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We then went on and put up in the first village of Bogue, where I wished to get porters and return for Grant, as the place seemed to be populous.

The Diwan, or head man, was a very civil creature he presented us freely with two fine goats a thing at that time we were very much in want of and took, in return, without any comments, one dubani and eight yards merikani.

We were now in Usui, and so the mace bearers, being on their own ground forgot their manners, and peremptorily demanded their pay before they would allow us to move one step farther.

In the best good humour now, I showed Mahamed our picture books and as he said he always drilled his two hundred men every Friday, I said I would, if he liked, command them myself.

Difficulties now commenced again 28th.

Though he spoke in this manner, still I knew that there was something rankling in his mind which depressed his spirits as long as he remained with us, though what it was I could not comprehend, nor did I fully understand it till months afterwards.

At this time some Wahaiya traders who had been invited at my request by Rumanika arrived.

My hurry he thought was uncalled for for, as I had spent so many days with Kamrasi, why could I not be content to do so with him I was provoked beyond measure with this, as it upset all my plans.

and we took large numbers of their eggs.

We then went to Mozambique, and visited the Portuguese Governor, John Travers de Almeida, who showed considerable interest in the prospects of the expedition, and regretted that, as it cost so much money to visit the interior from that place, his officers were unable to go there.

My respite, however, was not long.

Omwita, you mean, was the last country you resided in before you came here, but originally you came from Abyssinia, the sultan of which, our great friend, is Sahela Selassie.

Our spirits were now further raised by the arrival of a semi Hindu Suahili, named Juma, who had just returned from a visit to the king of Uganda, bringing back with him a large present of ivory and slaves for he said he had heard from the king of our intention to visit him, and that he had despatched officers to call us immediately.

The king, then, observing my men who had gone to Unyoro together with Kamrasi s, questioned them on their mission and when told that no white men were there, he waxed wrathful, and said it was a falsehood, for his men had seen them, and could not be mistaken.

Next day the non belligerent Arabs left in charge of the station, headed by my old friends Abdulla and Mohinna, came to pay their respects again, recognising in me, as they said, a personification of their sultan, and therefore considering what they VCPC610 Vce Software were doing only due to my rank.

Thence, having spent the night in the jungle, we next morning pushed into the cultivated district of Rubuga, and put up in some half deserted tembes, where the ravages of war were even more disgusting to witness than at Tura.

No one would go forward with the two cows behind besides which, the day was far spent, and there was nothing but jungle, they said, beyond.

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I gave way, thinking it prudent to do so, but resolved in my mind I would get Grant to see it in boats on his voyage from Karague.

Passing through the next villages a collection called Kifukuro we had to pay another small tax of two barsati and four yards of chintz to the chief.

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Then, too, what a beautiful prospect it has rich marshy plains studded with mounds, on each of which grow the umbrella cactus, or some other evergreen tree and beyond, again, another hill spur such as the one we have crossed over.

From this place a good view is obtained of Uzegura.

Had we returned to Uganda, Mtesa would have given us the road through Masai, which, in my opinion, is nearer for us than this one.

Still, private interviews might be granted, and I sent to inquire after the state of the king s health.

Could the Arabs, was Manua Sera s rejoinder, suppose for a moment that he would voluntarily divide his dominion with one whom he regarded as his slave Death would be preferable and although he would trust his life in the Mzungu s hands if he called him again, he must know it was his intention to hunt Mkisiwa down like a wild animal, and would never rest satisfied 500-260 Certification until he was dead.

Who, he said, is to carry all this until the natives have got in their crops This, I said, so far as I was 500-260 Practice Test concerned, was all nonsense.

Without seeing us again, Lumeresi, evidently ashamed of the power held over him by this rod of Suwarora s, walked off in the night, leaving word that he was on his way to Ruhe s, to get back my gun and all the other things that had been taken from Grant.

on the journey northwards.

I thought then to myself, as I did at Rumanika s, when I first viewed the Mfumbiro cones, and gathered all my distant geographical information there, that these highly saturated Mountains of the Moon give birth to the Congo as well as to the Nile, and also to the Shire branch of the Zambeze.

An Italian, named Miani, had gone farther up the Nile than any one else and he, it now transpired, was the man who had cut his name on the tree by Apuddo.

