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The wily ostrich, bustard, and florikan affect all open places.

These were the people who, drunk as fifers, were keeping up such a continual row to frighten the devil away.

We went off to the island in several canoes, and at once found an immense number of crocodiles basking in the sun, but not a single hippopotamus was in sight.

A grand flute concert was then played, one of the younger brothers keeping time with a long hand drum then the band played and dancing and duets and singing followed.

In very early times dissensions amongst the royal family, probably contending for the crown, such as we presume must have occurred in Abyssinia, separated the parent stock, and drove the weaker to find refuge in Nkole, where a second and independent government of Wahuma was established.

Anxious lest they should take sudden fright, I gently raised myself, wishing to fire, but I was quite puzzled there was no mistake about what they were still, look from as high as I would, I could not see their bodies.

Instead, however, of seeing him myself, as he feared my evil eye, I conducted the arrangements for the hongo through Baraka, in the same way as I did at M yonga s, directing that it should be limited to the small sum of one barsati and four yards kiniki.

I said I could not go so far in the sun I would wait till I received the promised palace near her.

Before going home we had 300-135 Cert Guide some more polite conversation, during which the queen played with a toy in the shape of a cocoa du mer, studded all over with cowries this was a sort of doll, or symbol of a baby and her dandling it was held to indicate that she would ever remain a widow.

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Even this gentleman kept me waiting for some time to show his own importance, 300-135 Vce Files and then admitted me into one of his interior courts, where I found him sitting on the ground with several elders whilst Wasoga minstrels played on their lap harps, and sang songs in praise of their king, and the noble stranger who wore fine clothes and eclipsed all previous visitors.

Since returning to England, Dr Murie, who was with me at Gondokoro, has also come home and he, judging from my account of the way in which we got ahead of the flooding of the Nile between the Karuma Falls and Gondokoro, is of opinion that the Little Luta Nzige must be a great backwater to the Nile, which the waters of the Nile must have been occupied in filling during my residence in Madi and then about the same time that I set out from Madi, the Little Luta Nzige having been surcharged with water, the surplus began its march northwards just about the time when we started in the same direction.

Totally unconcerned, the king walked on to his brothers, headed by a band and attendants, who were much lauded for being ready at a moment s notice.

On the 17th, after the anchor was cast, without a moment s delay I went off to the British Consulate to see my old friend Colonel Rigby.

1 represented beef No.

Ignoring his claims to imperial rank, I maintained that his reason for ill treating us must be fear, it could be nothing else.

He then retired to his original position, and the marriage ceremony was supposed to be concluded, and the settlements adjusted, when all went on as before.

All now went to the camp but what was my astonishment on reaching the hut to find every servant gone, along with the pots, pans, meat, everything and all in consequence of the king s having taken the drums on board, which, being unusual, was regarded as one of his delusive tricks, and a sign of immediate departure.

He was delighted to see us and, in anticipation of our arrival, had prepared rooms for our reception, that both Captain Grant and myself might enjoy his hospitality until arrangements could be made for our final start into the interior.

Either with haughty indifference, or else with injured pride at his not being able to command me at his pleasure, the king sent word, if medicine is brought for the queen, then let it be taken to her and so Bombay walked off to the queen s palace.

On crossing Usui, he once had a fight with one of the chiefs of the country and killed him but he got through all right, because the natives, after two or three of their number had been killed, dispersed, and feared to come near his musket again.

Makinga, hearing of the intended march through Usoga, was pleased to say he would like to join my camp and spend his time in buying slaves and ivory there.

My cough daily grew worse.

Whilst I was preparing my Massey s log to show the 300-135 Braindump Pdf use of it to the king, he went off boating without me and as the few remaining boats would not take me off because they had received no orders to do so, I fired guns, but, getting no reply, went into the country hoping to find game but, disappointed in that also, I spent the first half of the day with a hospitable old lady, who treated us to the last drop of pombe in her house for the king s servants had robbed her of nearly everything smoked her pipe with me, and chatted incessantly on the honour paid her by the white king s visit, as well as of the horrors of Uganda punishment, when my servants told her I saved the life of one queen.

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Chapter X Karague and Uganda Escape from Protectors Cross the Kitangule, the First Affluent of the Nile Enter Uddu Uganda A Rich Country Driving away the Devil A Conflict in the Camp A Pretending Prince Three Pages with a Diplomatic Message from the King of Uganda Crime in Uganda.

All the maidens, even at the age of puberty, did not hesitate to stand boldly in front of us for evil thoughts were not in their minds.

