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He had little to say, but begged for medicine, and when given some in a liquid state, said his sub would like some also then Kidgwiga s wife, who was left behind, must have some and as pills were given for her, the two men must have dry medicine too, to take home with them.

His rank was the same as the others, and one bead less than I had given them he would not take.

He called the people Wasewe, and their chief Kisawa but the company pronounced them to be Masawa Masai.

At the same time, the Wanguana, who had carbines, were obliged to be drilled in their use and formed into companies, with captains of ten, headed by General Baraka, who was made commander in chief.

My proper sphere was the palace, and unless I got a hut there, I wished to leave the 200-046 Exam Guide country.

There was only one course to pursue, for in one instant more he would have been into me so, quick as thought, I fired the gun, and, as luck would have it, my bullet, after passing through the edge of one of his horns, stuck in the spine of his neck, and rolled him over at my feet as dead as a rabbit.

The pictures were again looked at, and again admired, when we asked for a private interview on business, and drew the king outside.

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The third scene was more easily arranged, for the day was fast declining.

But where was Bombay all this while He did not return till after us, and then, in considerable excitement, he told his tale.

This said, the Waganda all left us, taking with them twenty eight Wanguana, armed with twenty two carbines.

A messenger should be sent at once to the king of Uganda to inform him of our intention to visit him, with his own favourable report of us.

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Some are pastorals, but most are agriculturalists and this difference, I believe, originates solely from want of a stable government, to enable them to reap what they produce for where the negro can save his cattle, which is his wealth, by eating grain, he will do it.

A little lighter and much more comfortable for the good riddance of those grumbling Tots, we worked up to and soon breasted the stiff ascent of the Mabruki Pass, which we surmounted without much difficult.

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I then instructed them how to form a guard of honour when I went to the palace, and taught Bombay the way Nazirs was presented at courts in India.

The perpetual worry had given Baraka a fever, and had made me feel quite sick so I said, if he ever mentioned a gun or lucifers again, I would fight the matter out with him, for I had not come there to be bullied.

At first no one would go they then mutinied for more beads, announcing all sorts of 300-209 New Questions grievances, which they said they were always talking over to themselves, though I did not hear them.

All this time nothing but confusion reigned in camp, khambi fighting against khambi.

Bombay was met by them on the confines of Gani.

Passing by the old village of Mbuiga, which I occupied on my former expedition, we entered some huts on the western flank of the Mbuiga district and here, finding a coast man, a great friend of the little sheikh s, willing to take back to Zanzibar anything we might give him, a halt was made, and I drew up my reports.

Uledi returned from his expedition against a recusant officer at Kituntu, bringing with him a spoil of ten women.

At length giving in, I entered Ruhe s boma, the poles of which were decked with the skulls of his enemies stuck upon them.

I thus attracted his notice, though he did not understand one word I uttered.

The policy and government of the vast possessions of Great Britain were then duly discussed, and Rumanika acknowledged that the pen was superior to that of the sword, and the electric telegraph and steam engine the most wonderful powers he had ever heard of.

A man of considerable age, he did everything the state or his great establishment required himself.

This is the most southerly kingdom of the Wahuma, though not the farthest spread of its people, for we find the Watusi, who are emigrants from 300-209 Exam Book Karague of the same stock, overlooking the Tanganyika Lake from the hills of Uhha, and tending their cattle all over Unyamuezi under the protection of the native negro chiefs and we also hear that the Wapoka of Fipa, south of the Rukwa Lake are the same.

All right, your majesty what is it I am constantly stricken with fever and pains, for which I know no remedy but cautery my children die young my family is not large enough to uphold my dignity and station in life in fact, I am infirm and want stimulants, 300-209 Certification Material and I wish you to prescribe for me, which considering you have found your way to this, where nobody came before, must be easy to you.

On returning home I found the king had requested me to call on him as soon as possible with the medicine chest.

The most severe instrument of chastisement is a knob stick, sharpened at the back, like that used in Uganda, for breaking a man s neck before he is thrown into the N yanza but this severity is seldom resorted to, Kamrasi being of a mild disposition compared with Mtesa, whom he invariably alludes to when ordering men to be flogged, telling them that were they in Uganda, their heads would suffer instead of their backs.

