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I then gave Nasib orders to take Bombay s post, and commence the march but the good old man made Bombay give in, and off we went, amidst crowds of Waganda, who had collected to witness with comedy, and were all digging at one another s heads, showing off in pantomime the strange ways of the white man.

Next morning, then, after giving the Tots over in charge of some men to escort them on to Kaze quietly, I set our myself with a dozen men, and the following evening I put up with Musa, who told me Baraka had just left without one man all his slaves having become afraid to go, since the news of the Arab alliance had reached Kaze.

Skirting the hills on the left, with a large low plain to the right we soon came on one of those numerous rush drains that appear to me to be the last waters left of the old bed of the N yanza.

The chief wazir at once come out to meet me on the way, and in an apparently affable manner, as an old friend, begged that I would live in the palace a bait which I did not take, as I knew my friend by experience a little too well.

So much for ethnological conjecture.

Unfortunately, the chief district officer, Mlondo, was from home, but we took possession of his huts clean, extensive, and tidily kept facing the river, and felt as if a residence here would do one good.


I sent the three men who had returned from Grant to lay a complaint against the convoy, who had tricked him out of a pleasant voyage, and myself out of the long wished for survey of the lake.

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Of course a severe contest followed I said, as I had given them so much before, they could not want it, and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Thinking then how I could best cure 70-483 Braindump Candy Swick & Company the disease that was keeping me down, as I found the blister of no use, I tried to stick a packing needle, used as a seton, into my side but finding it was not sharp enough, in such weak hands a mine, to go through my skin, I got 70-483 Braindump Baraka to try and he failing too, I then made him fire me, for the coughing was so incessant I could get no sleep at night.

Uzinza, which we now entered, is ruled by two Wahuma chieftains of foreign blood, descended from the Abyssinian stock, of whom we saw specimens scattered all over Unyamuezi, and who extended even down south as far as Fipa.

This was too powerful a temptation to be withstood, so, shouldering the rifle, and followed by half the village, if not more, women included, we went to the place, but, instead of finding a buck for the men had stretched a point to keep me at their village we found a herd of does, and shot one at the people s urgent request.

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A passenger told us that three white men had just arrived in vessels at Gondokoro and the Bari people, hearing of our advance, instead of trying to kill us with spears, had determined to poison all the water in their country.

We then adjourned to his private hut, which rather surprised me by the neatness JK0-011 Test Engine with which it was kept.

He asked to be shown the books of birds and animals, and no sooner saw some specimens of Wolf s handiwork, than, in utter surprise, he exclaimed, I know how these are done a bird was caught and stamped upon the paper, using action to his words, and showing what he meant, while all his followers n yanzigged for 70-483 Exam Dumps the favour of the exhibition.

Though beautiful, the scene was not exactly what I expected for the broad surface of the lake was shut out from view by a spur of hill, and the falls, about 12 feet deep, and 400 to 500 feet broad, were broken by rocks.

It is as the result of these expeditions that one half Usogo and the remaining half of Uddu have been annexed to Uganda.

Then, shifting round a bit, he thought of ordering his subjects to starve the visitors into submission, and said he must have a hongo equal to Ruhe s.

No one in Africa, as far as he knew, doubted the power of magic and spells and if a fox barked when he was leading an army to battle, he would retire at once, knowing that this prognosticated evil.

On going ashore, I might add, we were stranded on the sands, and, coming off again, nearly swamped by the increasing surf on the bar of the river but this was a trifle all we thought of was to return to Zanzibar, and hurry on our preparations there.

He hoped we would follow him, not by the land route he intended to take, but in canoes which he had ordered 70-483 Certification Exam at the ferry below.

If I acted rightly, I would take the bullock, and then give the cloth whilst Baraka said, We will shoot him if you give the order, only remember Grant is behind, and if you commence a row you will have to fight the whole way, for every chief in the country will oppose you.

On the breast of my coat I suspended the necklace the queen had given me, as well as his knife, and my medals.

