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of beads, whilst he had also paid to every officer from 20 to 40 wires, as well as cloths and beads.

In the meanwhile I prepared to call on him.

Kidgwiga paid another visit, and I went to the palace without my gun, wishing the king to fancy all my powder was done, as he had nearly consumed all my store but the consequence was that, after waiting the whole day, I never saw him at all.

Fascinated with this speech, she said she would give me another of a middle age between the two, expecting, as I thought, that she would thus induce me to visit her more frequently than I did her son but, though I thanked her, it frightened me from visiting her for ages after.

Wishing then to obtain a better view of the country, I strolled over the nearest hills, and found the less exposed slopes well covered with trees.

Presently the shade seeking boat was attacked, spears were thrown, fortunately into the river instead of into our men, and grappling hooks were used to link the boats together.

The chief, too, was on the point of bolting, when Sirboko prevented him by saying, If you will only have courage to stand by me, the Watuta shall not come near at any rate, if they do, let us both die together.

It was therefore agreed we should skirt round by the east of this district, and I even promised the Pig I would give him ten necklaces a day in addition to his wages, if he would avoid all the chiefs, and march steadily ten miles every day.

I now asked Rumanika if he would assist The Certified Administrator ADM-201 me in replenishing my fast ebbing store of beads, by selling tusks to the Arabs at Kufro, when for every 35lb.

On confronting him, he motioned me to sit, which I did upon my bundle of grass, and, finding it warm, asked leave to open my umbrella.

It was now obvious that, even supposing I succeeded in taking Kidgwiga to Gondokoro, he would not have a sufficient escort to come back with, unless, indeed, it happened that Englishmen might be there who might wish to carry out my investigations by penetrating to the Little Luta Nzige, and to pay a visit to Kamrasi.

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According to the prognostics, they report that he will either have to live a life of peace, or after coronation take the field at the head of an army to fight either east, west, or both ways, when usually the first march is on Kittara, and the second on Usoga.

At these two I now went with my only rifle, leaving the servants and savages behind.


Some smaller animals were killed but I wasted all my time in fruitlessly stalking some wounded striped eland magnificent animals, as large as Delhi oxen and some other animals, of which I wounded three, about the size of hartebeest, and much their shape, only cream coloured, with a conspicuous black spot in the centre of each flank.

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How could he be countenanced as a friend when the men under him steal from us The big boat gave us the slip, floating away and leaving its paddles behind.

We then went into a discourse on astrology, when the intelligent Rumanika asked me if the same sun we saw one day appeared again, or whether fresh suns came every day, and whether or not the moon made different faces, to laugh at us mortals on earth.

I said I had left England to visit these countries for the purpose of opening up a trade, and I ADM-201 Training had no orders to fight my way except with the force of friendship.

This no sooner got noised over the camp than all my Wanyamuezi porters, who had friends in Ugogo, left to live with them, and would not come back again even when the storm had blown over, because they did not like the incessant rains that half deluged the camp.

The whole land was a picture of quiescent beauty, with a boundless sea in the background.

In the same letter he asked me to deliver up a Mhuma woman to a man who came with the bearers of his missive, as she had made love to Saim at Ukulima s, and had bolted with my men to escape from her husband.

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We crossed over a low spur of hill extending from the mountainous kingdom of Nkole, on our left, towards the N yanza.

They had been here more than a year, during which time this beautiful virgin had died and now Suwarora, fearful Administration Essentials for New Admins ADM-201 Practice Test Pdf of the great king s wrath, consequent on his procrastinations, was endeavouring to make amends for it, by sending, instead of his daughter, a suitable tribute in wires.

Lastly, there was one donkey beaten to death by the savages.

After this, one more was shot dead and two others wounded.

I found that the Waganda have the same absurd notion here as the Wanyambo have in Karague, of Kamrasi s supernatural power in being able to divide the waters of the Nile in the same manner as Moses did the Red Sea.

Bombay remarked that this daily feeding on beef would be the lot of the Wanguana if they had no religious scruples about the throat cutting of animals for food.

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Then, in excellent good taste, after saying that nobody had ever given her such treasures, she gave me, in return, a beautifullyworked pombe sucking pipe, which was acknowledged by every one to be the greatest honour she could pay me.

