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Sir George had been an old explorer himself was once wounded by savages in Australia, much in the same manner as I had been in the Somali country and, with a spirit of sympathy, he called me his son, and said he hoped I would succeed.

4th to 6th.

But again, in a little while, about 10 a.

Now Wiru in the northern dialect changes to Waddu in the southern hence Uddu, the land of the slaves, which remained in one connected line from the Nile to the Kitangule Kagera until eight generations back, when, according to tradition, a sportsman from Unyoro, by name Uganda, came with a pack of dogs, a woman, a spear, and a shield, hunting on the left bank of Katonga valley, not far from the lake.

The king s Kisuahali now came into play, and he was prompt in carrying out the directions he got from myself to approach the hippopotami.

His remains were then taken to Moga Namirinzi, in the 70-480 Actual Test same manner as were those of Dagara but, as an improvement on the maggot story, a young lion emerged from the heart of the corpse and kept guard over the hill, from whom other lions came into existence, until the whole place has become infested by them, and has since made Karague a power and dread to all other nations for these lions became subject to the will of Dagara, who, when attacked by the countries to the northward, instead of assembling an army of men, assembled his lion force, and so swept all before him.

The hair of the men was dressed in the same fantastic fashion, and the women placed half gourds over the baby as it rode on its mother s back.

I then made friends with him, and found he was a great doctor as well as an officer.

To this position in the bush I strongly objected, on the plea that guns could be best used against arrows in the open but none would go out 70-480 Vce in the field, maintaining that the Wagogo would fear to attack us so far from their villages, as we now were, lest we might cut them off in their retreat.

There is one peculiarity, however, to which I would direct the attention of the reader most particularly, which is, that Wa prefixed to the essential word of a 70-480 Pdf Exam country, means men or people M prefixed, means man or individual U, in the same way, means place or locality and Ki prefixed indicates the language.

I set forth with the guide and two of the sheikh s boys, each carrying a single rifle, and ensconced myself in the nullah, to hide until our expected visitors should arrive, and there remained until midnight.

I stayed at home all this day, because the king and queen had set it apart for looking at and arranging 70-480 Exam Materials their horns mapembe, or fetishes, as the learned call such things to see that there are no imperfections in the Uganga.

As the presents given yesterday occupied the king s mind too much for other business, I now sent to offer him one third of the guns left in Uganda, provided he would send some messengers with one of my men to ask Mtesa for them, and also the same proportion of the sixty loads of property left in charge of Rumanika at Karague, if he would send the requisite number of porters for its removal.

Having gone to work again, I found that Sheikh Said had brought ten men, four of whom were purchased for one hundred dollars, which I had to pay Bombay, Baraka, Frij, and Rahan had brought twenty six more, all freed men while the Sultan Majid, at the suggestion of Colonel Rigby, gave me thirty four men more, who were all raw labourers taken from his gardens.

But the road, I cried, has that been gained I am not going to show my back.

Within their reach everywhere is the sarsaparilla vine, but growing as a weed, for they know nothing of its value.

When sitting in court holding a levee, the king invariably MCSD 70-480 Actual Test has in attendance several women, Wabandwa, evil eye averters or sorcerers.

The drums then no sooner beat the satisfaction, than the Wasui mace bearers, in the most feeling and good mannered possible manner, dropped down on their knees before me, and congratulated me on the cessation of this tormenting business.

I did not wish to do so either, though his palace lay in the direct route.

Women were declined on such grounds as would seem rational to him.

The place looked like a park, and I began stalking in it, first at the eland, as I wanted to see if they corresponded with those I shot in Usagara but the gawky giraffes, always in the way, gave the alarm, and drove all but two of the buffaloes away.

I was ashamed to show my face.

It appeared that the officer himself had bolted from his landed possessions, and as they belonged to the church, or were in some way or other sacred from civil execution, they could not be touched, so that Uledi lost an estate which the king had promised him.