These Wakungu, having only just then returned from plundering Unyoro, had never before seen their king in a chair, or anybody sitting, as I was, by his side and it being foreign to their notions, as well as, perhaps, unpleasant to their feelings, to find a stranger sitting higher than themselves, they complained against this outrage to custom, and induced the king to order my dethronement.

On the 14th thirty nine porters were brought in from Rungua by Musa s men, who said they had collected one hundred and twenty, and brought them to within ten miles of this, when some travellers frightened all but thirty nine away, by telling them, Are you such fools as to venture into Kaze now all the Arabs have been killed, or were being cut up and pursued by Manua Sera.

To day I received letters from Grant, dated 22d.


Fortunately he asked me to speak a sentence in English, that he might hear how it sounds and this gave me an opportunity of saying, if he had kept his promise by sending Budja to 70-483 Practice Exam me, I should have despatched letters to Petherick.

I added my excuses for Kamrasi, and laid a complaint against Mtesa s officers for having defrauded us out of ten cows, five goats, six butter, and sixty mbugu.

Wrote what does that mean and I was called upon to explain.

The equatorial line is, in fact, the centre of atmospheric motion.

They, however, took the law into their own hands, drove off the Waganda villagers by firing their muskets, and relieved the thieves.


Lastly, some beautifully made shields were presented, and, because extolled, n yanzigged over when the king rose abruptly and walked straight away, leaving my fools of men no better off for food, no reparation for their broken heads, than if I had never gone there.

Did you not go about like two brothers walking, talking, shooting, and even eating together It was the remark of all the Waganda, and the king will be so vexed when he finds you have thrown him over.

By the side of these observatories are huts, smaller than the ordinary ones used for residing in, where the king, after the exertion of looking out, takes his repose.

Proceeding on we put up at the small settlement of Usenda, the proprietor of which was a semi negro Arab merchant called Sangoro.

As nothing was done all day, I took the usual promenade in the Seraglio Park, and was accosted by a very pretty little woman, Kariana, wife of Dumba, who, very neatly 70-483 Braindump dressed, was returning from a visit.

On merchandise brought into the country by traders, he has a general right to make any exactions he thinks he has the power of enforcing, without any regard to justice or a regulated tariff.

After toiling five miles through the same terrible grasses, and crossing swamp after swamp, we were at last rewarded by a striking view.

On his neck was a very neat ornament a large ring, of beautifully worked small beads, forming elegant patterns by their various colours.

As things had now gone so far, I gave Lumeresi the deole I had stored away for Rumanika, telling him, at the same time as he took it, that he was robbing Rumanika, and not myself but I hoped, now I had given it, he would beat the drums.

They had gone out of the lake at its northern end, paddled into, and then up the Kagera to where we stood, showing, by actual navigation, the connection of these highland lakes with the rivers which drain the various spurs of the Mountains of the Moon.

This was the sacrifice of a child by cooking, as described in the introduction a ceremony which it fell to K yengo to carry out.

Presently the shade seeking boat was attacked, spears were thrown, fortunately into the river instead of into our men, 70-483 Simulation Questions and grappling hooks were used to link the boats together.

Impossibilities I said what is impossible Could I not go on as a servant with the first caravan, or buy up a whole caravan if I liked What is impossible For Godsake don t try any more to frighten my men, for you have nearly killed me already in doing so.

At last he rose and walked off in a huff but, repenting before he reached home, he sent us a pot of pombe, when, in return, I finished the farce by sending him a box of pills.

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The next morning, as we entered Pamoni harbour by an intricate approach to the rich little island hill Johanna, the slaver, as she followed us, stranded, and for a while caused considerable alarm to everybody but her late captain.

All fudge Three days were spent in simply waiting for return messages on both sides, and more might have been lost in the same 70-483 Certification Braindumps way, only we amused Vittagura and gave him confidence by showing our pictures, looking glass, scissors, knives, etc.

He said he disliked Uganda, where people s lives are taken like those of fowls and wished to live at the coast, the only place he ever heard of, where all the Wanguana come from great swells in Lugoi s estimation.

I gave them three pills for Budja, blistered two of the pages, and started the whole merrily off, Kasoro asking me to send Mtesa some pretty things from England such as he never saw.