During this march we crossed three deep nullahs which drain the Uzaramo plateau, and arrived at the Makutaniro, or junction of this line with those of Mboamaji and Konduchi, which traverse central Uzaramo, and which, HP0-081 Certification Material on my former return journey, I went down.

This was just what I wanted.

I called on the king in the afternoon, and found the pages had already issued plantains for my men and pombe for myself.

Lumeresi no sooner heard of the presents I had given them, than he flew into a passion, called them imposters, abused them for not speaking to him before they came to me, and said he Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0) 300-135 Practice Exam Questions would not allow them to go.

He was a finelooking young man, about thirty years old, the husband of thirty wives, but he had only three children.


Here the river, again making a bend, is lost to sight, and we marched through large woods and cultivated fields to Muhugue, observing, as we passed long, the ochreish colour of the earth, and numerous pits which the copal diggers had made searching for their much valued gum.

Green and fresh, the slopes of the hills were covered with grass, with small clumps of soft cloudy looking acacias growing at a few feet only above the water, and above them, facing over the hills, fine detached trees, and here and there the gigantic medicinal aloe.

I took a stroll towards the N yanza, passing through the plantain groves occupied by the king s women, where my man Sangoro had been twice taken up by the Mgemma and put in the stocks.

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In fact, I felt wrecked.

We halted again, it was said, in order that Kwibeya might give us all the king had desired him to present.

As I was very hungry, I set off home to breakfast.


From the site of Koki we saw the hills behind which, according to Bombay, Petherick was situated with his vessels and we also saw a nearer hill, behind which his advanced post of elephant hunters were waiting our arrival.

At this levee sundry Wakungu of rank complained that the Wanyambo plundered their houses at night, and rough handled their women, without any respect for their greatness, and, when caught, said they were Bana s men.

I desired to do so, because I admired her wisdom but before I went I must first see the king, to provide against any insult being offered to me, such as befell Bombay when I sent him with medicine.

The birds were wild, and as nothing was done, I instructed him in the way to fire from his shoulder, placing the gun in position.

Kamrasi sent his commander in chief to inquire after my health, and to say Budja had left in fear and trembling lest Mtesa should cut all their heads off for failing in the mission but he had sent Kidgwiga s brother with a pot of pombe to escort the Waganda beyond his frontier, and cheer them on the way for the tin cartridge box, he thought, would save their lives by satisfying Mtesa they had seen me.

After a long and amusing conversation with Rumanika in the morning, I called on one of his sisters in law, married to an elder brother who was born before Dagara ascended the throne.

Plantaingardens were frequently met, and the people seemed very hospitably inclined, though they complained sadly of the pages rudely rushing into every hut, seizing everything they could lay their hands on, and even eating the food which they had just prepared for their own dinners, saying, in a mournful manner, If it were not out of respect for you we should fight those little rascals, for it is not the king s guest nor his men who do us injury, but the king s own servants, without leave or licence.

Now, leaving our traps outside, both Grant and myself, attended by Bombay and a few of the seniors of my Wanguana, entered the vestibule, and, walking through extensive enclosures studded with huts of kingly dimensions, were escorted to a pent roofed baraza, which the Arabs had built as a sort of government office where the king might conduct his state affairs.

After he had passed the limits of plantain eating men, he came upon men who lived upon meat alone, who never wore mbugus, but either cloth or skins, and instead of the spear they used the doubleedged sime.

The rafting up the lake he thought a good scheme but he did not think I should ever get through Usui until all the Kaze merchants went north in a body, for it was no use trying to force my men against their inclinations and if I did not take care how I handled them, he thought they would all desert.

Then, changing the subject, much to my relief, Kamrasi asked Bombay, Who governs England A woman.

In return for this magnanimity, and feeling a great security in firearms, Ugali then built the large enclosure, with huts Cisco 300-135 Practice Exam Questions for Sirboko, we were now living in.

Nobody had even dreamt for a moment it was possible we could come through.

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Petherick had gone down the river eight days journey, but was expected to return shortly.

Torches were then lit, and guns, pistols, powder, boxes, tools, beads the whole collection, in short were tossed together topsy turvy, bundled into mbugus, and carried away by the pages.

The divisional officers then find subordinate officers, who find men, and the army proceeds with its march.

The iron campbed was next inspected, and admired then the sextant, which was coveted and begged for, but without success, much to the astonishment of the king, as his attendants had led him to expect he would get anything he asked for.

These men, they said, are our friends, and not yours if we choose to give them presents of cloth and beads, and they give us a return in ivory, what is that to you Mysterious Mahamed next came to me, and begged for a blanket, as he said he was going off for a few days to a depot where he had some ivory and he also wanted to borrow a musket, as one of his had been burnt.