Ashamed of its being supposed that his king would not give me any food because I had no more presents to give him, the Kamraviona, from his own stores, gave Microsoft 70-480 me a goat and pombe, and said he would speak to the king on the subject.

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This was glorious fun for the villagers, who cut him up on the spot and brought him home.

To which Lumeresi replied, Ruhe, my child, could not dare to interfere with Grant after his officers arrived, and advised me to wait until the evening.

When it was found so much had been stolen, especially of the best articles, I was obliged to purchase many things from Musa, paying 400 per cent, which he said was their value here, over the market price of Zanzibar.

Words then changed to blows.

I called this lad to witness the agreement I had made with Budja, and told him, if Kasoro satisfied me, I would return by him, in addition to the heavy gun, a Massey s patent log.

Would to God, they said, I would mediate for them with Manua Sera they were sure I would 70-480 Exam be successful and then they would give me as many armed men as I liked.

The reply was, Kamrasi would not have us disfigured in this way for all the world men were appointed to convey our traps to the west end at once and Kidgwiga, Vittagura, and Kajunju rushed over to give us the news in all hast lest we should execute our threat, and they were glad to find us with our faces unchanged.

Through Rumanika s C_BOCR_08 Exam Collection men it transpired that he had stood security for our actions, else, with the many evil reports of our being cannibals and such like, which had preceded our coming here, we never should have gained admittance to the country.

It made me laugh, for that had been my nature all my life but, vexed at heart, and wishing to trick the young tyrant, I asked for boats to shoot hippopotami, in the hope of reaching the hills to picnic but boating had never been ordered, and he would not listen to it.


The scenery was most interesting, with every variety of hill, roll, plateau, and ravine, wild and prettily wooded but we saw nothing of the people.


These two slaves, both of whom knew all the chiefs and languages up to and including Uganda, promised me faithfully they would go with Bombay on to Usui, and bring back porters in sufficient number for Grant and myself to go on together.

When within a few miles of the palace we were ordered to stop and wait for Kachuchu s return but no sooner put up in a plaintain grove, where pombe was brewing, and our men were all taking a suck at it, than the worthy arrived to call us on the same instant, as the king was most anxious to see us.

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After arriving there, and going through the usual salutations, Kamrasi asked us from what stock of people we came, explaining his meaning by saying, As we, Rumanika, Mtesa, and the rest of us enumerating the kings , are Wawitu or princes , Uwitu or the country of princes being to the east.

The king explained by description and pantomime how the affair passed.

As fortune decreed it, just then Sirhid dropped in, and stopped him importunity for the time by saying that if we had possessed cloths his men must have known it, for they had been travelling with us.

If they failed, their estates would be confiscated, and their lives taken unless they could escape.

Plantaingardens were frequently met, and the people seemed very hospitably inclined, though they complained sadly of the pages rudely rushing into every hut, seizing everything they could lay their hands on, and even eating the food which they had just prepared for their own dinners, saying, in a mournful manner, If it were not out of respect for you we should fight those little rascals, for it is not the king s guest nor his men who do us injury, but the king s own servants, without leave or licence.

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25th to 2d.

Each was to receive one year s pay in advance, and the remainder when their work was completed.

Because all this country is called Uddu.

He had full faith in Musa, and hoped, if the Arabs had no hostile intentions towards him, he, Musa, would send him two of theirs further, Suwarora wished Musa would send him a cat.

With these letters in their hands, I made arrangements with our Consul, Mr Drummond Hay, to frank them through 70-480 Exam Guide Suez, Aden, and the Seychelles to Zanzibar.

Agreeably with this, the next day I went out with his sons, numerously attended but although we beat the covers all day, the rain was so frequent that the pigs would not bolt.

I added I should like the king to send me the robes of honour and spears he had once promised me, in order that I might, on reaching England, be able to show my countrymen a specimen of the manufactures of his country.

The whole affair gave us such an opinion of Kamrasi as induced us to think it would have served him right had we joined Mtesa and given him a thrashing.

Rumanika s men, too, would be 70-297 Exam Topics allowed to go, only that the road was unsafe, and he feared Rumanika would abuse him if any harm befell them.