After this I gave up, because I never could separate the ones I had wounded from the rest, and thought it cruel to go on damaging more.

On hearing our intention to march upon the direct line, he frankly said he thought we should never get through for my men could not travel as he had done, and therefore he advised our deflecting northwards from New Mbumi to join the track leading from Rumuma to Ugogi.

Manua Sera seemed highly delighted, and said he had a little business to transact in Ugogo at present, but he would overtake me in a few days.

At the earliest possible hour in the morning the king sent begging for things one hundred times refused, supposing, apparently, that I had some little reserve store which I wished to conceal from him.

She told me for the future to send my men to her palace for food, and rob no more in the meanwhile, here were some plantains for them.

The officers then drew near me, and begged I would sleep there another night but as they had nothing better to offer than the hut of last night, I declined and went my way, begging them to call and make friends with me.

They rattle along, through plantains and shrubs, under large trees, seven, eight, 70-483 Exam Test and nine feet in diameter, till the beautiful waters are reached a picture of the Rio scenery, barring that of the higher mountains in the background of that lovely place, which are here represented by the most beautiful little hills.

Since returning to England, Dr Murie, who was with me at Gondokoro, has also come home and he, judging from my account of the way in which we got ahead of the flooding of the Nile between the Karuma Falls and Gondokoro, is of opinion that the Little Luta Nzige must be a great backwater to the Nile, which the waters of the Nile must have been occupied in filling during my residence in Madi and then about the same time that I set out from Madi, the Little Luta Nzige having been surcharged with water, the surplus began its march northwards just about the time when we started in the same direction.

Suwarora at present stopped eighttenths of the ivory merchants who might be inclined to trade here from coming into the country, by the foolish system of MCSD 70-483 Braindump excessive taxation he had established.

The toys produced the desired effect for the king stopped and played with them, making Bombay and the pages don the masks by turns.

From want of guides, and misguided by the exclusive ill natured Wahuma who were here in great numbers tending their king s cattle, we lost our way continually, so that we did not reach the boat station until the morning of the 21st.


As it happened, however, he put up with the chief of this district, Ugali Mr Paste at a time when the Watuta attacked the place and drove all the inhabitants away.

Alternate concerts with the brothers, and conversation about hunting, in consequence of a bump caused by a fall with steeple chasing, which as discovered on my forehead, ended this day s entertainment.

He expected a chair to sit upon, and got a box, as at home he has a throne only a little inferior to Kamrasi s.

Baraka in the meanwhile got HP0-255 Online Exam wind of the matter through K yengo, who, misunderstanding the true facts of the case, 70-483 Practice Test Pdf said it was a charm to deprive Baraka of his life.

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But now you have had your say I will have mine if you will listen.

Then, too, what a beautiful prospect it has rich marshy plains studded with mounds, on each of which grow the umbrella cactus, or some other evergreen tree and beyond, again, another hill spur such as the one we have crossed over.

From the moment Budja drank it he was seized with sickness, and remained so until he reached the first station in Uganda, when he died.


Anxious lest they should take sudden fright, I gently raised myself, wishing to fire, but I was quite puzzled there was no mistake about what they were still, look from as high as I would, I could not see their bodies.

About a year ago, as he was making his Microsoft 70-483 Braindump way down to the coast with his ivory merchandise, on arrival at Khoko, and before his camp was fortified with a ringfence of thorns, some of his men went to drink at a well, where they no sooner arrived than the natives began to bean them with sticks, claiming the well as their property.

With a constant reiteration of these scenes the saluting at one 70-483 Test Questions time, the music at another interrupted only once by a number of girls dancing something like a good rough Highland fling whilst the little band played, the day s ceremonies ended.

Maula now came again, after receiving repeated and angry messages, and I forced him to make a move.

They come, almost crouching to their knees, with eyes averted from the women, and n yanzigged for the favour of being called, till they streamed with perspiration.

A row amongst the negroes means a general rising of arms, legs, and voices all are in a state of the greatest excitement and each individual thinks he is doing the best to mend matters, but is actually doing his best to create confusion.