Words then changed to blows.

The southerners, speaking of these, would call them Wakidi, Wagani, and Wamadi, but among themselves the syllable was is not prefixed, as in the southern dialects, to signify people.

Kamrasi now said the Gani men would feast on beef to morrow, and the next day be ready to start with my men for Petherick s camp.

Just then Bombay returned flushed with the excitement of a great success.

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I took a first convalescent walk.


Arrived at the hut, the king took off his turban as I took off my hat, and seated himself on my stool whilst the Kamraviona, with much difficulty, was induced to sit upon a cowskin, and the women at first were ordered to squat outside.

When I arrived, hat in hand, he smiled, examined my firearms, and proceeded for sport, leading the way to a high tree, on which some adjutant birds were nesting, and numerous vultures resting.

I now gave one cow to the head of Dr K yengo s party, and one to the head of Rumanika s men, because I saw it was through their instrumentality we gained admittance in the country and we changed residence to the west end of Chaguzi, and found there comfortable huts close to the Kafu, which ran immediately between us and the palace.

A herd of cows, about eighty in number, were driven in from Unyoro, showing that the silly king was actually robbing Kamrasi at the same time that he was trying to treat with him.

Presuming this to be a very fair proposition, and thinking we would only have to walk across an elbow of land where the river bends considerably, we gave him a return present of beads, and did as we were bid but, after moving, it was obvious we had been sold.

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I had taken it for the navigation of the lake, and it was now of no further use to me, but, being an instrument of complicated structure, it would be a valuable addition to the king s museum of magic charms.

I found him already on the ground.

Calling at the palace, I found the king issuing for a walk, and joined him, when he suddenly turned round in the rudest manner, re entered his palace, and left me to go home without speaking a word.

The king, who was out shooting all day, begged for powder in the evening.

To day, after marching an hour, as there was now no need for hurrying, and a fine pongo buck, the Ngubbi of Uganda, offered a tempting shot, I proposed to shoot it for the men, and breakfast in a neighbouring village.

At this levee sundry Wakungu of rank complained that the Wanyambo plundered their houses at night, and rough handled their women, without any respect for their greatness, and, when caught, said they were Bana s men.

I became dead tired of living all alone, with nothing else to occupy my time save making these notes every day in my office letter book, as my store of stationery was left at Karague.

I was on a pilgrimage which would have kept me here seven days longer but as I am so impatient to see him, I will go off to my palace at once, and will send word for him to advance as soon as I arrive there.

It remains to speak of the separation of Uddu from Unyoro, the present kingdom of Uganda which, to say the least of it, is extremely interesting, inasmuch as the government there is as different from the other surrounding countries as those of Europe are compared to Asia.

After waiting two days, as no men came from Rungua, I begged Grant to push ahead on to Ukani, just opposite Rungua, with all my coast men, whilst I remained behind for the arrival of Musa s men and porters to carry on the rest of the kit for I had now twenty two in addition to men permanently enlisted, who took service on the same rate of pay as my original coast men though, as usual, when the order for marching was issued, a great number were found to be either sick or malingering.

Continuing over the same kind of ground in the next succeeding spurs of the streaky red clay sandstone hills, we put up at the residence of Isamgevi, a Mkungu or district officer of Rumanika s.

The Gani news was talked over, and we proposed sending Bombay with a letter at once.

Maula s home was one march distant from this, so the scoundrel now left me to enjoy himself there, giving as his pretext for doing so, that Mtesa required him, as soon as I arrived here, to send on a messenger that order might be taken for my proper ADM-201 Exam Engines protection on the line of march for the Waganda were a turbulent set of people, who could only be kept in order by the executioner and doubtless many, as was customary on such occasions, would be beheaded, as soon as Mtesa heard of ADM-201 Test Dump my coming, to put the rest in a fright.

Dreadfully concerned at the doleful story I immediately thought of giving relief with medicines, but neither pulse, tongue, nor anything else indicated the slightest disorder and to add to these troubles, Ilmas s woman had tried during my absence to hang herself, because she would not serve as servant but wished to be my wife and Bombay s wife, after taking a doze of quinine, was delivered of a still born child.

