birds, save the vulture which, for some reason, they did not touch and show them to the queen.

I said I could not go so far in the sun I would wait till I received the promised palace near her.

Bombay, by his own account, behaved with great propriety, saying Bana never wished to see sport of that cruel kind, and it would ill become him to see sights which his master had not.

Wishing then to obtain a better view of the country, I strolled over the nearest hills, and found the less exposed slopes well covered with trees.

He sent four loads of small fish and one pot of pombe, to say he would see me on the morrow, when every arrangement would be made.

The pagazis would not start at the appointed time, hoping to enforce their demands of last night so 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure we took the lead and started, followed by the Wanguana.

Afterwards the Arabs, returning to Kaze, found Musa preparing to leave.

This frightened him to such an extent that he immediately produced another and finer goat, which he begged me to accept, promising to convey all my traps to the next governor s, where there would be no doubt about our getting boats.

I did not return to a quiet dinner, as I had hoped, but to meet the summons of the king.

Of course we were his guests in a moment, and learned everything that could be told.

At present there was a great deal of business in the palace.

On the 15th I was surprised to find Bombay come in with all my rear property and a great quantity of Musa s, but with out the old man.


At first she came trotting after me, then timidly paused, then advanced, and, as I approached, stood spellbound at my remarkable appearance.

Of what value, he observed, would the beads be to him if his life was lost This was crushing the whole camp was unanimous in opposing me.

Suwarora s hongo was turned out of court, and, if I desired it, I might bring my own chair with 1Z0-865 Pdf Exam me, for he was very anxious to show me great respect although such a seat was exclusively the attribute of the king, no one else in Uganda daring to sit on an artificial seat.

In the evening my men made a humble petition for their discharge, even if I did not pay them, producing a hundred reasons for wishing to leave me, but none which would stand a moment s argument the fact was, they were afraid of the road to Unyoro, thinking I had not sufficient ammunition.

All the words and system of language were wholly changed as for example, Poko poko wingi bongo, means we do not understand Mazi, fire Pi, water Pe, there is none Bugra, cow.

The chief, unfortunately, did not comply at once, but begged grace for one night, saying that if Manua Sera was found there in the morning they might do as they liked.

Instead of the Arabs appearing merchants, as they did formerly, they looked more like great farmers, with huge stalls of cattle attached to their houses whilst the native villages were all in ruins so much so that, to obtain corn for my men, I had to send out into the district several days journey off, and even then had to pay the most severe famine prices for what I got.

To try and get all the men together again, I now sent off a party loaded with cloths to see what they could get for us but they returned on the 30th grinning and joking, with nothing but a small fragment of goat flesh, telling lies by the dozens.

The king also sent his excuses, and begged pardon for what happened to us on entering his country, saying it could not have taken place had we come from Rumanika direct.

K yengo informed us that the king, considering the surprising events which had lately occurred at his court, being very anxious to pry into the future, had resolved to take a very strong measure for accomplishing that end.

Sangizo opened the battle by saying, Ntalo, who are you N.


I went to the palace at the king s command.

Krapf, will exemplify what I mean.

Of course I took them from them, but did not give them a flogging, as I knew if I did so they would at once retaliate upon Grant.

Suppose you give him a box of bottles to carry, or a desk, or anything else that requires great care, and you caution him of its contents, the first thing he does is to commence swinging it round and round, or putting it topsy turvy on the top of his head, when he will run off at a jog trot, singing and laughing in the most provoking manner, and thinking no more about it than if it were an old stone even if rain were falling, he would put it in the best place to get wet through.

Still they were big marks, and I determined on doing my best 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure Candy Swick & Company before they had time to wind us so stepping out, with the sheikh s boys behind me carrying the second rifle to meet all emergencies, I planted a ball in the larger one, and brought him round with a roar and whooh whooh, exactly to the best position I could wish for receiving a second shot but, alas on turning sharply round for the spare rifle, I had the mortification to see that both the black boys had made off, and were scrambling like monkeys up a tree.

Still Rumanika could not understand how it was I spent so much and travelled so far, or how it happened such a great country as ours could be ruled by a woman.

Suwarora, on second thoughts, had changed his mind, or else he had been overruled by two of his officers Kariwami, who lived here, and Virembo, who lived two stages back, but were then with their chief.

Grant s letter was then read to him before his women, and I asked for the dismissal of all the Wanyambo, for they had not only destroyed my peace and home, but were always getting me into disrepute by plundering the Waganda in the highways.

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This was the fourth message to 1Z0-865 Study Guide Pdf remind us of these important matters which we had received since leaving his gracious presence, and each time brought by the same page.

The water ran deep between its banks, which were covered with fine grass, soft cloudy acacias, and festoons of lilac convolvuli whilst here and there, where the land had slipped above the rapids, bared places of red earth could be seen, like that of Devonshire there, too, the waters, impeded by a natural dam, looked like a huge mill pond, sullen and dark, in which two crocodiles, laving about, were looking out for prey.

The great Kamraviona, or commander in chief, with all his wives, has no children, and was eager to know if my skill could avail to remove this cloud in his fortunes.