Dr K yengo s men were now attacked by Kidgwiga for having taken a cow from me yesterday, and told they should not eat it, because both they and myself were the king s guests, and it ill became one to eat that which was given as a dinner for the other.

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This tempting news created a halt.

In the evening I strolled in the antelope parks, enjoying the scenery and sport excessively.

we were called by Kamrasi to visit him at the Kafu palace again, and requested to bring a lot of medicines tied up in various coloured cloths, so that he might know what to select for different ailments.

This, Irungu said, was an injustice he would not stand N yamgundu fairly earned his reward, but Maula must have been tricking to get more than himself.

I was struck with no small surprise at the way he received me, as well as with the extraordinary dimensions, yet pleasing beauty, of the immoderately fat fair one his wife.

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I now made up my mind to sit till 3 p.

Everybody in a hurry falls into his place the best way he can Wakungu leading, and women behind.

It was all nonsense, I knew, but both Bui and Nasib, taking fright, begged for their discharges.

The dress of the Wahuma is very simple, composed chiefly of cow hide tanned black a few magic ornaments and charms, brass or copper bracelets, and immense number of sambo for stockings, which looked very awkward on their long legs.

Mfumbi, the small chief of Sorombo, came over, in an Oily Gammon kind of manner, to say Makaka had sent him over to present his compliments to me, and express his sorrow on hearing that I had fallen sick here.

The rainy season being not far off, the villagers were busy in burning rubble and breaking their ground.


My men cried, Help, Bana they are killing us whilst I roared to my crew, Go in, go in, and the victory will be ours but not a soul would they were spell bound to the place we might have been cut up in detail, it was all the same to those cowardly Waganda, whose only action consisted in crying, N yawo n yawo mother, mother, help us Three shots from the hooked boat now finished the action.

This was glorious fun for the villagers, who cut him up on the spot and brought him home.

There were not guinea fowls to be found here, nor a fowl, in any of the huts, so I requested Rozaro to hurry off to Mtesa, and ask him to send me something to eat.

Lastly, I explained to him how England formerly was as unenlightened as Africa, and believing in the same sort of superstitions, and the inhabitants were all as naked as his skinwearing Wanyambo but now, since they had grown wiser, and saw through such impostures, they were the greatest men in the world.

Kasoro will return again with you, fully instructed in everything, and, moreover, both he and Budja will follow Bana to Gani.

Here I was also brought to a standstill, for N yamgundu said I must wait for leave to approach the palace.

Such, however, was the case.

Next day, after crossing more of those abominable rush drains, whilst in sight of the Victoria N yanza, we ascended the most beautiful hills, covered with verdure of all descriptions.

There we were, like three fools, for twenty minutes or so one of the buffaloes bleeding at the mouth Programming in C# 70-483 Braindump and with a broken hind leg, for the bullet had traversed his body, and the other turning round and round looking out for me, while I was anxiously watching him, and by degrees loading my gun.

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I now asked permission to speak with him on some important matters, when he sent his women away and listened.

I asked him, in Kisuahili, if he knew where Grant was On replying in the negative, I proposed sending a letter, which he approved of and Budja was again ordered to go with an army for Petherick.

As one coffee seed sown brings forth fruit in plenty, so my coming here may be considered.

He was then christened Farham Joy , and was enrolled in my service with the rest of my freed men.

It is here most of Mtesa s three or four hundred women are kept, the rest being quartered chiefly with his mother, known by the title of N yamasore, or queen dowager.

On the road we passed cairns, to which every passer by contributed a stone.

The bridge was broken, as a matter of course and the logs which composed it, lying concealed beneath the water, were toed successively by the leading men, that those who followed should not be tripped up by them.

It was 70-483 Braindump established by Musa Mzuri, by the permission of Rumanika for, as I shall have presently to mention, Sunna, after annexing this part of Uddu to Uganda, gave Rumanika certain bands of territory in it as a means of security against the possibility of its being wrested out of his hands again by the future kings of Unyoro.

I now proposed to send Baraka, who, ashamed to cry off, said he would go with Rumanika s officers if I allowed him a companion of his own choosing, who would take care of him if he got sick on the way, otherwise he should be afraid they would leave him to die, like a dog, in the jungles.

