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On inquiring as to the reason of this, it transpired that, to reach Unyoro, the party would have to cross a portion of Uddu, which the late king Sunna, on annexing that country to Uganda, had divided, not in halves, but by alternate bands running transversely from Nkole to the Victoria N yanza.

The divisional officers then find subordinate officers, who find men, and the army proceeds with its march.

Though I repeatedly dunned him for it, I could never get it back from him until I was preparing to leave Uganda.

Baraka in the meanwhile got wind of the matter through K yengo, who, misunderstanding the true facts of the case, said it was a charm to deprive Baraka of his life.

He pronounced this name laughing, and said, Formerly our stock was half white and half black, with one side of our heads covered with straight hair, and the other side frizzly you certainly do know everything.

The king to day inquired after my health, and, strange to say, did not accompany his message with a begging request.

Confound Kamrasi was the reply does he think we came here to trick kings that he doubts our words We came to open the road and, as sure as we wish it, we will send him everything that has been promised.

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Some of Musa s men came to get palm toddy for him, as he was too weak to stand, and was so cold nothing would warm him.

Starting in the early morning, accompanied by two of Sheikh Said s boys, Suliman and Faraj, each carrying a rifle, while I Java SE 8 Programmer 1z0-808 carried a shot gun, we followed a footpath to the westward in the wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali.

The whole place, once so fertile, was now almost depopulated and in a sad state of ruin, showing plainly the savage ravages of war for the Arabs and their slaves, when they take the field, think more of plunder and slavery than the object they started on each man of the force looking out for himself.

He pleaded earnestly that I would flog him if he disobeyed my orders, but they would take all the responsibility the king had ordered it and then they, forging a lie, bade him HP0-052 Certificate run back as fast as he could, saying I wanted to see the king, but could not till his return.

These attacks were as often resented, and sometimes led the Wamara in pursuit a long way into their enemy s country, where, at a place called Kisiguisi, they found men robed in red cloths.

26th, 27th, and 28th.

These may be counted his Sundays or church festivals, which he dedicates to devotion.

Here we were again brought to a standstill.

They urged, however, they were doing double work, and would not consent to carry loads as they had done at Mgunda Mkhali again.

Bombay would never GCED New Questions be frightened in this silly way.

Start again, and after drinking pombe with Nango, when we heard that three Wakungu had been seized at Kari, in consequence of the murder, the march was commenced, but soon after stopped by the mischievous machinations of our guide, who pretended it was too late in the day to cross the jungles on ahead, either by the road to the source or the palace, and therefore would not move till the morning then, leaving us, on the pretext of business, he vanished, and was never seen again.

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He thought Baraka s determined obstinacy on this could only be caused by the influence of the head man of the village, and threatened that if Baraka did not come to visit him at once, he would have the head man beheaded.

They smear themselves with rancid butter instead of macassar, and are, in consequence, very offensive to all but the 1z0-808 Test Engine Candy Swick & Company negro, who seems, rather than otherwise, to enjoy a good sharp nose tickler.

On the way a mistletoe was pointed out as a rain producing tree, probably because, on a former occasion, I had advised the king to grow groves of coffee trees about his palace to improve its appearance, and supply the court with wholesome food at the same time informing him that trees increase the falls of rain in a country, though very high ones would be dangerous, because they attract lightning.

Each tribe has its characteristics, it is true.

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The Karuma Falls, if such they may be called, are a mere sluice or rush of water between high syenitic stones, falling in a long slope down a ten feet drop.

The appeal, though listened to, and commented on, showing that it was well understood, got no direct reply.

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I became dead tired of living all alone, with nothing else to occupy my time save making these notes every day in my office letter book, as my store LOT-738 Test of stationery was left at Karague.

They live in flat topped, square, tembe villages, wherever springs of water are found, keep cattle in plenty, and farm enough generally to supply not only their own wants, Oracle 1z0-808 but those of the thousands who annually pass in caravans.

The Turks, however, had their losses also for on the way four Bari men and one Bari slave girl slipped off with a hundred of their plundered cattle, and neither they nor the cattle could be found again.

