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The rest of the business of the day consisted in applications for medicine and medical treatment, which it was difficult satisfactorily to meet.

I sent the three men who had returned from Grant to lay a complaint against the convoy, who had tricked him out of a pleasant voyage, and myself out of the long wished for survey of the lake.

But this was not the only battle Said Said had to fight on those grounds for some years previously he had to subdue the Waziwa, who live on very marshy land, into respect for his sovereignty, when the battle lasted years, in consequence of the bad nature of the ground, and the trick the Waziwa had of staking the ground with spikes.

We suspected, however, that there was some trick at the bottom of all so, refusing the liquor, we said, with proper emphasis, Unless we are forwarded to the boats at once, and get them on the following morning, we cannot think of receiving presents from any one.

Our survivors were not long in bringing the news into camp, when a party went out, and in the evening brought in the 650-281 Pdf man s corpse and everything belonging to him, for nothing had been taken.

At my request the king sent off boats to inquire after the one that left, or was supposed to have left, for Grant on the 3d of March, and he then ordered the return home, much to my delight for, beautiful as the N yanza was, the want of consideration for other people s comfort, the tiring, incessant boating, all day long and every day, in the sun, as well as the king s hurryscurry about everything he undertook to do, without the smallest forethought, preparation, or warning, made me dream of my children, and look forward with pleasure to rejoining them.

From the moment Budja drank it he was seized with sickness, and remained so until he reached the first station in Uganda, when he died.


He sometimes ate with a copper knife and picker, not forked but more usually like a dog, with both hands.

The Kamraviona came to inform us that the king was ready for the great interview, where we could both speak what we had at heart, for as yet he had only heard what our servants had to say and there was a supplement to the message, of the usual kind, that he would like a present of a pencil.

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Instead of the constantlyrecurring outcrops of granite, as in Unyamuezi, with valleys between, there were only two lines of little hills visible, one right and one left of us, a good way off whilst the ground over which we were travelling, instead of being confined like a valley, rose in long high swells of sandstone formation, covered with small forest trees, among which flowers like primroses, only very much larger, and mostly of a pink colour, were frequently met with.


Having despatched him, I repaired again to the palace.

On the way home, one of the king s favourite women overtook us, walking, with her hands clasped at the back of her head, to execution, crying, N uawo in the most pitiful manner.

Another caravan then arrived 31st from Data-Center 650-281 Karague, in which I found an old friend, of half Arab breed, called Saim, who whilst I was residing with Sheikh Snay at Kaze on my former expedition, taught me the way to make plantain wine.

He thought his luck very bad, after escaping so often, to be taken thus for his vessel s power of sailing were so good, that, had she had the wind in her favour, the Brisk, even with the assistance of steam, could not have come up with her.

On the 4th, Lumeresi was again greatly perplexed by his sovereign Rohinda calling on him for some cloths he must have thirty at least, else he would not give up Lumeresi s son.

We told 650-281 Exam Practice Pdf him the road to Gani was the only condition on which we would part with any more medicine we had asked leave to go a hundred times, and that was all we now desired.

Oh, how we enjoyed it every one feeling so happy at the prospect of meeting so soon the good king Rumanika.

On arriving in camp we pitched under some trees, and at once were greeted by an officer sent by Rumanika to help us out of Usui.


I told them so, and defied them to interfere with my orders, for I was not a woman, to be treated with contempt and this got up a quarrel.

Watercourses were as frequent as ever, though not quite so troublesome to the traveller, as they were more frequently bridged with poles or palm tree trunks.

Deflecting from the serpentine course of the Kingani a little, we crossed a small bitter rivulet, and entered on the elevated cultivation of Kiranga Ranga, under Phanze Mkungu pare, a very mild man, who, wishing to give no offence, begged for a trifling present.


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Unfortunately, the chief district officer, Mlondo, was from home, but we took possession of his huts clean, extensive, and tidily kept facing the river, and felt as if a residence here would do one good.

we were called by Kamrasi to visit him at the Kafu palace again, and requested to bring a lot of medicines tied up in various coloured cloths, so that he might know 650-281 Exam Test Questions what to select for different ailments.

Next morning I was too weak to speak moderately, and roared more like a madman than a rational being, as, breaking his faith, he persisted in bullying me.

To intimidate a caravan and extort a hongo or tax, I have seen them drawn out in line as if prepared for battle but a few soft words were found sufficient to make them all withdraw and settle the matter at issue by arbitration in some appointed place.