I need not say I tried to console this unfortunate victim of circumstances as best I could, inviting him to go with me to CCNP Routing and Switching 300-135 Kaze, and promising to protect him with my life if he feared the Arabs but the old man, being too feeble to travel himself, said he would send his son with me.

We now ventured on a plump application for boats that we might feel our way to Gani by water, supposing the lake and river to be navigable all the way and begged Kitunzi might be appointed to accompany us, in order that whatever was done might be done all with good effect in opening up a new line of commerce, by which articles of European manufacture might find a permanent route to Uganda.

The reply was, that the medicine had not taken, and the king was very angry because nothing was given him when he took the trouble to call on us.

Suwarora at present stopped eighttenths of the ivory merchants who might be inclined to trade here from coming into the country, by the foolish system of excessive taxation he had established.

The East Coast Range having been passed, no more hills had to be crossed, for the land we next entered on is a plateau of rolling ground, sloping southward to the Ruaha river, which forms a great drain running from west to east, carrying off all the rainwaters that fall in its neighbourhood through the East Coast Range to the sea.

I knew not what to do, for there was no hope left but in what Baraka might bring and as that even would be insufficient, I sent Musa s men 300-135 Testing into Kaze, to increase the original number by thirty men more.

Such are the daily incidents among our neighbours.

Through Rumanika s men it transpired that he had stood security for our actions, else, with the many evil reports of our being cannibals and such like, which had preceded our coming here, we never should have gained admittance to the country.

We then pushed on to Ungurue s, another chief of the same district.

Once across, we sought for and put up in a village beneath a small hill, from the top of which I saw the Victoria N yanza for the first time on this march.

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They said they had their orders to bring me, and if Lumeresi would not allow them to go for Grant, they would stop where they were, for they knew that if Suwarora found them delaying long, he would send more men to look after them.

I let him understand we suspected he was keeping us here to fight his brothers, and told him he must at once know we would never lift hand against them.

All the Wagungu talked in whispers, and nothing was heard but the never ceasing harps and harmonicons.

It happened to be loaded, but fortunately only with powder, to fire my announcement at the palace for he instantly placed caps on the nipples, and let off one barrel by accident, the contents of Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT v2.0) 300-135 which stuck in the thatch.

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Famines were raging throughout the land, and the Arabs preceding him had so harried the 300-135 Practice Exam Questions country, that every village was deserted.

Coffee was conveyed to the capital by the Wiru, also mbugu bark cloaks , from an inexhaustible fig tree in short, the lands of the Wiru were famous for their rich productions.

This, of course, was objected to, as the chief, in his absence, must have deputed some one to govern for him, and I expected him to settle at once, that I might proceed with the march.

If he did not intend now to fulfil his promise, I begged he would take back his spears, for I would 300-135 Brain Dumps only accept them as a farewell present.

At night, 22d, a steel scabbard and some cloths were extracted Cisco 300-135 Practice Exam Questions from our camp, so I begged my friend the great doctor would show us the use of his horn.

The messenger returned to say no one could approach her sanctuary or disturb her pleasure at this hour I must wait and bide my time, as the Uganda officers do.

My men then had their first dinner here, after which the hongo had to be paid.

This Sorombo trick I attributed to the instigation of Makaka, for these savages never fail to take their revenge when they can.

When I arrived at my hut I found a messenger sent by the queen, with a present of a goat, called fowls for Bana, my son, and a load of plantains, called potatoes, waiting for me so I gave the bearer fundo of mtende beads, and told again the reasons why I had not been able to call upon the queen, but I hoped to do so shortly, as the king had promised me a house 300-135 Cert Exam near at hand.

In a great hurry he then bade me good bye when, as he thought it would be final, I gave him, in consideration of his former good services to the last expedition, one of the 300-135 Exam Test Questions gold watches given me by the Indian Government.

Drumming, singing, screaming, yelling, and dancing had been going on these last two days and two nights to drive the Phepo or devil out of a village.

On confronting him, he motioned me to sit, which I did upon my bundle of grass, and, finding it warm, asked leave to open my umbrella.

Mahanda 2.

Grant, doing duty for me, tried a day s penance at the palace, but though he sat all day in the ante chamber, and musicians were ordered into the presence, nobody called for him.

He had caught a cold.

I found him already on the ground.

Both night and morning the Turks beat their drums and whenever they stopped to eat they sacked the villages.

He had a large collection of women here, but had himself gone north with a view to trade in Karague.

These Wahuma kings are not like those you ever saw in Unyamuezi or anywhere else they have officers and soldiers like Said Majid, the Sultan at Zanzibar.

Kamrasi said he must have it, for, besides it, the gun was the only thing new to him.