I started on a visit to the queen, but half way met Congow, who informed me he had just escorted her majesty from his house, where she was visiting, to her palace.

What his disease was I never could ascertain but as all the remaining animals died afterwards much in the same manner, I may state for once and for all, that these attacks commenced with general swelling, at first on the face, then down the neck, along the belly and down the legs.

They must therefore wait till the road is safe.

Without heeding this cunning advice, we made a short march across swamps, and through thick jungle and long grasses, which proved anything but pleasant wet and labouring hard all the way.

This was to be a day of varied success.

There was something specially aggravating in this precedence for it will be remembered that these very brass wires which they saw, I had myself intended for Mtesa, that they were taken from me by Suwarora as far back as 1z0-808 Exam Guide Pdf Usui, and it would never do, without remonstrance, to have them boastfully paraded before my eyes in this fashion.

On packing up to leave Ghiya s, all the men of the village shut the bars of the entrance, wishing to extract some cloths from me, as I had not given enough, they said, to their chief.

With these letters in their hands, I made arrangements with our Consul, Mr Drummond Hay, to frank them through Suez, Aden, and the Seychelles to Zanzibar.

Just at this time a distant cry was heard that another rhinoceros was concealed in a thicket, and off we set to pursue her.

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I am not only in honour bound to speak with Kamrasi, but I am also bound to carry out the orders of my country just as much as you are yours moreover, I have invited Petherick to come to Kamrasi s by a letter from Karague, and it would be ill becoming in me to desert him in the hands of an enemy, as he would then certainly find Kamrasi to be if I went back now.

I now sent six wires more, and said this was the last I could give they were worth so many goats to me and now by giving them away, I should have to live on grain like a poor man, though I was a prince in my own country, just like Suwarora.

There are, however, a few mud villages on the table lands, each built in a large irregular square of chambers with a hollow yard in the centre, known as tembe.

I went again after the herd of six buffaloes, as I thought one was wounded, and after walking up a long sloping hill for three miles towards the east, I found myself at once in view of the Nile on one hand, and the long heard of Asua river on the other, backed by hills even higher 1z0-808 Practice Exam Questions than the Jbl Kuku.

Its import 1z0-808 Exam was, that we must defer the march, as it was reported the refractory brother Rionga harboured designs of molesting us on the way, and therefore the king conceived it prudent to clear the road by first fighting him.

I called on the king in the afternoon, and found the pages had already issued plantains for my men and pombe for myself.

Time was drawing on, and as the queen would not appear of her own accord, I sent to request a friendly conversation with her before I left, endeavouring, as well as I could, to persuade her that the want of cordiality between us was owing to the mistakes of interpreters, who had not conveyed to her my profound sentiments of devotion.

N yamgundu then jointed us, and begged us to halt only one more day, as some of his women were still at Kisuere but Bombay, showing his nozzle rather flatter than usual, said, No I got this on account of your lies.

The other case was easily settled by my wounded men receiving orders to keep their prisoners till claimed, when, should any people come forward, they would be punished, otherwise their loss in human stock would be enough.

I was anxious, of course, to go on with the subject thus unexpectedly opened, but, as ill luck would have it, an adjutant was espied sitting on a tree, when a terrible fuss and excitement ensued.

This was the fourth message to remind us of these important matters which we had received since leaving his gracious presence, and each time brought by the same page.

Crowds of Waganda, all armed as if for war, came to congratulate us in the morning, jumping, jabbering, and shaking their spears at us, denoting a victory gained for we had shot Wanyoro and no harm had befallen us.

The men in charge, not 1z0-808 Test Engine knowing their history, brought them for sale into this district, where they were instantly recognised by some of Lumeresi s men, and brought in to him.

I also got orders to draw near and sit fronting her within the hut.

The parade then broke up, and all went home.

The moment of triumph had come at last, and suddenly the road was granted The king presently let us see the motive by which he had been influenced.

But we had calculated without our host, for the slave hunters had driven every vestige of humanity away and now, as we were delayed by our three loads behind, there was nothing left but to send back and purchase more grain.