Magic charms, of course, we had none but the king would not believe it, and, to wheedle some out of us, said they would not kill their brother even if they caught him for fratricide was considered an unnatural crime in their country but they would merely gouge out his eyes and set him at large again for without the power of sight he could do them no harm.

If they failed, their estates would be confiscated, and their lives taken unless they could escape.


His fear of the Waganda gave rise to it, and he trusted we would forget and forgive.

Here I had to stop a day for some of N yamgundu 650-281 Exam Cram s women, who, in my hurry at leaving Maula s, were left behind.

These poor creatures, in a desponding mood, defended themselves by saying, which was quite true, that they had left their homes in Sorombo to visit her, and to trade.

The ground we were on belonged to king Mtesa, being a dependency of Uganda, and it struck me as singular that Wanyoro should be found here but I no sooner discovered the truth than I made our boatmen disgorge everything they had taken, called back the Wanyoro to take care of their things, and extracted a promise from Kasoro that he would not practise such wicked tricks again, otherwise we could not travel together.

In a little while we struck on the Nile, where it was running like a fine Highland stream between the gneiss and mica schist hills of Kuku, and followed it down to near where the Asua river joined it.

The queen looked at me, then at the blanket and her son in turn whilst my men hung down their heads, fearful lest they should be accused of Data-Center 650-281 Dumps Pass4sure looking at the ladies of the court and the Wakungu n yanzigged again, as if they could not contain the gratification they felt at the favour shown them.

The Wasuahili, or coast people, by his description, are the bastards or 650-281 Exam Demo mixed breeds who live on the east coast of Africa, extending from the Somali country to Zanzibar.

In this territory there are small villages only at every fifth mile, for there is no road, and the lands run high again, whilst, from want of a guide, we often lost the track.

Our procession was in this fashion The Kirangozi, with a load on his shoulder, led the way, flag in hand, followed by the pagazis carrying spears of bows and arrows in their hands, and bearing their share of the baggage in the shape either of bolster shaped loads of cloth and beads covered with matting, each tied into the fork of a three pronged stick, or else coils of brass or copper wire tied in even weights to each end of sticks which they laid on the shoulder then helter skelter came the Wanguana, carrying carbines in their hands, and boxes, bundles, tents, cooking pots all the miscellaneous property on their heads next the Hottentots, dragging the refractory mules laden with ammunition boxes, but very lightly, to save the animals for the future and, finally, Sheikh Said and the Beluch escort while the goats, sick women, and stragglers, brought up the rear.

This, the next place we arrived at, was N yamgundu s own residence, where I stopped a day to try and shoot buffaloes.

He often said he did not know what to think about his guests, now he had got them to which Bombay, in rather successful imitation of what he had heard me say on like occasions, replied, If you do not like them after you have seen them, cut their heads off, for they are all in your hands.

He would not take any of my men with him to fetch the kit from Karague, as Mtesa, he said, had given him orders to find all the means of transport so I gave him a letter to Grant, and told him to look sharp, else Grant would have passed the Kitangule before he arrived there.

This important arrangement being conceded by the king more promptly than we expected, a cow, plantains, and pombe were requested but the cow only was given, though our men were said to be feeding on grass.

I had not been able to send presents or bribes to any one, nor had any one, except the cockaded pages, by the king s order, visited me neither was anybody permitted to sell me provisions, so that my men had to feed themselves by taking anything they chose from certain gardens pointed out by the king s officers, or by seizing pombe or plantains which they might find Waganda carrying towards the palace.

I sent a message to the king about the theft, requiring him, if an honest man, to set his detectives to work, and ferret it out his boys, at the same time, to show our suspicions, were peremptorily forbidden ever to enter the hut again.

I then told her I had desired my officers several times to ask the king how marriages were conducted in this country, as they appeared so different from ours, but they always said they dared not put such a question to him, and now I hoped she would explain it to me.

From this I went on to Sirboko s, and spent the next day with him talking over my plans.

I ordered the march to Unyoro Budja, however, kept brooding over the message sent to the Waganda, to the effect that they might come or not as they liked, and considering us with himself to have all been treated like dogs, begged me to give him my opinion as to what course he had better pursue for he must, in the first instance, report the whole circumstances to the king, and could not march at once.

All alike live in grass hut villages, fenced round by bomas in the south, but open in the north.

The men who were with Kari were now sent to the palace, under accusation of having led him into ambush, and a complaint was made against 650-281 the villagers, which we waited the reply to.