Then Baraka said, I have just heard from Makaka, that a man who arrived from Usui only a few minutes ago has said Suwarora is so angry with the Arabs that he has detained one caravan of theirs in his country, and, separating the whole of their men, has placed each of them in different bomas, with orders to his village officers that, in case the Watuta came into his country, without further ceremony they were to be all put to death.

6th and 7th.

Patience, thank God, I had a good stock of, so I waited quietly until the 30th, when I was fairly Oracle 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure upset by the arrival of a letter from Kaze, stating that Baraka had arrived, and had been very insolent both to Musa and to Sheikh Said.

The other matter of inquiry was, What medicine will attach all subjects to their king for Kamrasi wants some of that most particularly.

Paddles propelled these vessels, but the lazy crew were slow in the use of them, indulging sometimes in racing spurts, then composedly resting on their paddles whilst the gentle current drifted us along.

When tired of business, the king rises, spear in hand, and, leading his dog, walked off without word or comment leaving his company, like dogs, to take care of themselves.

Then, whilst Arabs were sending in their captures of women, children, and cattle, Manua Sera made off to a district called Dara, where he formed an alliance with its chief, Kifunja, and boasted he would attack Kaze as soon as the travelling season commenced, when the place would be weakened by the dispersion of the Arabs on their ivory excursions.


Among the other wild legends about this people, it was said that the Wilyanwantu, in making brotherhood, exchanged their blood by drinking at one another s veins and, in lieu of butter with their porridge, they smear it with the fat of fried human flesh.

of Mzizima beads if he will take Baraka in disguise on to Suwarora, and ask him to send me eighty men, whilst I go back to Unyanyembe to see what men I can get from the late Musa s establishment, and then we might bring on Grant, and move in a body together.

He asked again for stimulants a matter ever uppermost in his mind and would not be convinced that such things can do him no possible good, but would in the end be deleterious.

Believing, as they do, that Africa formerly belonged to Europeans, from whom it was taken by negroes with whom they had allied themselves, the Wahuma make themselves a small residue of the original European stock driven from the land an idea which seems natural enough when we consider that the Wahuma are, in numbers, quite insignificant compared with the natives.

The clan of officers formed by him were as proud of their emancipation from slavery, as the king they had created was of his dominion over them.

One thing seemed at first perplexing the volume of water in the Kitangule looked as large as that of the Nile but then the one was a slow river and the other swift, and on this account I could form no adequate judgment of their relative values.

Finally, he settled down to a musical concert, in which he took the lead himself.

Bukhet then returned to Mahamed and reported his defeat and losses upon hearing which, Mahamed at once said to him, What do you mean by Java Technology 1Z0-865 Dumps Pass4sure returning to me empty handed go back at once and recover your things else how can I make my report at Gondokoro With these peremptory orders Bukhet went back to Panyoro, and commenced to attack it.

To day Mahamed came in, and commenced to arrange for the march onwards.

While the purpose of the boy s coming with so many men was not distinctly known, the whole village and camp were in a state of great agitation, Budja fearing lest the king had some fault to find with his work, and the Wanyoro deeming it a menace of war, whilst I was afraid they might take fright and stop our progress.

At once, on firing, I was admitted to the king s favourite place, which, now that the king had a movable chair to sit upon, was the shade of the court screen.

He had a local disease, which he said came to him by magic, though a different cause was sufficiently obvious, and wanted medicine such as I gave Mkuenda, who reported that I gave him a most wonderful draught.

A theft also had taken place, by which both Grant and Sirboko lost property and the thieves had been traced over the borders of the next district.

By a late arrival a message came from Kamrasi.

Uledi, not wishing to be plagued by his Satanic majesty s angels on the march, sacrificed a cow and fed the poor, according to the great Phepo s orders, and had been exempted from it but Wadi Hamadi, who preferred taking his chance, had been visited several times once at Usui, when he was told the journey would be prosperous, only the devil wanted one man s life, and one man would fall sick which proved true, for Hassani was murdered, and Grant fell sick in Karague.

I might lose my head for presuming to offer them, and then there is no knowing what might happen afterwards.

He could not explain himself with Baraka s long tongue opposed to him, but there were many deficiencies in my wires before he took overcharge at Bogue, which he must leave for settlement till the journey was over, and then, the whole question having been sifted at Zanzibar, we would see who was the most honest.

29th and 30th.

This was a bad beginning, and caused a few of the usual anathemas in which our countrymen give vent to their irritation.

But this only excited his cupidity he watched it twirling round and pointing to the north, and looked and begged again, until, tired of his importunities, I told him I must wait until the Usoga road was open before I could part with it, and then the compass would be nothing to what I would give him.

We saw three large red flags heading a military procession, which marched out of the camp with drums and fifes playing.

The last difficulty I had now before me was to obtain a passage to Zanzibar.

It was only feather weight in reality, but, being loaded with charms, became so heavy to those who were not entitled to the crown, that no one could lift it but the one person whom the spirits were inclined towards as the rightful successor.

Many of my men had by this time been married, notwithstanding my prohibition.

After the usual presentations, fines, and n yanziggings, I asked for leave to go and meet Grant by water, but was hastily told that two boats had been sent for him when we returned from the N yanza, and that two runners, just returned from Karague, said he was on the way not far off.

This message brought her to her gate, where she stood laughing till the Wahuma girls she had promised me, one of twelve and the other a little older, were brought in and made to squat in front of us.

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