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Some of our men who had seen the Watuta in Utambara, declared these savages to resemble them in every particular, save one small specialty in their costume, alluded to in the description of the Zulu Kafir s dress.

At last, after thousands of difficulties much like those I encountered in Uzaramo, the hongo was settled by a payment of one kisutu, one dubani, four yards bendera, four yards kiniki, and three yards merikani.


We halted for the men to collect and lay in a Android AND-401 store of food for the passage of the Kidi wilderness.

To put a stop to this, I ordered a halt, and called on the district officer to assist us, on which he said he would escort us on to Android Certified Trainer AND-401 Answers Suwarora s if we would stop till next morning.


We halted again, it was said, in order that Kwibeya might give us all the king had desired him to present.

He had a local disease, which he said came to him by magic, though a different cause was sufficiently obvious, and wanted medicine such as I gave Mkuenda, who reported that I gave him a most wonderful draught.

What little corn they grew they consumed before it was fully ripe, and then either sought for fish in the river or fed on tortoises in the interior, as they feared they might never reap what they sowed.

She would not admit, what I suspected, that Meri had induced her to run away but said she was very happy in my house until yester AND-401 Vce evening, when Rozaro s sister told her she was very stupid living with the Mzungu all alone, and told her to run away which she did, taking the direction of N yamasore s, until some officers finding her, and noticing beads on her neck, and her hair cut, according to the common court fashion, in slopes from a point in the forehead to the breadth of her ears, suspected her to be one of the king s women, and kept her in confinement all night, till Mtesa s men came this morning and brought her back again.

I sent Kidgwiga with my compliments to the king, and a request that his majesty would change my residence, which was so filthy that I found it necessary to pitch a tent, and also that he would favour me with an interview after breakfast.

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They were the king s pages and, producing three sticks, said they had brought them to me from their king, who wanted three charms or medicines.


The reply was, that Kamrasi would arrange for our having a meeting with Budja alone if we wished it he did not fear my deserters siding with king Mtesa, but he detested the Waganda, and could not bear to see them in his country.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had been done need not alarm any one.

Then men were appointed as guides and protectors, to look after AND-401 Answers us as far as the border.

From the frying pan we went into the fire in crossing from Ugombe into the district of Wanga, where we beat up the chief, N yaruwamba, and at once went into the hongo business.

After sniffing round among the various wives, he smelt the biggest one to be the culprit, and turned the beads out of her possession.

To this Bombay replied, Bana never could return he would sooner do anything than return even penetrate the Masai to Zanzibar, or go through Unyoro to which the king, ashamed of his impotence, hung down his head and walked away.

The East Coast Range having been passed, no more hills had to be crossed, for the land we next entered on is a plateau of rolling ground, sloping southward to the Ruaha river, which forms a great drain running from west to east, carrying off all the rainwaters that fall in its neighbourhood through the East Coast Range to the sea.

But this, I said, was not enough the Wanguana wanted plantains, for they had received none these fifteen days.

3d to 10th.

When the rain had ceased, and we were again called in, he was found sitting in state as before, but this time with the head of a black bull placed before him, one horn of which, knocked off, was placed alongside, whilst four living cows walked about the court.

My whole thoughts were now occupied in devising some scheme to obtain a hut in the palace, not only the better to maintain my dignity, and so gain superior influence in the court, but also that I might have a better insight into the manners and customs of these strange people.

He kept me some time waiting in his outer hut, and then called me in to where I found him sitting with his women a large group, by no means pretty.

As conflicting reports came about Grant, the king very courteously, at my request, forwarded letters to him.

Angry at this attempt to desert them, they persuaded him to give up his journey north for the present so that at the time Bombay left, Musa was engaged as public auctioneer in selling the effects of Snay, Jafu, and others, but privately said he would follow me on to Karague as soon as his rice was cut.

I said the parting gift was not half as much as I should like to have been able to give but we hoped, on reaching Gani, to send Petherick up to him with everything that he could desire.

To follow on was no difficulty, the spoor was so good and in ten minutes AND-401 Exam Questions And Answers more, as I opened on a small clearance, Blisset in hand, the great beast, from the thicket on the opposite side, charged down like a mad bull, full of ferocity as ugly an antagonist as ever I saw, for the front of his head was all shielded with horn.

We marched up the wet margin of swamp all day, crossing the water at a fork near the end.

Now, I had made up my mind never to sit upon the ground as the natives and Arabs are obliged to do, nor to make my obeisance in any other manner than is customary in England, though the Arabs had told me that from fear they had always complied with the manners of the court.