The kirangozi would not show the way, nor would any man lift a load.

It was not the custom of my country for great men to consort with servants, and until I saw him, and made friends, I should not be happy.

Accordingly, I stopped the daily issue of beads but no sooner had I done so, than all my men declared they could not eat plantains.

This concluded the first range of these Usagara hills and once over, we dropped down to the elevated valley of Makata, where we halted two days to shoot.

Moreover, he was rather put to shame by my saying, Pray, who now is biggest Ruhe or yourself for any one entering this country would suspect that he was, as he levies the first tax, and gives people to understand that, by their paying it, the whole district will be free to them such at any rate he told me, and so it appears he told Masudi.

No one, however, 300-209 Pdf Exam could account for this singular fact.

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I am not only in honour bound to speak with Kamrasi, but I am also bound to carry out the orders of my country just as much as you are yours moreover, I have invited Petherick to come to Kamrasi s by a letter from Karague, and it would be ill becoming in me to desert him in the hands of an enemy, as he would then certainly find Kamrasi to be if I went back now.

The sun was now setting as we approached N yamyongo s.

Some of Rumanika s men, who came into Unyoro with Baraka, with four of K yengo s, were sent to call us by Kamrasi.

To keep the king up to the mark, and seal our passage, in the evening I took a Lancaster rifle, with ammunition, and the iron chair he formerly asked for, as a parting present, to the palace, but did not find him, as he had gone out shooting with his brothers.

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We were informed that doubtless he was looking into his Uganga, or magic horn, to discover what he had to expect from us and he seemed as yet to have found no ground for being afraid of us.

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Old Nasib begged for his discharge.

The king now, finding me disinclined to fight his brother Rogero, either with guns or magic horns, asked me to give him a doctor or charm to create longevity and to promote the increase of his family, as his was not large enough to maintain the dignity of so great a man as himself.

To this Bombay replied, Bana never could return he would sooner do anything than return even penetrate the Masai to Zanzibar, or go through Unyoro to which the king, ashamed of his impotence, hung down his head and walked away.

Both mother and son had their Ktikiros or commander in chief, also titled Kamraviona, as well as other officers of high rank.

Eager to get on with my journey, and see European faces again, I besought the king to let us depart, as our work was all finished here, since he had assured us he would like to trade with England.

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A large party of Chopi people arrived, by Kamrasi s orders, to tell the reason which induced them to apply for guns to the white men at Gani, as it appeared evident they must have wished to fight their king.

Mabruki then told me he was kept waiting at a village, one hour s walk from Kamrasi s palace, five days before they were allowed to approach his majesty but when they were seen, and the presents exchanged, they were ordered to pack off the following morning, as Kamrasi said the Waganda were a set of plundering blackguards.

The king, sitting on the chair with his women by his side, ordered twelve cloths, the presents of former Arab visitors, to be brought before him and all of these I was desired to turn into European garments, like my own coats, trousers, and waistcoats.

The gun obtained us all a speedy admittance, when the king opened conversation by saying, Well, Bana, so you really are going Yes I have enjoyed your hospitality for a long time, and now wish to return to my home.

Difficulties now commenced again 28th.

This was no sooner interpreted than he said, if I would send my men to him with letters in the morning he would forward them on, accompanied with an army.

Then, breaking up the court, he retired with a select party of Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions 300-209 Test Prep Wakungu, headed by the Kamraviona, and opened a conversation on the subject which is ever uppermost with the king and his courtiers.

The Waguana then all mutinied for a cloth apiece, saying they would not lift a load unless I gave it.

Dog wit, or any silly remarks, will set them giggling.

On inquiring as to the reason of this, it transpired that, to reach Unyoro, the party would have to cross a portion of Uddu, which the late king Sunna, on Cisco 300-209 Test Prep annexing that country to Uganda, had divided, not in halves, but by alternate bands running transversely from Nkole to the Victoria N yanza.

There were many other animals, and lucky and unlucky birds, which all believed in.

My informants were the natives of the settlement, and they all concurred in saying that the Kingani above the junction is called the Rufu, meaning the parent stream.

This was to be a day of varied 300-209 Test Prep success.