Suwarora by this time knows I am coming, and you may depend on it he will be just as anxious to have us in Usui as Makaka is to keep us here, and he cannot hurt us, as Rumanika is over him, and also expects us.

At that moment Singinya was out in the field fighting his enemies and she was sure, when he heard I was here, that he would be very sorry he had missed seeing me.

I said I thought the Kaquenzingiriri could do this but they said, No Suwarora must be told first of your arrival, to prepare him properly for your coming so stop here for three days with two of us, whilst the third one goes to the palace and returns again for you know the chiefs of these countries do not feel safe until they have a look at the uganga.

Budja, however, objected to move until a report of Kari s murder had been forwarded to the king, lest the people, getting bumptious, should try the same trick again and Kasoro said he would not go up the river, as he had received no orders to do so.

He said he felt greatly disappointed at my pushing past him yesterday, as he wished to give me a cow, but still hoped I would go over and make friends with him.

I knew not what to do, for there was no hope left but in what Baraka might bring and as that even would be insufficient, I sent Musa s men into Kaze, to increase the original number by thirty men more.

He wished to give us a cow, but put it off for another day, and was surprised we 1z0-808 Test Engine dared venture into his premises without permission from the king.

20th to 21st.

5th and 6th.

Did you not go about like two brothers walking, talking, shooting, and even eating together It was the remark of all the Waganda, and the king will be so vexed when he finds you have thrown him over.

The king, hearing the announcement, at once came out with spears and shield, preceded by the bird, and took post, standing armed, by the entrance, encircled by his staff, all 1z0-808 Exam Cram squatting, when the adjutant was placed in the middle of the company.

It was given, but Makaka no sooner saw it than he said he must have another one for it was all nonsense saying a white man had no rich cloths.

After this I gave up, because I never could separate the ones I had wounded from the rest, and thought it cruel to go on damaging more.

Again I called the two together, and begged them to act in harmony like brothers, noticing that there was no cause for entertaining jealousy on either side, as every order rested with myself to reward for merit or to punish.

These cowards then made straight for Kaze, when Fundi Sangoro gave Nasib a flogging for deserting me, and made him so ashamed of his conduct that he said he would never do it again.

On hearing of my transactions, he gave it as his opinion that I had got off surprisingly well.

Men, women, bulls, dogs, and goats, were led about by strings cocks and hens were carried in men s arms and little pages, with rope turbans, rushed about, conveying messages, as if their lives depended on their swiftness, every one holding his skin cloak tightly round him lest his naked legs might by accident be shown.


Generally speaking, they live upon the coast, and call themselves Diwans, headsmen, and subjects of the Sultan Majid but they no sooner hear of the march of a caravan than they transpose their position, become sultans in their own right, and levy taxes accordingly.

I sent Bombay with ten blue eggs as a present for the Kamraviona, intimating my desire to call upon him.

The whole court was in raptures.

He would, however, do something when we returned from Uganda for as Mtesa followed his advice in everything, so did Kamrasi, for both held the highest opinion of him.

It was all nonsense, I knew, but both Bui and Nasib, taking fright, begged for their discharges.

These two worthies reached the palace, after crossing twelve considerable streams, of which one was the Luajerri, rising in the lake.

Fowls, much like those in India, are abundant everywhere.

I answered, No if any one of those scoundrels who has deserted me ever dares show his face to me again, I will shoot him like a dog.



Taking compassion, I levelled my Blisset but, as bad luck would have it, a bough intercepted the flight of the bullet, and it went pinging into the air, whilst the big bull went off at a gallop.

Johur then came into camp, unconscious that Baraka by my orders had, during his absence, been inspecting his kit, where he found concealed seventy three yards of cloth, which could only have been my property, as Johur had brought no akaba or reserve fund from the coast.

They, however, gave in, after some hours of futile arguments, on my making them understand, through Baraka, that what they saw me give to the pagazis would, if they reflected, only tend to prove to them that I was not a bad master who forgot his obligations when he could get no more out of his servants.