M yinzuggi, the head of Rumanika s party, gave me to day a tippet monkey 650-281 Exam Engines skin in return for the cow I had given him on the 14th.

Again he asked me if I had seen him evidently desirous of indulging in his regal pride so I made the most of the opportunity thus afforded me of opening a conversation by telling him of those grand reports I had formerly heard about him, which induced me to come all his way to see him, and the trouble it had cost me to reach the object of my desire at the same time taking a gold ring from off my finger, and presenting it to him, I said, This is a small token of friendship if you will inspect it, it is made after the fashion of a dog collar, and, being the king of metals, gold, is in every respect appropriate to your illustrious race.

They gave orders without knowing how they are to be carried out, and treat all practical arrangements as trifling details not worth attending to.


I thought it not wonderful that we should be fleeced.

The overland route, by which Kidgwiga and the cattle went, was not so interesting, by all accounts, as the river one for they walked the whole way through marshy ground, and crossed one drain in boats, where some savages struggled to plunder our men of their goats.

On arrival at the end we heard that elephants had been seen close by.

Grant knew not what to do.

To complete the picture of the court, one must imagine a crowd of pages to run royal messages they dare not walk for such deficiency in zeal to their master might cost their life.

Murchison, I called at his house to show him my map for the information of the Royal Geographical Society.

They laughed at the stories I told them of the terror that had seized Baraka and all the Wanguana, and told me, as old Musa 70-480 Practice Exam had often done before, that those men, especially Baraka, had from their first leaving Kaze made up their minds they would not enter Usui, or go anywhere very far north.

Maizan s host as long as he lived upon the coast.

Still I found that the king would not send his Wakungu for the Unyoro expedition, so I called on him about it.

He was speedily undeceived by the announcement that nothing was the matter, excepting the inability to procure boats, because the officers at Urondogani denied all authority but the Sakibobo s, and no one would show Bana anything, 650-281 Study Guide Book however trifling, without an express order for it.

the Prince Consort, which made me reflect on the inspiring words he made use of, in compliment to myself, when I was introduced to him by Sir Roderick Murchison, a short while before leaving England.

Kamrasi, still acting on his passive policy, would not admit them here, but wished them to return with a message, to the effect that Mtesa had no right to hold me as his guest now I had once gone into another s hands.

No one even dare ever talk about the royal pedigree of the countries that have been conquered, or even of any neighbouring countries no one dare visit the king s guests, or be visited by them, without leave, else the king, fearing sharers in his plunder, would say, What are you plucking our goose for Neither can any one cast his eye for a moment on the women of the palace, whether out walking or at home, lest he should be accused of amorous intentions.

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All my men were surprised as well as myself and the villagers who were escorting me in the hope of getting flesh, were so annoyed at their disappointment, they offered to cut my fore finger with a spear and spit on it for good luck.

Going home from the shooting, I found all the villagers bolting again with their cattle and stores, and, on Cisco 650-281 Dumps Pass4sure looking towards Faloro, saw a party of Turks coming.

We wished for an interview, but he would not see us, as he was engaged looking into his magic horn, with an endeavour to see what sort of men we were, as none of our sort had ever come that way before.

Some slaves came in that night having made their way through the woods from Ugogo, avoiding the track to save themselves from detection and gave information that Snay, Jafu, and five other Arabs, had been killed, as well as a great number of slaves.

Here every one was in a great state of excitement Grant had been making the men fire volleys.

We wished ourselves at the end of the journey thought anything better than this kind of existence living entirely at the expense of others even the fleecings in Usui felt less dispiriting but it could not be helped, for it must always exist as long as these Turks are allowed to ride rough shod over the people.

Famines were raging throughout the land, and the Arabs preceding him had so harried the country, that every village was deserted.

Kidgwiga with our cattle arrived in the morning.

This raised a mutiny.

The Wanyoro, who are as squalid looking as the CP0-150 Test Engine Wanyamuezi, and almost as badly dressed, now came about us to hawk ivory ornaments, brass and copper twisted wristlets, tobacco, and salt, which they exchanged for cowries, with which they purchase cows from the Waganda.

At length a guide was obtained, and with him came some of those men of the Pig s who returned before for they had a great desire to go with me, but had been deterred, they said, by Baraka and the rest of my men.

Seven goats, flour, and plantains, were now brought to us and as Kidgwiga begged for the flour without success, he flew into a fit of high indignation because these things were given and received without his having first been consulted.