A Kisuahili grammar, written by Dr.

Finding, however, that I could not get a sufficient number for that purpose, I directed those who wished for employment to go off at once and take service with Grant.

Strange as it may appear, the only motive MCSD 70-483 for this petty theft was the hope of being able to sell the cartridges for a trifle at 70-483 Exam Test Questions Gani.

He, however, drew short up, to the intense delight of my men, on my promising that I would do so if he made one first.

It stretched across the hut, was higher than the men could reach indeed it was a perfect marvel and the man must be a good one who brought such a treasure as this to Uddu.

Chapter II Uzaramo The Nature of the Country The Order of March The Beginning of our Taxation Sultan Lion 70-483 Braindump Candy Swick & Company s Claw, and Sultan Monkey s Tail The Kingani Jealousies and Difficulties in the Camp The Murderer of M.

I never heard, and there appeared no curiosity to know, what individual human being the urchin had deprived of life.

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The people seemed of a decidedly sporting order, for they kept hippopotamus harpoons, attached to strong ropes with trimmers of pith wood, in their huts and, outside, 70-483 Book trophies of their toil in the shape of a pile of heads, consisting of those of buffalo and hippopotami.

Till this time the king had not heard one word about the defeat of the party sent for Petherick.

Here an Arab merchant, Khamis, 70-483 Exam Dumps Pdf bound for Zanzibar, obliged us by agreeing for a few dollars to convey our recent spoils in natural history to the coast.

This night one was shot, without any mistake about it 70-483 Practice Test for the next morning we tracked him by his blood, and afterwards heard he had died of his wound.

Although, however, this very interesting people, the Wahuma, delight in supposing themselves to be of European origin, they are forced to confess, on closer examination, that although they came in the first instance from the doubtful north, they came latterly from the east, as part of a powerful Wahuma tribe, beyond Kidi, who excel in arms, and are so fierce no Kidi people, terrible in war as these too are described to be, can stand against them.


N yamgundu, my old friend at Usui, then came to me, and said he was the first man to tell Mtesa of our arrival in Usui, and wish to visit him.

Kajunju, in the same wild manner, at the head of 150 warriors, with the soldier s badge a piece of mbugu or plantain leaf tied round their heads, and a leather sheath on their spear heads, tufted with cow s tail rushed in exultingly, having found, to their delight, that there was no one left to fight with, and that they had gained an easy victory.

In the evening we called again at the palace with pictures of the things the king required from Rumanika, and a letter informing Rumanika what we wished done with them, in order that there might be no mistake, requesting the king to forward them after Mula.

It happened to be loaded, but fortunately only with powder, to fire my announcement at the palace for he instantly placed caps on the nipples, and let off one barrel by accident, the contents of which stuck in the thatch.

The appeal, though listened to, and commented on, showing that it was well understood, got no direct reply.

The king listened, but without replying and said, at the conclusion, It is late, now let us move and walked away, preserving famously the lion s gait.

The dreams and sleeplessness I told her was a common widow s complaint, and could only be cured by her majesty making up her mind to marry a second time but before I could advise for the bodily complaints, it would be necessary for me to see her tongue, feel her pulse, and perhaps, also, her sides.

He did not care about vultures he could practise at them at any time but he wanted a nundo above all things.

He pleaded earnestly that I would flog him if he disobeyed my orders, but they would take all the responsibility the king had ordered it and then they, forging a lie, bade him run back as fast as he could, saying I wanted to see the king, but could not till his return.

Then, assembling the women again, he asked me to load Whitworth for him, when he shot the remaining cow, holding the rifle in both hands close to his thigh.

To enable me at my leisure to trace up the Nile to its exit from the lake, and then go on with the journey as quickly as possible, I wished the cattle to be collected and taken by Budja and some of my men with the heavy baggage overland to Kamrasi s.

Bravo, for the infallible horn and well done the king for his honesty in sending it So I gave the king the bottle and gauge, which delighted him amazingly and the old doctor who begged for pombe, got a goat for his trouble.

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