There remains to be disposed of the salt lake, which 070-298 Pdf Exam I believe is not a salt, but a fresh water lake and my reasons are, as before stated, that the natives call all lakes salt, if they find salt beds or salt islands in such Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions 300-209 Test Prep places.

I knew not what to do, for it appeared to me that, do what I would, we would never succeed and in my weakness of body and mind I actually cried like a child over the whole affair.

This afforded an opportunity for putting in a word of reconciliation.

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To have two strings to my bow, and press our departure as hotly as possible, I sent first Frij off with Nasib to the queen, conveying, as a parting present, a block tin brush box, a watch without a key, two sixpenny pocket handkerchiefs, and a white towel, with an intimation that we were going, as the king had expressed his desire of sending us to Gani.

Since then, twenty generations ago, it is said the Wahuma government of Karague was Cisco 300-209 Test Prep established in the same manner.

Then you will send me some from Gani brandy if you like it makes people sleep sound, and gives them strength.

Pushing on again we arrived at N yama Goma, where I found Irunguthe great ambassador I had first met in Usui, with all his children my enemy Makinga, and Suwarora s deputation with wire, altogether, a collection of one hundred souls.

When only the interpreters and one confidential officer were left, besides myself, he wished to know if I could apply the medicine without its touching the afflicted part.

An Italian, named Miani, had gone farther up the Nile than any one else and he, it now transpired, was the man who had cut his name on the tree by Apuddo.


Flashily dressed in coloured cloths and a turban, he sat down in one of our chairs as if he had been accustomed to such a seat all his life, and spoke with great suavity.

On the east, beyond Kidi, he only knew of one clan of Wahuma, a people who subsist entirely on meat and milk.

A white dog, spear, shield, and woman the Uganda cognisance were by his side, as also a knot of staff officers, with whom he kept up a brisk conversation on one side and on the other was a band of Wichezi, or lady sorcerers, such as I have already described.

It was a perfect marauding campaign for them all, and all alike were soon laden with as much as they could carry.

on the journey northwards.


At first the Wanguana attempted to track down the corporal but finding he would not answer their repeated shots, and fearful for their own safety, they came into camp and reported the case.

I then told him it was fortunate he had no disbelievers like us to contend Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions 300-209 with in battle, for we, instead of trusting to luck and such omens, put our faith only in skill and pluck, which Baraka elucidated from his military experience in the wars in British India.

When these things came for inspection, he coveted the saw, and discovered there were more varieties of medicine in the chest than had been given him.

She helped herself to a quarter of mutton, and said she would come again.

Pongo then for the first 300-209 Certification Braindumps time showed himself, sneaking about with an escort, hiding his head in a cloth lest our evil eyes might bewitch him.

Fortunately, foreseeing this kind of policy, as Kamrasi had been watching our actions, I invariably gave in presents those cows which came with us from Uganda, and therefore defied any one to meddle with them.

He received us in his usually affable manner made many trite remarks concerning our plans was surprised, if my only object in view was to see the great river running out of the lake, that I did not go by the more direct route across the Masai country and Usoga and then, finding I wished to see Karague, as well as to settle many other great points of interest, he offered to assist me with all the means in his power.

This disgusting story made me quite sorry, when next day the Arabs arrived, expecting that I should attempt to help them but as the matter had gone so far, I asked them, in the first place, how they could hope Manua Sera would have any faith in them when they were so treacherous, or trust to my help, since they had killed Maula, who was my protege They all replied in a breath, Oh, let the past be forgotten, and assist us now for in you alone we can look for a preserver.

In the evening, Masudi, with Sangoro and several 300-209 Exam Dump other merchants, came up from Kufro to pay us a visit of respect.

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Then, said Mahamed, we cannot go with you, for there is a famine at this season at Gondokoro.

Junior members of the royal family then, pushing their fortunes, dismembered themselves from the parent stock, created separate governments, and, for reasons which cannot be traced, changed their names.

Most of the small district chiefs, too, are the descendants of those who ruled in the same places before the country was invaded, and with them travellers put up and have their dealings.