Mabruki then told me he was kept waiting at a village, one hour s walk from Kamrasi s palace, five days before they were allowed to approach his majesty but when they were seen, and the presents exchanged, they were ordered to pack off the following morning, as Kamrasi said the Waganda were a set of plundering blackguards.

What joy this was I can hardly tell.

What said the king, turning to his pages again, have you given these men no plantains, as I ordered Go and fetch them this moment, and pombe too, for Bana.

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Bombay then marched him back to the palace, with 500 simbi strung in necklaces round his neck.

There was nothing, in fact, that would not have grown here, if it liked moisture and a temperate heat.

Lumeresi, in the morning, then went on a visiting excursion into the district, but no sooner left than the chief of Isamiro, whose place lies close to the N yanza, came here to visit him 17th but after waiting a day to make friends with me, he departed 18th , as I heard afterwards, to tell his great Mhuma chief, ADM-201 Study Guide Pdf Rohinda, the ruler of Ukhanga, to which district this state of Bogue belongs, what sort of presents I had given to Lumeresi.

He thought the N yanza was the sources of the Ruvuma river as the river which drained the N yanza, after passing between Uganda and Usoga, went through Unyoro, and then all round the Tanganyika lake into the Indian Ocean, south of Zanzibar.

From the top of the bank bordering on the valley, a good view was obtainable of the Uraguru hills, and the top of a very distant cone to its northward but I could see no signs of any river joining the kingani on its left, though on the former expedition I heard that the Mukondokua river, which was met with in Usagara, joined the Kingani close to Sagesera, and actually formed its largest head branch.

The perk monkeys, however, turned ADM-201 up their noses at such menial service, and Uledi was instructed in their ADM-201 stead.

How we enjoyed ourselves after so much anxiety and want of one another s company, I need not describe.

The king listened, but without replying and said, at the conclusion, It is late, now let us move and walked away, preserving famously the lion s gait.

This is done by timing the rate of march with a watch, taking compass bearings along the road, or on any conspicuous marks as, for instance, hills off it and by noting the watershed in short, all topographical objects.

It then turned out that it was all Petherick s, but he had orders to give me on account anything that I wanted.

This neat message elicited with a declaration of the necessity of Budja s going to Gani with us, and a response from the commander in chief, probably to terrify the Waganda, that although Gani was only nine days journey distant from Kamrasi s palace, the Gani people were such barbarians, they would call a straight haired man a magician, and any person who tied his mbugu in a knot upon his shoulder, or had a full set of teeth as the Waganda have, would be surely killed by them.

Pray, don t give way, but do your best to encourage the men, and let us march in the morning.

then Dagara, and now Rumanika.

On the former expedition I went by the northern line and returned by the southern, finding both equally easy, and, indeed, neither is worthy of special and permanent preference.

I then told them, finally that their proposals were now beyond my power, for I had a duty to perform as well as themselves, and in a day or two I should be off.

The district chief is absolute, though guided in great measure by his Salesforce ADM-201 Practice Test Pdf grey beards, who constantly attend his residence, and talk over their affairs of state.

He had several times taken caravans to Karague, and knew all the languages well, but unfortunately he afterwards proved to be what his name implied.

He offered a cow to commence with, which I would not accept until the tax was paid, and then I made my offering of two wires, one kitambi, and one kisutu.

A few years ago, however, Eseau died, and left all his family and property to a slave named Uledi, who now, in consequence, is the border officer.

Days rolled on, and nothing was done in particular beyond increasing my stock of knowledge of distant places and people, enlarging my zoological collection, and taking long series of astronomical observations until the 13th, when the whole of Kaze was depressed by a sad scene of mourning and tears.

It is as the result of these expeditions that one half Usogo and the remaining half of Uddu have been annexed to Uganda.

The chief, too, said he would not sell us his donkeys, lest we should give them back to Mohinna, from whom they were taken during his fight here.

On the north it is bounded by the Mukondokua, or upper course of the Wami river and on the south by the Ruaha, or northern great branch of the Lufiji river.