It is all clad in the upper regions with the slender pole trees which characterise these hills, intermingled with bamboo but the bottoms are characterised by a fine growth of fig trees of great variety along with high grasses whilst near the villages were found good gardens of plantains, and numerous Palmyra trees.

I now proposed going on if the Apina, or chief of the village, would give me a guide but he feared to do so lest I should come to grief, and Mahamed would then be down upon him.

Kiganda, he also said, he knew as well as his own tongue and as I wanted an interpreter, he would gladly take service with me.

Arrived at our camping, we were immediately pounced upon by a deputation of officers, who said they had been sent by Semamba, the officer of this district.

Some few freed slaves take service in vessels, of which they are especially fond but most return to Africa to trade in slaves and ivory.

This was too provoking.

After two hours had elapsed, two more rhinoceros approached me in the same stealthy, fidgety way as the first one.

All now went to the camp but what was my astonishment on reaching the hut to find every servant gone, along with the pots, pans, meat, everything and all in consequence of the king s having taken the drums on board, which, being unusual, was regarded as one of his delusive tricks, and a sign of immediate departure.

He said, for the future he would disregard what the Arabs said, and trust to my doctrines, for without doubt he had never seen such a wise man as myself and the Arabs themselves confirmed this when they told him that all their beads and cloths came from the land of the Wazungu, or white men.


In reality, Chongi had invited Mahamed to fight against an enemy of his, in whose territories immense stores of ivory were said to be buried, and the people had an endless number of cattle for they lived by plunder, and had lifted most of old Chongi s and this was the service on which the expedition had set off.

I made him a present of the great principle that power commands respect, and it was to prevent any chance of fighting that we required so formidable an escort.

The dismayed criminals, struggling to be heard, in utter despair, were dragged away boisterously in the most barbarous manner, to the drowning music of the milele and drums.

I now advised boat racing, which was duly ordered, and afforded much amusement as the whole fifty boats formed in line, and paddle furiously to the beat of drum to the goal which I indicated.

In the evening a pot of pombe was brought, when the man in charge, half drunk, amused us with frantic charges, as if he were fighting with his spear and after settling the supposed enemy, he delighted in tramping him under foot, spearing him repeatedly through and through, then wiping the blade of the spear in the grass, and finally polishing it on this tufty head, when, with a grunt of satisfaction, he shouldered arms and walked away a hero.

This doubtful proviso induced me to apply to Captain Playfair, Assistant Political at Aden, to know what Government vessel would be available and should there be none, to get for me a passage by some American trader.

then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 70-480 Actual Test I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

His household men and women were immensely delighted with us, but more so, they said, for the honour of the visit.

Not a villager was to be seen for miles round not a plantain remained on the trees, nor 70-480 Test Prep was there even a sweet potato to be found in the ground.

All his accumulations would then go to the Zanzibar market, or else to slavers looking out off the coast.

The equatorial line is, in fact, the centre of atmospheric motion.

I was shown in Microsoft 70-480 at once, and found her majesty sitting on an Indian carpet, dressed in a red linen wrapper with a gold border, and a box, in shape of a lady s work box, prettily coloured in divers patters with minute beads, by her side.

Just then Maula arrived, and began to abuse N yamgundu.

The highroads were all thronged with Waganda warriors, painted in divers colours, with plantainleaf bands round their heads, scanty goat skin fastened to their loins, and spears and shield in their hands, singing the tambure or march, ending with a repetition of the word Mkavia, or Monarch.

My men who went back to Khoko for grain having returned with next to nothing though, of course, they had spent all the cloths I sent back another batch with pretty cloths, as it was confidently stated that grain was so scarce there, nothing but the best fabrics would but it.

This interesting but ugly old lady narrated the circumstances by which she had been enslaved, and then sent by Kamrasi as a curiosity to Rumanika, who had ever since kept her as a servant in his palace.