Ever proud of his history since I had traced his descent from Abyssinia and King David, whose hair was as straight as my own, Rumanika dwelt on my theological disclosures with the greatest delight, and wished to know what difference existed between the Arabs and ourselves to which Baraka replied, as the best means of making him understand, that whilst the Arabs had only one Book, we had two to which I added, Yes, that is true in a sense but the real merits lie in the fact that we have got the better BOOK, as may be inferred from the obvious fact that we are more prosperous, and their superiors in all things, GSSP-NET Exam Topics as I would prove to him if he would allow me to take one of his sons home to learn that BOOK for then he would find his tribe, after a while, better off than the Arabs are.

We saw them no more.

which order only changed with the eleventh reign, when Rusatira ascended MSC-321 Real Exam the throne, and was succeeded by Mehinga, then Kalimera, then Ntare VII.

Water was so scarce in the wells at this season that we had to buy it at the normal price of country beer and, as may be imagined where such distress in food was existing, cows, goats, sheep, and fowls were also selling at high rates.

In fact, I found that, like the organ grinders in London, to get myself moved on I must make myself troublesome.

Next to them was a deep ring of women, half of whom carried their babies and outside these again was a still deeper circle of men, some blowing horns, but most holding their spears erect.

The little sheikh was warmly congratulatory as he spoke of the numbers who had strayed away and had been lost in that wilderness whilst Bombay admitted he thought we should turn up again if I did not listen to the advice of the boys, which was his only fear.

To which the Arabs made a suitable answer, adding, that all they found fault with was an insolent remark which, in his wrath, Manua Sera had given utterance to, that their quarrel with him was owing chiefly to a scurvy jest which he had passed on them, and on the characteristic personal ceremony of initiation to their Mussulman faith.

He objected, because he had not seen Grant, but appointed an officer to go through Unyoro on to Gani, 300-209 Certification Dumps and begged I would also send men with letters.

Now for the lake.

The 8th went off much in the usual way, by my calling on the king, when 300-209 Practice Exam Questions I gave him a pack of playing cards, which he put into his curiosity box.

Little troubles, of course, must always be expected, else these blacks would not be true negroes.

The day was done.

He was not a poor man, for he had many cows, but he was a beggar, of course, when beads were in the question and, having unwittingly offended, as he desired our friendship, he trusted his offence would be forgiven.

It was considered the West End.

At this time, the sultan, having changed tactics, as he saw us all ready to stand on the defensive, sent back his hongo but, instead of using threats, said he would oblige us with donkeys or anything else if we would only give him a few more pretty cloths.

This was too much, so I stamped, and, pointing my finger, swore in every language I knew, that if they did not open the gate again, as they had shut it at once, and that, too, before my face, I would never leave the spot I stood upon alive.


23d and 24th.

My hurry he thought was uncalled for for, as I had spent so many days with Kamrasi, why could I not be content to do so with him I was provoked beyond measure with this, as it upset all my plans.

Petherick, I now felt certain, was on the look out for us but his men had reached Kamrasi s, and returned again before Baraka s arrival.

Having gone to work again, I found that Sheikh Said had brought ten men, four of whom were purchased for one hundred dollars, which I had to pay Bombay, Baraka, Frij, and Rahan had brought twenty six more, all freed men while the Sultan Majid, at the HP0-D03 Test Questions And Answers Pdf suggestion of Colonel Rigby, gave me thirty four men more, who were all raw labourers taken from his gardens.

In my heart I liked Bombay all the more for this confession, but thought it necessary to extol Baraka for his quickness in finding him out, which drove Bombay nearly wild.


He asked again for stimulants a matter ever uppermost in his mind and would not be convinced that such things can do him no possible good, but would in the end be deleterious.

Baker now offered me his boats to go down to Khartum, and asked me if there was anything left undone which it might be of importance for him to go on and complete, by survey or otherwise for, although he should like to go down the river with us, he did not wish to return home without having done something to recompense him for the trouble and expense Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions 300-209 he had incurred in getting up his large expedition.

Because all this country is called Uddu.

Mtesa has no right to order me out of another man s house, to be an enemy with one whose friendship I desire.

These men did as they were bid but the father in law returned things, saying he must have one more wire.

Then came the liver questions and, finally what I wanted her complaint against my men for robbing on the road, as it gave me the opportunity of telling her the king was doing what I had been trying to undo with my stick ever since I left the coast and I begged she would use influence to correct these disagreeables.

In fact, I felt wrecked.

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