I now 8th and 9th sent these men all off again, inviting Manua Sera to come over and settle matters at once, if he would, otherwise I should go on with my journey, for I could not afford to wait longer here.

They gave us more pombe, and introduced us to one of N yamasore s numerous sisters, who was equally ADM-201 Practice Test Pdf charmed with myself and my children.

14th to 17th.

Magic charms, of course, we had none but the king would not believe it, and, to wheedle some out of us, said they would not kill their brother even if they caught him for fratricide was considered an unnatural crime in their country but they would merely gouge out his eyes and set him at large again for without the power of sight he could do them no harm.

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Two pills and a draught for the morning were given as a preliminary measure, argument being of no avail and to our delight the king said it was time to go.

He, however, drew short up, to the intense delight of my men, on my promising that I would do so if he made one first.

I flattered myself all my walking this journey was EE0-513 Test Engine over, and there was nothing left but to float quietly down the Nile, for Kidgwiga had promised boats, on Kamrasi s account, from Unyoro to Gani, where Petherick s vessels were said to be stationed but this hope shared the fate of so many others in Africa.

I was imperative, however, and said, Maula must take back these things in the morning, or stand the consequences.

I then gave him a tortoise shell comb to comb his hair straight with, as he invariably remarked on the beautiful manner in which I dressed my hair, making my uncap to show it to his women, and afterwards asked my men to bring on the affair of last night.

Ah, well, then, if he is so particular, he must wait a bit, for we have none on hand.

In the morning, before I had time to write letters, the king invited me to join him at some new tank he was making between his palace and the residence of his brothers.

A great hubbub and confusion now seized all the place, for the Watuta were out, and had killed a woman of the place who had formerly been seized by them in war, but had since escaped and resided here.

Seizing officers receive orders to hunt down Wakungu who ADM-201 Exam Preparation have committed some indiscretions, and to confiscate their lands, wives, children, and property.

On packing up to leave Ghiya s, all the men of the village shut the bars of the entrance, wishing to extract some cloths from me, as I had not given enough, they said, to their chief.

He wished to send ADM-201 Vce Software them to Bana, and when Bombay demurred, saying he had no authority to take women in that way, the king gave him one, and asked him if he would like to Salesforce ADM-201 Practice Test Pdf see some sport, as he would have the remaining women cut to pieces before him.

He, like the rest of the porters in the caravan, wore a shirt of fig tree bark called mbugu.

I found the king sitting with a number of women.


My plans for the present were to reach Zungomero as soon as possible, as a few days halt would be required there to fix the longitude of the eastern flank of the East Coast Range by astronomical observation but on ordering the morning s march, the porters too well fed and lazy thought our marching rate much too severe, and resolutely refused to move.

I tried to explain through Nasib, but she called Nasib a liar, and listened to Maula who told the lies then asked for her medicine drank it, saying it was a small dose and walked off in ill humour as she had come.


For instance, in times of tribulation, the magician, if he ascertains a war is projected by inspecting the blood and bones of a fowl which he has flayed for that purpose, flays ADM-201 Practice Test Pdf a young child, and having laid it lengthwise on a path, directs all the warriors, on proceeding to battle, to step over his sacrifice and insure themselves victory.

FN 28 We now received our first letters from home, and in one from Sir Roderick Murchison I found the Royal Geographical Society had awarded me their founder s medal for the discovery of the Victoria N yanza in 1858.


He had been foraging by himself a long way from camp, in a neighbourhood where many of the king s women are kept and it being forbidden ground, he was taken up by the keepers, placed in the stocks, and fed, until today, when he extricated his legs by means of his sword, and ran away.

The eland may probably The Certified Administrator ADM-201 be the animal first mentioned by Livingstone, but the other animal is not known.

Until now I did not feel sure where the various rush drains I had been crossing since leaving the Katonga valley all went to, but here my mind was made up, for I found a large volume of water going to the northwards.

As we retired to the other visitors, the Kamraviona, in return for some courteous remarks of mine, said all the Waganda were immensely pleased with my having come to visit them and ADM-201 Test Engine as he heard my country is governed by a woman, what would I say if he made the Waganda dethrone her, and create me king instead Without specially replying, I showed him a map, marking off the comparative sizes of British and Waganda possessions, and shut him up.