FN 28 We now received our first letters from home, and in one from Sir Roderick Murchison I found the Royal Geographical Society had awarded me their founder s medal for the discovery of the Victoria N yanza in 1858.

At their base are both salt and copper mines, as well as hot springs.

To surprise the queen, and try another dodge, I called on her with all my dining things and bedding, to make a day of it, and sleep the night.

Of course I knew well what all this meant and at the same time that I said I could not comply, I promised to send him a present of friendship by the hands of Baraka.

Surprised, at first Mtesa said, Can it be possible Bana has asked for this And when assured, in great glee he ordered the lad s release, amidst shouts of laughter from everybody but the agitated father, who n yanzigged, cried, and fell at my feet, making a host of powerful signs as a token of his gratitude for his heart was too full of emotion to give utterance to his feelings.

From this, the country being all hill and dale, with miry rushdrains in the bottoms, I walked, carrying my shoes and stockings in my hands, nearly all the way.

I was still laid up with the cold fit of the 10th, which turned into a low kind of fever.

As I had come so far, I thought we might go ashore and look at the town, which was found greatly improved since I last saw it, by the addition of several coralline houses and a dockyard.

Though I naturally felt much annoyed at Petherick for I had hurried away from Uganda, and separated from Grant at Kari, solely to keep faith with him I did not wish to break friendship, but dined and conversed with him, when it transpired that his Vakil, or agent, who went south from the N yambara station, came amongst the N yam N yam, and heard from them that a large river, four days journey more to the Microsoft 70-480 southward, was flowing from east to west, beyond which lived a tribe of women, who, when they wanted to marry, mingled with them in the stream and returned and then, again, beyond this tribe of women there lived another tribe of women and dogs.

During the target practice, which was always instituted on such occasions to give confidence to our men, the little pepper box 70-480 Actual Test Rahan, my head valet, challenged a comrade to a duel with carbines.

At noon Mtesa sent his pages to invite me to his palace.


The upshot was, that the man was thrashed for intermeddling, and came back only with his scars.

So the sly fellow has been angling for the chronometer all this time, and I can get nothing out of him until he has got it the 70-480 Test Exam road to the lake, the road to Gani, everything seemed risked on his getting my watch a chronometer worth 0, which would be spoilt in his hands in one day.

The mother of the king by this measure became queen dowager, or N yamasore.

In vain I tried to refuse them she had given more than enough for a keepsake before, and I was not hungry for property still I had to choose some, or I would give offence.

Zungomero, bisected by the Mgeta, lies on flat ground, in a very pretty amphitheatre of hills, S.

I wished to move in the morning 23d , and 70-480 Training Guide had all hands ready, but was told by Makinga he must be settled with first.

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It will be kept in view that the hanging about at this court, and all the perplexing and irritating negotiations here described, had always one end in view that of reaching the Nile where it pours out of the N yanza, as I was long certain that it did.

It was the traditional walk of his race, founded on the step of the lion but the outward sweep of the legs, intended to represent the stride of the noble beast, appeared to me only to realise a very ludicrous kind of waddle, which made me ask Bombay if anything serious was the matter with the royal person.

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He said he would take every care of the kit from the time it arrived, and would not touch his share of it till my deputy arrived.

Everybody ran to see them at once, though the march had been long and fatiguing, and even 70-480 Exam Cram my sketch block was called into play.

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Both Rumanika s men and those belonging to Dr K yengo asked Kamrasi s leave to return to their homes, but were refused, because the road was unsafe.

Next they charged in companies to and fro and, finally, the senior officers came charging at their king, making violent professions of faith and honesty, for which they were applauded.

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My attempt to go and demand redress from the Microsoft 70-480 Actual Test sultan was resisted, and, in utter despair, I seated myself among a mass of rascals jeering round me, and insolent after the success of the day.

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The horn applied for was sent by a special messenger to Kamrasi, who, in 70-480 Exam Dumps return, sent one of his horns from which date, the two kings, whenever one of them wishes to communicate with the other, sends, on the messenger s neck, the horn that had been given him, which both serves for credentials and security, as no one dare touch a Mbakka with one of these horns upon his neck.