There must have been some special reason why, in a court where trifling breaches of etiquette were punished with a cruel death, so grave a crime should have been so leniently dealt with but I could not get at the bottom of the affair.


The sportsmen of this country, like the Wanyamuezi, plant a convolvulus of extraordinary size by the side of their huts, and pile the jawbones and 650-281 Dumps Pass4sure horns of their spoils before, as a means of bringing good luck.

To day Mahamed came in, and commenced to arrange for the march onwards.

Every day seemed to be worse and worse.


29th and 30th.

When the next day came, he would not come near me, as he said I must possess a deole, otherwise I would not venture M6040-420 Guide on to Karague for nobody ever yet saw Rumanika without one.

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For this reason he had himself determined on adopting the passage by Kidi.

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They had heard of my picture books from the king, and all wished to see them which they no sooner did, to their infinite delight, especially when they recognised any of the animals, then the subject was turned by my inquiring what they did with so many milk pots.

On the road we passed cairns, to which every passer by contributed a stone.

The queen s presents were taken back by Maula and Nasib, whilst I went to see the Kamraviona.

All slaves learn the coast language, called at Zanzibar Kisuahili and therefore the traveller, if judicious in his selections, could find there interpreters to carry him throughout the eastern half of South Africa.

Bombay then, finding the king very communicative, went at him for his inhospitality towards us, his turning us back from his country twice, and now, after inviting us, treating us as Suwarora did.

His residence was as well kept as Mtesa s uncle s but instead of a baraza fronting his house, he had a small enclosure, with three small huts in it, kept apart for devotional purposes, or to propitiate the evil spirits in short, according to the notions of the place, a church.

Mr Moorlan remembers the time when they brought food for sale but now, instead, they turn their backs upon all foreigners, and even abuse the missionaries for having been the precursors of such dire calamities.

One of king Mtesa s uncles, who had not been burnt to death by the order of the late king Sunna on his ascension to the throne, was the proprietor of this place, but unfortunately he was from home.

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During the night, when sleeping profoundly, some person stealthily entered my hut and ran off with a box of bullets towards the palace, but on the way dropped his burden.

Partridges come next, but do not afford good sport and quails are rare.

The gum copal diggings here cease.

The amalgamation having 650-281 Exam Vce failed, I wrote some emanicipation tickets, called the Sultan s men all up together, 650-281 Dumps Pass4sure selected the best, gave them these tickets, announced that their pay and all rewards would be placed for the future on the same conditions as those of the Wanguana, and as soon as I saw any signs of improvement in the rest, they would all be treated in the same manner but should they desert, they would find my arm long enough to arrest them on the coast and put them into prison.

The king, as might be imagined, did not believe the boy s story, and sent other pages to ascertain the truth of the case, bidding them listen well, and beware of what they were about.

Bombay at last arrived with Mabruki in high glee, dressed in cotton jumpers and drawers, presents given them by Petherick s outpost.

Here we were again brought to a standstill.

He wished to give us a 650-281 Questions cow, but put it off for another day, and was surprised we dared venture into his premises without permission from the king.

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Maula then 650-281 Vce Files said he would go to a friend s and come back again.

We returned, pushing along, up one way, then another, without a word, in thorough confusion, for the king delights in boyish tricks, which he has learned to play successfully.

Lastly, he performed the tambura, or charging march, in imitation of Wakugnu, repeating the same words they use, and ending by a demand for simbi, or cowrie shells, modestly saying, I am a beggar, and want simbi if you have not 500 to spare, you must at any rate give me 400.

The extent of the country, roughly speaking, stretches from the coast to the junction or bifurcation of the Kingani and its upper branch the Mgeta river, westwards and from the Kingani, north, to the Lufigi river, south though in the southern portions several subtribes have encroached upon the lands.

Dr K yengo s men then informed us they had been twice sent with an army of Wanyoro to attack the king s brothers, on a riverisland north of this about three days journey, but each time it ended in nothing.

As the presents given yesterday occupied the king s mind too much for other business, I now sent to offer him one third of the guns left in Uganda, provided he would send some messengers with one of my men to ask Mtesa for them, and also the same proportion of the sixty loads of property left in charge of Rumanika at Karague, if he would send the requisite number of porters for its removal.