At other times when he is called, he will come sucking away at the spout of a tea pot, or, scratching his naked arm pits with a tableknife, or, perhaps, polishing the plates for dinner with his dirty loin cloth.

Such, I must inform her, was not my case.

If that is the case, I said, tell us your orders there must be some letters.

What has to be selected for his guests he singles out himself.

On the way home, one of the king s favourite women overtook us, walking, with her hands clasped at the back of her head, to execution, crying, N uawo in the most pitiful manner.

Finding, however, that I could not get a sufficient number for that purpose, I directed those who wished for employment to go off at once and take service with Grant.

On first entering, I was required to sit in a waiting hut till my arrival was announced but that did not take Oracle 1z0-808 Test Engine long, as the queen was prepared to receive me and being of a more affable disposition than her son, she held rather a levee of amusement than a stiff court of show.

He assured me that there were two lakes, and not one for, on going from Usoga to the Masai country, he crossed over a broad strait, which connected the big N yanza with another one at its north east corner.

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After this, Viarungi pleaded the cause of my mutinous followers, till I shook my finger angrily at him before the king, rebuked him for intermeddling in other people s affairs, and told my own story, which gained the sympathy of the king, and induced him to say, Supposing they desert Bana, what road do they expect to get Maula was now appointed to go with Rozaro to Karague for the powder and other things promised yesterday, whilst Viarungi and all his party, though exceedingly anxious to get away, had orders to remain here prisoners as a surety for the things arriving.

After receiving what he called his dues one barsati, two yards merikani, and two yards kiniki the drums beat, and all was settled with him but I was told the head chief Makaka, who lived ten miles to the west, and so much out of my road, had sent expressly to invite me to see him.

It was established by Musa Mzuri, by the permission of Rumanika for, as I shall have presently to mention, Sunna, after annexing this part of Uddu to Uganda, gave Rumanika certain bands of 1z0-808 Test Engine territory in it as a means of security against the possibility of its being wrested out of his hands again by the future kings of Unyoro.

It then turned out that it was all Petherick s, but he had orders to give me on account anything that HP0-D02 Exam Topics I wanted.

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In the morning, when our men went for water to the springs, some Waganda in ambush threw a spear at them, and this time caught a Tartar, for the horns, as they called their guns, were loaded, and two of them received shot wounds.

25th, 28th April and 2d May.

Bombay no sooner arrived in the palace, and saw the king upon his throne, than Mtesa asked him why he came By the instructions of Bana, was his reply for Bana cannot walk in the sun no white man of the sultan s breed can do so.

An Italian, named Miani, had gone farther up the Nile than any one else and he, it now transpired, was the man who had cut his name on the tree by Apuddo.

It was only feather weight in reality, but, being loaded with charms, became so heavy to those who were not entitled to the crown, that no one could lift it but the one person whom the spirits were inclined towards as the rightful successor.

This was enough both officers got drunk, and, beating their drums, serenaded the camp until the evening set in, when, to my utter surprise, an elderly Mganda woman was brought into camp with the commander in chief s metaphorical compliments, hoping I would accept her to carry my water with this trifling addition, that in case I did not think her pretty enough, he hoped I would not hesitate to select which I liked from ten others, of all colours, Wahuma included, who, for that purpose, were then waiting in his palace.

It will be kept in view that the hanging about at this court, and all the perplexing and irritating negotiations here described, had always one end in view that of reaching the Nile where it pours out of the N yanza, as I was long certain that it did.

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In return for my civilities, the king then send one of his chopi officers to see me, who went four stages with Bombay, and he also sent some 70-569 Exam Cram rich beads which he wished me to look at.

At first no one would go they then mutinied for more beads, announcing all sorts of grievances, which they said they were always talking over to themselves, though I did not hear them.

Surprised at the extent of my requisition, he wished to know if my purpose was fighting.

I took out this time in the jungles very profitably, killing a fine buck and doe antelope, of a species unknown.

He said, As you gave men to Mtesa, why would you refuse them to me but was checkmated on being told, Should any of those men who deserted us in this country ever reach their homes, they will all be hung for breaking their allegiance or oath.