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and separated one from the other by elevated valleys, tables, and crab claw spurs of hill which incline towards the flanking rivers.

I sent Bombay off to administer quinine to the queen but the king s pages, who watched him making for her gateway, hurried up to him, and turned him back by force.

Bombay would never be frightened in this silly way.

At length we reached the habitations of men a collection of conical huts on the ridge of a small chain of granitic hills lying north west.

Flight was now Cisco 500-260 the only thought of our men, and all would have escaped had Kari not been slow and his musket empty.

They were no sooner gone, however, than Musa assured me they had killed old Maula of Rubuga in the most treacherous manner, as follows Khamis, who is an Arab of most gentlemanly aspect, on returning from Ugogo attended by slaves, having heard that Maula was desirous of adjusting a peace, invited him with his son to do so.

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Cows, sheep, and slaves have to be given to the father for the value of his daughter but if she finds she has made a mistake, she can return the dowrymoney, and gain her release.

Instead, therefore, of going at the call of his pages this morning I sent Bombay with some men to say that although I was desirous of seeing him daily, I could not so expose myself to the sun.

He certainly was a nice looking young man, with a good deal of the Wahuma blood in him.

22d to 24th.

I made him a present of the great principle that power commands respect, and it was to prevent any chance of fighting that we required so formidable an escort.

To which he replied, It was only the poor who thought so and as he now saw we were in want, he would set apart one of his cows expressly for our use.

Our ascent by the river, though quite imperceptible to the eye, has been 500 feet.

After pushing through the tall reeds with which the end of the lake is covered, we emerged in the clear open, and skirted the further side of the water until a small strait was gained, which led us into another lake, drained at the northern end with a vast swampy plain, covered entirely with tall rushes, excepting only in a few places where bald patches expose the surface of the water, or where the main streams of the Ingezi and Luchoro valleys cut a clear drain for themselves.

Dipping down into a valley between two clusters of granitic hills, beautifully clothed with trees and grass, studded here and there with rich plantations, we entered the district of Usagari, and on the second day forded the Gombe nullah again in its upper course, called Kuale.

In this new position they were circumcised to make Mussulmans of them, that their hands might be clean to slaughter their master s cattle, and extend his creed for the Arabs believe the day must come when the tenets of Mohammed Cisco 500-260 Braindump will be accepted by all men.

There was something specially aggravating in this precedence for it will be remembered that these very brass wires which they saw, I had myself intended for Mtesa, that they were taken from me by Suwarora as far back as Usui, and it would never do, without remonstrance, to have them boastfully paraded before my eyes in this fashion.

Arrived at the hut, the king took off his turban as I took off my hat, and seated himself on my stool whilst the Kamraviona, with much difficulty, was induced to sit upon a cowskin, and the women at first were ordered to squat outside.

Kamrasi, still acting on his passive policy, would not admit them here, but wished them to return with a message, to the effect that Mtesa had no right to hold me as his guest now I had once gone into another s hands.

To which Lumeresi replied, Ruhe, my child, could not dare to interfere with Grant after his officers arrived, and advised me to wait until the evening.

The water for the camp is found in the river, but supplies of grain come from the village of Kipora farther on.

He wished, moreover, particularly to see us and if we did not return in a friendly manner, an army would arrest our march immediately.

I sent Bombay with the compass, much to the delight of the king, who no sooner saw it than he jumped and woh wohed with intense excitement at the treasure he had gained, said it was the greatest present Bana had ever given him, for it was the thing by which he found out all the roads and countries it was, in fact, half his knowledge and the parting with it showed plainly that Bana entertained an everlasting friendship for him.

The whole operation was rather ridiculous for the blister, after being applied, had to be rubbed in turn on the hands and faces of both Bombay and Nasib, to show there was no evil spirit in the doctor.

I marched up the left bank of the Nile at a considerable distance from the water, to the Isamba rapids, passing through rich jungle and plantain gardens.

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The men, indeed, are never seen without their usual arms the spear, the shield, and the assage.

Happily no one tried to pillage us here, so on we went to Vikora s, another officer, living at N yakasenye, under a sandstone hill, faced with a dyke of white quartz, over which leaped a small stream of water a seventy feet drop which, it is said, Suwarora sometimes paid homage to when the land was oppressed by drought.