Baraka at last said, All right I am not ADM-201 Testing afraid I will do as you desire.

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Rumanika, it appeared, as I always had heard, considered old Musa his saviour, for having eight years before quelled a rebellion, when his younger brother, Rogero, aspired to the throne whilst Musa s honour and honesty were quite unimpeachable.

He, however, escaped them but they destroyed his country, and then followed me down to Nguru.

They had been captured during wars in their own country, and sold to Arabs, who brought them to the coast, and kept them half starved until the slaver arrived, when they were shipped in dhows and brought off to the slaver, where, for nearly a week, whilst the bargains were in progress, they were kept entirely without food.

At length the greater famine lands had been spanned but we were not in lands of plenty for the Wagogo we found, like their neighbours Wasagara, eating the seed of the calabash, to save their small stores of grain.

I became now quite puzzled whilst thinking which was the finest spot I had seen in Uddu, so many were exceedingly beautiful but I think I gave the preference to this, both for its own immediate neighbourhood and the long range of view it afforded of Uganda proper, the lake, and the large island, or group of islands, called Sese where the king of Uganda keeps one of his fleets of boats.

It was shown to Baraka in the hope that we would come by the Karague route, but not to Mabruki, because he came from Uganda.

Now, hoping to produce gravity and then to slip away, I asked if my medicines had given her any relief, that I might give her more to strengthen her.

Of course, is the reply excellent I won t use a mbugu napkin any more, but have one of these placed on my cup when it is brought to drink, and wipe my mouth with it afterwards.



Here we no sooner arrived than a host of Wakungu, lately returned from the Unyoro war, came to pay their respects to the king they had returned six days or more, but etiquette had forbidden their approaching majesty sooner.

To keep the king up to the mark, and seal our passage, in the evening I took a Lancaster rifle, with ammunition, and the iron chair he formerly asked for, as a parting present, to the palace, but did not find him, as he had gone out shooting with his brothers.

The presence of people who brought such results was of course by no means desirable.


This was ADM-201 Practice Questions alarming, for I feared I should be served the same trick, especially as all the people said this kind of treatment was a mere matter of custom which those great kings demanded as a respect due to their dignity and Bombay added, HP2-B39 Actual Exam with laughter, they make all manner of fuss to entice one to come when in the distance, but when they have got you in their power they become haughty about it, and think only of how they can best impose on your mind the great consequence which they affect before their own people.

The first object of remark was Lugoi, as indeed it was everywhere for, as I walked along, crowds ran after the little phenomenon.

Our survivors were not long in bringing the news into camp, when a party went out, and in the Administration Essentials for New Admins ADM-201 evening brought in the man s corpse and everything belonging to him, for nothing had been taken.

At length giving in, I entered Ruhe s boma, the poles of which were decked with the skulls of his enemies stuck upon them.

The people seemed of a decidedly sporting order, for they ADM-201 Practice Test Pdf Candy Swick & Company kept hippopotamus harpoons, attached to strong ropes with trimmers of pith wood, in their huts and, outside, trophies of their toil in the shape of a pile of heads, consisting of those of buffalo and hippopotami.

I said, Oh, Baraka, how can you be such a fool Do you not ADM-201 Braindump see through this humbug Makaka only wishes to keep us here to frighten away the Watuta for Godsake be a man, and don t be alarmed at such phantoms as these.

I went, with my ADM-201 Training guard of honour and my stool, but found I had to sit waiting in an ante hut three hours with his commander inchief and other high officers before he was ready to see me.

I won t tell Bana any more of your excuses for stopping you may tell him yourself if you like.

I said, How is it Petherick has not come here to meet me is he married Yes, he is married and both he and his wife ride fore Salesforce ADM-201 and aft on one animal at Khartum.

Beads were then served out to all my men to be strung, a certain quantity to every kambi or mess, and our work was progressing but next day we heard that Karambule was sick or feigning to be so, and therefore had never gone to the palace at all.

Such, however, was the case.

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The process of camp forming would be thus Sheikh Said, with Bombay under him, issues cloths to the men for rations at the rate of onefourth load a day about 15 lb.

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