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All this was constant and, in addition, 650-281 Dumps Pass4sure I repeatedly felt severe pains rather paroxysms of fearful twinges in the spleen, liver, and lungs whilst during my sleep I had all sorts of absurd dreams for instance I planned a march across Africa with Sir Roderick Murchison and I fancied some curious creatures, half men and half monkeys, came into my camp to inform me that Petherick was waiting in boats at the south west corner of the N yanza, etc.

To this concession was accompanied a request for a few more gun caps, and liberty was given us to seize any pombe which might be found coming on the river in boats, for the supplies to the palace all come in this manner.

He did not intend to deceive us, but committed an error in not informing us he had no boats of his own and, to show his earnestness, accompanied us to the camp.

The Kamraviona was sent to inquire after our health, to ask for medicine for himself, and to inquire more into the origin of his race.

When the hitherto noisy villagers turned into bed, the silvery moon shed her light on the desolate scene, and the Mgogo guide, taking fright, bolted.

As K yengo was ordered to attend court with Rumanika s hongo, consisting of a few wires, small beads, and a cloth I gave him, as well as a 650-281 trifle from Nnanji, I sent Bombay, in place Cisco 650-281 Dumps Pass4sure of going myself, to remind the king of his promises for the Wakungu to Gani, as well as for boats to Karague, but a grunt was the only reply which my messenger said he obtained.

They advanced to my tent with much seeming grace then knelt at my feet, and began clapping their hands together, saying, at the same time, My great chief, my great chief, I hope you are well for Suwarora, having heard of your detention here, has sent us over to assure you that all those reports that have been circulated regarding his ill treatment of caravans are without foundation he is sorry for what has happened to deter your march, and hopes you will at once come to visit him.

The Wasuahili, taking advantage of their timidity, flock here in numbers to live upon the fruits of their labours.

Adding a little advice of his own, Sheikh Said 4H0-100 Test Engine pressed me to go on with the journey as fast as possible, because all the Arabs had accused me of conspiring with Manua Sera, and would turn against me unless I soon got away.

For a while we sat here watching the water, which was greatly discoloured, and floating down rushes.

Still I rejected the offered cow, until the 2nd, when, finding him as dogged as ever, at the advice of my men I accepted it, hoping thus to please him but it was no use, for he now said he must have two deoles, or he would never allow me to leave his palace.

Such are the persecutions of this negro land the host every day must beg something in the most shameless manner from his guest, on the mere chance of gaining something gratis, though I generally gave the king some trifle when he least expected it, and made an excuse that he must wait for the arrival of fresh stores from Gani when he asked.

Once over, I looked down on the noble stream with considerable pride.

He told me how, shortly after the late king of Uganda, Sunna, died, and before Mtesa had been selected by the officers of the country to be their king, an Arab caravan came across the Masai as far as Usoga, and begged for permission to enter Uganda but as the country was disturbed by the elections, the officers of the state advised the Arabs to wait, or come again when the king was elected.

At once the sentence is given, perhaps awarding the most torturous, lingering death probably without trial or investigation, and, for all the king knows, at the instigation of some one influenced by wicked spite.

He never called at a big man s house and left it mwiko empty handed before if there was nothing else to dispose of, could Bana not have given him a bag of beads To save us from this kind of incessant annoyance, I now thought it would be our best policy to mount the high horse and bully him.

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Chapter X Karague and Uganda Escape from Protectors Cross the Kitangule, the First Affluent of the Nile Enter Uddu Uganda A Rich Country Driving away the Devil A Conflict in the Camp A Pretending Prince Three Pages with a Diplomatic 650-281 Labs Message from the King of Uganda Crime 650-281 Exam Demo in Uganda.

Kidgwiga informed us that Kamrasi never retaliated on Mtesa when MSC-241 Certificate he lifted Unyoro cows, though the Waganda keep their cattle on the border which simply meant that he had not the power of doing so.

I fired my gun, and admitted at once, but none of the others could follow me save Miengo.

On a rock by the river stood a number of armed men, jumping, jabbering, and thrusting with their spears, just as the Waganda do.

There was no sincerity in such haggling I would not submit to being told lies by kings or anybody else.

This provoked fresh squabbles.

Then a sedate old dame rose from the squatting mass, ordered the virgins to right about, and marched them off, showing their still more naked reverses.

I offered the medicine chest as a seat, but she dared not take it in fact, by the constitution of Uganda, no one, however high in rank, not even his mother, can sit before the king.

Mabuki and Bilal returned with Budja and his ten children from Unyoro, attended by a deputation of four men sent by Kamrasi, who were headed by Kidgwiga.

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