When these two had gone, the Kamraviona arrived with two spears, one load of flour, and a pot of pombe, which he requested me to accept, adding that the spears were given as it was observed I had accepted some from the king of Uganda a shield was still in reserve for me, and spears would be sent for Grant.

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I then gave N yamgundu wires and 70-483 Exam Engines beads for himself and all his family round, which made Maula slink further away from me than ever.

It was necessary to get up hot temper, else there was no knowing how far he would go so I returned him his presents, and told the sheikh, instead of giving four, to fling six cloths in his face, and tell him that the holy stone story was merely a humbug, and I would take care no more white men ever came to see him again.

For days past, streams of men have been carrying faggots of firewood, clean cut timber, into the palaces of the king, queen, and the Kamraviona and to day, on calling on the king, I found him engaged having these faggots removed by Colonel Mkavia s regiment from one court into another, this being his way of ascertaining their quantity, instead of counting them.

The people would not take beads, preferring, they said, to make necklaces and belts out of ostrich eggs, which they cut into the size of small shirt buttons, and then drill a hole through their centre to string them together.

Sheikh Said was there even then, with my poor Hottentots, unable to convey my post to the coast.

This was too powerful a temptation to be withstood, so, shouldering the rifle, and followed by half the village, if not more, women included, we went to the place, but, instead of finding a buck for the men had stretched a point to keep me at their village we found a herd of does, and shot one at the people s urgent request.

As he did not wish to see white men, our residing here could be of no earthly use.

Nango, an old friend, and district officer of the place, first refreshed us with a dish of plantain squash and dried fish, with pombe.

When this message was fully delivered, Budja said we must return without a day s delay.

The queen looked at me, then at the blanket and her son in turn whilst my men hung down their heads, fearful lest they should be accused of looking at the ladies of the court and the Wakungu n yanzigged again, as if they could not contain the gratification they felt at the favour shown them.

For my part, I was only too rejoiced to see Grant could limp about a bit, and was able to laugh over the picturesque and amusing account he gave me of his own rough travels.

On the 18th, Kurshid Agha was summoned by the constant fire of musketry, a mile or two down the river, and went off in his vessels to the relief.

He apes like a monkey the jolly Jack Tar, and spends his wages accordingly.

Continuing over the same MB5-855 Test Engine kind of ground in the next succeeding spurs of the streaky red clay sandstone hills, we put up at the residence of Isamgevi, a Mkungu or district officer of Rumanika s.

The scheme was successful, 500-260 Real Exam Questions for the report of the gun which killed the bird reached the king s ear, and induced him to say that if Bana was present he would be glad to see him.

This foolish disruption having at first only lasted for a while, the road was again opened and again closed, for the merchants wanted an easy passage, and the native chiefs desired cloths.

The brothers wives then wished to see me, and came before us, when I had to take off my hat and shoes as usual, my ready compliance inducing the princes to pass various compliments of my person and disposition.

The treaty thus broke down for the same night Cyclops decamped like a thief, after brandishing an arrow which Manua Sera had given him to throw down as a gauntlet of defiance to fight Mkisiwa to death.

they had stolen from my men.

One thing only now embarrassed me Grant was worse, without hope of recovery for 500-260 Exam Test at least one or two months.

The brothers are burnt to death, and the king, we shall suppose, takes the field at the head of his army.

I should have mentioned, by the way, that Musa had now made up his mind not to go further than the borders of Usui with me, lest I should be torn to pieces, and he would be held responsible on the coast.

On hearing my fix, Abdalla said I should have men and, what s more, he would go with me as his father had promised to do but he had a large caravan detained in Ugogo, and for that he must wait.

A report also at this time was brought to us, that a caravan had just arrived at our last ground, having come up from Whindi, direct by the line of the Wami river, in its upper Cisco ASA Express Security 500-260 course called Mukondokua, without crossing a single hill all the way I therefore sent three men to see if they had any porters to spare, as it was said they had but the three men, although they left their bows and arrows behind, never came back.

Calling on the queen early, she admitted me at once, scolding me severely for not having come or sent my men to see her after she had taken the pills.