The facts were these He was exceedingly clever, and he knew it.

She was very agreeable but as her husband was attending the palace, could not give pombe, and instead gave my female escort sundry baskets of plaintains and potatoes, signifying a dinner, and walked half way home, flirting with me as before.

As nearly all the men had now returned, Grant and I spent New Year s Day with the first detachment at Jiwa la Mkoa, or Round Rock a single tembe village occupied by a few Wakimbu settlers, who, by their presence and domestic habits, made us feel as though we were well out of the wood.

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N yamgundu now got orders to go to Karague overland for Dr K yengo but, dreading to tell me of it, as I had been so kind to him, he forged a falsehood, said he had leave to visit his home for six days, and begged for a wire to sacrifice to his church.

Next morning I called Kidgwiga, and begged him to procure two men as guides and interpreters.

Kamrasi, in answer, begged I would not be afraid there was no occasion for alarm Bombay would be here shortly.

Nothing short of the grandest palace, a throne to sit upon, the largest harem, the smartest officers, the best dressed people, even a menagerie for pleasure in fact, only the best of everything would content him.

Moreover, a present was demanded by the laws of the country.

The rains were so heavy that the whole country was now flooded, but we pushed on to the nullah by relays, and pitched on its left bank.

These birds, said he, tossing his head proudly, were all shot flying, with iron slugs, as the boys will tell you.

Those I had given him had, he said, deprived him of strength, and he felt much reduced by their effects.

He, in a still greater rage, said he would pitch into the men, for the whole place would be blown up.

To which Lumeresi replied, Ruhe, my child, could not dare to 1z0-808 Practice Test interfere with Grant after his officers arrived, and advised me to wait until the evening.

He had received my present of beads from Baraka, and, in addition, took Uledi s sword, saying, If you do not wish to part with it, you must remain a prisoner in my country all your life, for you have not paid your footing.

I wished to move in the morning 23d , and had all hands ready, but was told by Makinga he must be settled with first.

Kasoro wished to speak to us, and we invited him into the hut but the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer 1z0-808 interview could not be permitted until Kamrasi s wishes on the subject had been ascertained.

Kidgwiga was then appointed to receive all the things we were to send back from Gani our departure was fixed for the 9th and the king walked away as coldly as he came, whilst we felt as jolly as birds released from a cage.

Starting on a march with a large mixed caravan, consisting of 1 corporal and 9 privates, Hottentots 1 jemadar and 25 privates, Beluchs 1 Arab Cafila Bashi and 75 freed slaves 1 Kirangozi, or leader, and 100 negro porters 12 mules untrained, 3 donkeys, and 22 goats one could hardly expect to find everybody in his place at the proper time for breaking ground but, at the same time, it could hardly be expected that ten men, who had actually received their bounty money, and had sworn fidelity, should give one the slip the very first day.

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In a minute or two afterwards, the good young princes, attracted by the sound of the gun, came to see what was done.

At Meruka, where I put up, there resided some grandees, the chief of whom was the king s aunt.

I sent a message to the king about the theft, requiring him, if an honest man, Java SE 8 Programmer 1z0-808 to set his detectives to work, and ferret it out his boys, at the same time, to show our suspicions, were peremptorily forbidden ever to enter the hut Oracle 1z0-808 Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer 1z0-808 again.

The king sent me a pot of pombe to day, inquiring after my health, and saying he would like to take the medicine I gave him if I would send Frij over to administer it, but he would be ashamed to swallow pills before me.

To day occurred a brilliant instance of the capricious restlessness and self willedness of this despotic king.

I bide my time I said, rising in a towering passion, and thrashing the air with my ramrod walking stick, before all the visiting Wakungu, when the queen has assured me her door would always be open to me I shall leave this court at once, and I solemnly swear I shall never set foot in it again, unless 1z0-808 Online Exam some apology be made for treating me like a dog.

Chapter XIX The March to Madi Sail down the Kafu The Navigable Nile Fishing and Sporting Population The Scenery on the River An Inhospitable Governor Karuma Falls Native Superstitions Thieveries Hospitable Reception at Koki by Chongi.

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