I modestly bowed my head, and said their friendship was my chief desire.

Therefore, as a warning to the others, the guns of these two were confiscated, and a caution given that any gun in future let off, either by design or accident, would be taken.

I visited the king, to have a private chat, and state my grievances but the three shots fired brought him out to levee, when animals and sundry other things were presented and appointments of Wakungu were made for the 300-135 Practice Exam Questions late gallant services of some of the men in plundering 300-135 Dump Unyoro.

If that is the case, I said, taking things easy, how is it you have opened my loads and scattered the wires about in the tent Oh, that was to take care of them for I thought, if they were left outside all night with the rest of the property, some one would steal them, and I should get the blame of it.

N yamgundu, however, very prudently told him he should obey his orders, which were to take me on as fast as he could.

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He was not a child of the Pig s, but a child of K yengo s and as Baraka would not allow him to accept the load of mzizima, he went on to K yengo by himself, and told all that had happened.

To the northward can be seen some low hills, which are occupied by Wahumba, a subtribe of the warlike Masai and on the west is the large forest wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali.


A cow skin, stretched out and fastened to the roof, acted as a canopy to prevent dust falling, and a curtain of mbugu concealed the lower parts of the hut, in front of which, on both sides of the king, sat about a dozen head men.

It was all the same to us, as we now only thought of the prospect of relief before us, and laughed at what we had gone through.

It is very broad at the mouth, it is true, but so shallow that our vessel with difficulty was able to come up it.

The shot they made in this manner is a blind one only on the chance of fish being there and therefore always doubtful in its result.

Grant and I now called together on the king to present the rifle, chair, and ammunition, as we could not thank him in words sufficiently for the favour he had done us in granting the road through Unyoro.

This was by no means pleasant for the porters showed their uneasiness by extracting their own cloths from my bundles, under the pretext that they wished to make some purchases of their own.

As he could not tell me, saying RQAP-GCP Actual Questions some excused themselves on the plea they were cutting their corn, and others that they feared the Watuta, I resolved at once to move over to Nunda and if that place also failed to furnish men, I would go on to Usui or Karague with what men I had, and send back for the rest of my property for though I could bear the idea of separating from Grant, still the interests of old England were at stake, and demanded it.

Rionga s men then departed, and Mahamed showed some signs of getting ready by ordering one dozen cows to be killed, the flesh of which was to be divided amongst those villagers who would carry his ivory, and the skins to be cut into thongs for binding the smaller tusks of ivory together in suitable loads.

In this jungle a tributary nullah to the Gombe, called Nurhungure, is the boundary line between 300-135 Practice Exam Questions the great Country of the Moon and the kingdom of Uzinza.

A march through the park took us to a camp by a pond, from which, by crossing the Kingani, rice and provisions for the men were obtained on the opposite bank.

The new year was ushered in by the most exciting intelligence, which drove 300-135 Exam Engines us half wild with delight, for we fully believed Mr Petherick was indeed on his road up the Nile, endeavouring to meet us.

Twenty four men were appointed us to escort us and bring back our presents from Gani, which were to be six carbines, with a magazine of ammunition, a large brass or iron water pot, a hair brush, lucifers, a dinner knife, and any other things procurable that had never been seen in Unyoro.

Three villagers had been attacked by two lions during my absence.

The left arm felt half paralysed, the left nostril was choked with mucus, and on the centre of the left shoulder blade I felt a pain as if some one was branding me with a hot iron.

The Mgussa s voice 300-135 Test CCNP Routing and Switching 300-135 Practice Exam Questions is also heard, but in what manner I do not know, as all communication on state matters is forbidden in Uganda.

of butter, the remainder to be picked up on the way.

Numerous visitors called on us here, and consequently our picture books were in great request.

Fortunately, the thief who attempted to run off with the goats was taken by my men in the act, tied with his hands painfully tight behind his back, and left, with his face painted white, till midnight, when his comrades stole into Bombay s hut and released him.

Frij, who accompanied the deputation, overheard the counsellors tell their king that the Waganda were on their way back to Unyoro to snatch us away on hearing which the king asked his men if they would ever permit it and, handling his spear as if for battle, said at the same time he would lose his own head before they should touch his guests.

I then sent Bombay to see the queen, to ask after her health, beg for a hut in the palace enclosures, and say I should have gone myself, only I feared her gate might be shut, and I cannot go backwards and forwards so far in the sun without a horse or an elephant to ride upon.

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At their sides lay huge pipes of black clay.

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I then went at Mahamed again, who first said he would give me the two men I wanted, then went off, and sent word to say he would not be visible for three days.

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