Baraka and Uledi, sent from Karague on the 30th January, had been at Kamrasi s palace upwards of a month, applying for the road to Gani, and as they could not get that, wished to come with Mabruki to me but this Kamrasi also refused, on the plea that, as they had come from Karague, so they must return there.


The jungles had thinned we found ourselves unexpectedly standing on the edge of a plateau, on the west of which, for distance interminable, lay apparently a low flat country of grass, yellowed by the sun, with a few trees or shrubs only thinly scattered over the surface while, from fifteen to twenty miles in the rear, bearing south by west, stood conspicuously the hill of Kisuga, said to be situated in Chopi, not far from the refractory brothers.

A little boy of his establishment had reported our arrival, and he in an instant came out to welcome us.

I said I was not surprised to hear Usui had attracted the Watuta s cupidity, for every one knew of the plundering propensities of the inhabitants, and as they became rich by their robberies, they must in turn expect to be robbed.

If I choose to blow up my property, that is my look out and if you don t do your duty, I will blow you up also.

In the afternoon we proceeded to court accordingly, but found it scantily attended and after the first sitting, which was speedily over, retired to another court, and saw the women.

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He said, in return, If friendship is your desire, what would you say if I showed you a road by which you might reach your home in one month Now everything had to be told to Bombay, then to Nasib, my Kiganda interpreter, and then to either Maula or N yamgundu, before it was delivered to the king, for it was considered indecorous to transmit any message to his majesty excepting through the medium of one of his officers.

The Mgussa s voice is also heard, but in what manner I do not know, as all communication on state matters is forbidden in Uganda.

Still it was a sight that attracted one to it for hours the roar of the waters, the thousands of passenger fish, leaping at the falls with all their might the Wasoga and Waganda fisherman coming out in boats and taking post on all the rocks with rod and hook, hippopotami and crocodiles lying sleepily on the water, the ferry at work above the falls, and cattle driven down to drink at the margin of the lake, made, in all, with the pretty nature of the country small hills, grassy topped, with trees in the folds, and gardens on the lower slopes as interesting a picture as one could wish to see.

Some of our men who had seen the Watuta in Utambara, declared these savages to resemble them in every particular, save one small specialty in their costume, alluded to in Cisco ASA Express Security 500-260 the description of the Zulu Kafir s dress.

He then said he had never taken a single tax from the Arabs, and would gladly relinquish his intention to do so.

It was useless to tell them that they were all paid according to their own agreements that all short service men had a right to expect more in proportion to their work than long service ones they called it all love and partiality, and in their envy would think themselves ill used.


They wear additional ornaments, charms, c.

Boats there were, which the sailors gave chase to but, as they had no liquor, they were allowed to go their way, and the sailors, instead, set to lifting baskets and taking fish from the snares which fisherman, who live in small huts amongst the rushes, had laid for themselves.

This account seemed to me reasonable for though so much broader in its bed than the Mwerango, it had no central, deep flowing current.

To this the sages said, Bana speaks beautifully, feelingly, and moderately.

This confinement of the palace family is considered a state necessity, as a preventive to civil wars, in the same way as the destruction of the Uganda princes, after a certain season, is thought necessary for the preservation of peace there.

He further informed me that the road was closed between this and Usui, for he had just been fighting there, and had killed the chief Gomba, burnt down all his villages, and dispersed all the men in the jungle, where they now resided, plundering every man who passed that way.

When this discourse was ended, ever perplexed about the Tanganyika being a still lake, I enquired of Mohinna and other old friends what they thought about the Marungu river did it run into or out of the lake and they all still adhered to its running into the lake which, after all, in my mind, is the most conclusive argument that it does run out of the lake, making it one of a chain of lakes leading to the N yanza, and through it by the Zambezi into the sea for all the Arabs on the former journey said the Rusizi river ran out of the Tanganyika, as also the Kitangule ran out of the N yanza, and the Nile ran into it, even though Snay said he thought the Jub river drained the N yanza.

On this, Bombay flew into a passion, abusing the men who were helping me, as there were fires and powder boxes under the tent.

Accordingly we made everything as smart as possible, hanging the room round with maps, horns, and skins of animals, and places a large box covered with a red blanket, as a throne for the king to set upon.

This 500-260 Answers information, to say the least of it, was very embarrassing a mixture of good and bad.