Reasoning thus, the Hindu traders alone, in those days, I believed, had a firm basis to stand upon, from their intercourse with the Abyssinians through Microsoft 70-480 Actual Test whom they must have heard of the country of Amara, which they applied to the N yanza and with the Wanyamuezi or men of the Moon, from whom they heard of the Tanganyika and Karague mountains.

Mkisiwa, seizing at the opportunity of the prize held out to him by the Arabs as his supporters, then commenced a system of bribery.

Without loss of time I set to work, and, gathering all the travellers I could in the country, protracted, from their descriptions, all the distance topographical features set down in the map, as far north as 3 of north latitude, as far east as 36 and as far west as 26 of east longitude only afterwards slightly corrected, as I was better able to connect and clear up some trifling but doubtful points.

The interior of the continent had been greatly disturbed, owing to constant war between the natives and Arab ivory merchants.

Dreadfully concerned at the doleful story I immediately thought of giving relief with medicines, but neither pulse, tongue, nor anything else indicated the slightest disorder and to add to these troubles, Ilmas s woman had tried during my absence to hang herself, because she would not serve as servant but wished to be my wife and Bombay s wife, after taking a doze of quinine, was delivered of a still born child.

We were informed that doubtless he was looking into his Uganga, or magic horn, to discover what he had to expect from us and he seemed as yet to have found no ground for being afraid of us.


I then inquired if it was true the Wabembe were cannibals, and also circumcised.

Now load, Bana load, and let us see you do it, cried the excited king but before I was half loaded, he said, Come along, come along, and let us see the bird.

As in Uganda, all the villagers forsook their huts as soon as they heard the Wageni guests were coming and no one paid the least attention to the traveller, save the few head men attached to the escort, or some professional traders.

The whole country on 70-480 Actual Test Candy Swick & Company ahead, especially Ugogo, was oppressed by drought and famine.

I had to get up a storm at the grey beards, and said I could not stand going out of my road to see any one now, for I had already lost so much time by Makaka s trickery in Sorombo.

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It was not my policy to make our object appear too important to ourselves, so I had to appear tolerably indifferent, and took the opportunity to ask for my paint box, which he had borrowed for a day and had kept in his possession for months.

I then said my reason for not seeing her before was, that the four times I had sent messengers to make an appointment for the following 000-968 Certification Braindumps day, they had been repulsed from her doors.

At noon, pages hurried in to say that he had started for the N yanza, and wished me to follow him without delay.

We heard that Bombay had shot a cow before Kamrasi and would not be allowed to return until he had eaten it.

In the second court, we found thirty five drums ranged on the ground, with as many drummers standing behind them, and a knot of young princes and officers of high dignity waiting to escort us into the third enclosure, where, in his principal hut, we found Rumanika squatting on the ground, half concealed by the portal, but showing his smiling face to welcome us in.

Its appearance in the distance warned us that we were closing on the habitations of men, and we were told that Bombay had drunk pombe there.

He asked for the picturebooks, examined the birds with intense delight even trying to insert under their feathers his long royal fingernails, which are grown like a Chinaman s by these chiefs, to show they have a privilege to live on meat.

Many other similar stories were then told, when I, wishing to go, was asked if I could kill hippopotami.

the time for measuring the fall of rain for the last twenty four hours, we found the rain gauge and the bottle had been removed, so we sent Kidgwiga to inform the king we wished his magicians to come at once and institute a search for it.

A court of inquiry having been convened, with all the parties concerned in attendance, K yengo s mistake was discovered, and Bombay was lectured for his folly, as he had a thousand times before abjured his belief in such magical follies moreover, to punish him for the future, I took Baraka, whenever I could, with me to visit the king, which, little as it may appear to others, was of the greatest consequence to the hostile parties.

In plying the Kamraviona to try if we could get rid of the annoying restraints which made our residence here a sort of imprisonment, I discovered that the whole affair was not one of blunder or accident, but that we actually were prisoners thus be design.

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