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The scoundrel 500-260 Certification Material Ruhe, who only laughed at Lumeresi s orders, had stopped his getting supplies of food for himself and his men told him it was lucky that he came direct to the palace, for full preparations had been made for stopping him had he attempted to avoid it would not listen to any reference being made to avoid 500-260 Braindump myself badgered and bullied over every article that he extracted and, finally, when he found compliance with his extortionate requests was not readily granted, he beat the wardrums to frighten the porters, and ordered the caravan out of his palace, to where he said they would find his men ready to fight it out with them.

Next, Mkavia presented five hairy Usoga goats, n yanzigging and performing the other appropriate ceremonies.

The king was evidently not pleased for no pombe came to day.

At once he saw the drift of my thought, and said he was not going towards the Nile, but on the contrary, he was going with Rionga s men in the opposite direction, to a place called Paira.

on its bark, but not distinct 500-260 Actual Questions enough to be ascertained, because the bark had healed up.

Bombay at this time very foolishly told Lumeresi, if he really wanted a deole, he must send to Grant for one.

In return for this magnanimity, and feeling a great security in firearms, Ugali then built the large enclosure, with huts for Sirboko, we were now living in.

Journal of the Discovery of The Source of the Nile Chapter 1 London to Zanzibar, 1859 The design The Preparations Departure The Cape The Zulu Kafirs Turtle Turning Capture of a Slaver Arrive at Zanzibar Local Politics and News Since Last Visit Organisation of the Expedition.

At noon, the plaguy little imps of pages hurried in to order the attendance of all my men fully armed before the king, as he wished to seize some refractory officer.

I immediately ordered him to be seized and bound to the flagstaff, whilst Maula, Uledi, Rozaro, and Bombay were summoned to witness the process of investigation.

Generally industrious 500-260 Questions And Answers Pdf much more so than most other negroes they cultivate extensively, make cloths of cotton in their own looms, smelt iron and work it up very expertly, build tembes to live in over a large portion of their country, but 500-260 Braindump otherwise live in grass huts, and keep flocks and herds of considerable extent.

Like the Waziwa, they had traded with Kidi, and they not only confirmed what the Waziwa had said, but added that, when trading in those distant parts, they heard of Wanguana coming in vessels to trade to the north of Unyoro but the natives there Cisco 500-260 were so savage, they only fought with these foreign traders.

Conclusion My journey down to Alexandria was not without adventure, and carried me through scenes which, in other circumstances, it might have been worth while to describe.

His huts are numerous, the gardens and courts all very neat and well kept.

Then the women and Wakungu separating from us, we that is, the king, the Kamraviona, pages, and myself sat down to a warm feast of sweet potatoes and plantains, ending with pombe and fruit, whilst moist circular napkins, made in the shape of magnificent wafers out of plantain fibre, acted at once both the part of P2090-044 Practice Questions water and towel.


I gave him some beads and off he walked.

He 920-453 Exam Test Questions accepted the letter, and put it into his mzungu the tin box I had given him.

She told me for the future to send my men to her palace for food, and rob no more in the meanwhile, here were some plantains for them.

Next day, after going a short distance, we came on the Mwarango river, a broad rush drain of three hundred yards span, twothirds of which was bridged over.

Next day 11th , crossing over a succession of forks, supporters to the main spur, we encamped at Luandalo.

Badgering then commenced I must add two wires, and six makete or necklaces of mzizima beads, the latter being due to the chief for negotiating the tax.

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When dismissed with some beads, Nnanaji dropped in and invited me to accompany him out shooting on the slopes of the hills overlooking the lake.

As Kasoro still remained silent with regard to Mtesa s message, I told him we shot two of N yamyonjo s men on our retreat up the Nile, and that Kamrasi turned us back because some miscreant Waganda had forged lies and told him we were terrible monsters, who ate hills and human flesh, and drank up all the water of the lake.

We had lost our former boats, and no others were near us therefore, feeling angry with Yaragonjo, I walked back to his palace, taking the presented goat with me, as I knew that would touch the savage in the most tender part then flaring up with the officer for treating the king s orders with contempt, as well as his guests, by sending us into the jungles like a pack of thieves, whose riddance from his presence was obviously his only intent, I gave him his goat again, and said I would have nothing more to say to him, for I should look to the king for redress.

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