This did not take long, as the chief said he was most desirous to see a white man, never having been to the coast, though his father in law had, and had told him that the Wazungu were even greater people than the sultan reigning there.

But this was not the only battle Said Said had to fight on those grounds for some years previously he had to subdue the Waziwa, who live on very marshy land, into respect for his sovereignty, when the battle lasted years, in consequence of the bad nature of the ground, and the trick the Waziwa had of staking the ground with spikes.

From the Gani people we had, without any visible change, mingled with the Madi people, who dress in the same naked fashion as their neighbours, and use bows and arrows.

Next day 22d the Wasui from Suwarora arrived.


I did not suspect her intention, because of late she had appeared much more than ordinary happy, behaving to me in every respect like a dutiful child to a parent.

When I told him that to purchase another would cost five hundred cows, the whole party were more confirmed than ever as to its magical powers for who in his sense would give five hundred cows for the mere gratification of seeing at what time his dinner should be eaten Thus ended the second meeting.

I commenced investigations, and after a while found out that Rozaro s sister had brought a magician belonging to her family into the hut during my absence, who had put Meri up to this trick of extorting a goat from me, in order that he might benefit by it himself, for the magician eats the sacrifice, and keeps the skin.

The boats must be collected, seven, if there are not ten, for we must try them, and come to some understanding about them, before we march up stream, when, if the officer values his life, he will let us have them, and acknowledge Karoso as the king s representative, otherwise a complaint will be sent to the palace, for we won t stand trifling.

Nevertheless, wherever we went, all the villagers forsook their homes, and left their houses, property, and gardens an easy prey to the thieving propensities of the escort.

The Wakungu were astonished, and the women prattled in great delight whilst the king, hardly able to control himself, sidled and spoke to his flatterers as if he were doubly created monarch of all he surveyed.

The deputation, delighted with their success and the manner in which it was effected, hurried back to me at once, and said they were so frightened themselves that they would have skulked away to their homes and not come near me if they could not have arranged matters to my satisfaction.

In two hours more we reached a settlement called Madi, and found AND-401 Certificate it deserted.

We set off for the palace.

lay strewed about the woods.

12th and 13th.

Leading myself, bending down to steal in, I tracked up a run till half way through cover, when suddenly before me, like a pig from a hole, a large female, with her young one behind her, came straight down whoof whoofing upon me.

The cows, said N yamgundu, have gone on to Kisuere by another route, but I will bring them here and then, as Maula is taking you, I will go and fetch Grant.

Just as I had gone, the provoking king inquired after me, and so brought me back again, though I never saw him the whole day.

All over the vessel, but more especially below, old women, stark naked, were dying in the most disgusting ferret box atmosphere while all those who had sufficient strength were pulling up the hatches, and tearing at the salt fish they found below, like dogs in a kennel.

He gave me the following account on his return Upwards of a thousand spectators were present when he killed the cow, putting both bullets into her, and all in a voice, as soon as they saw the effect of the shot, shouted in amazement the Kidi visitors, all terror stricken, crying out, as they clasped their breasts, Oh, great king, do allow us to return to our country, for you have indeed got a new specimen of man with you, and we are greatly afraid a lot of humbug and affectation to flatter the king, which pleased him greatly.

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As it happened, however, he put up with the chief of this district, Ugali Mr Paste at a time when the Watuta attacked the place and drove all the inhabitants away.

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Terror stricken, the Wakungu fell on their knees before me, doing as they were bid and, to please them, I returned at once, and went up to the king, who, now sitting on his throne, asked the officers how they had managed to entice me back to which they all replied in a breath, n yanzigging heartily, Oh, we were so afraid AND-401 Exam Topics he was so terrible but he turned at once as soon as we opened the gate.

In the afternoon, about fifteen men and loads were brought me, with a message from the sultan, that the attack had been a mistake of his subjects that one man had had a hand cut off for it, and that all the property would be restored Yours sincerely, J.

Many Kidi men, dressed as in the woodcut, crossed the river to visit Kamrasi they could not, however, pass us without satisfying their curiosity with a look.

The palace was now reached musicians were ordered to play before the king, and Wakungu appointments were made to celebrate the feats of the day.

According to appointment I went early AND-401 Online Exam this morning to visit Congow.

Therefore, as a warning to the others, the guns of these two were confiscated, and a caution given that any gun in future let off, either by design or accident, would be taken.

I had turned off Maula for treating me like a dog, and I would not be escorted AND-401 Answers by him again.

What remains to be told is the daily occupation of Captain Grant, myself, and our private servants.

After anxiously watching, I found out that Meri was angry with me for not allowing Ilmas s woman to live in my house and, to conquer my resolution against it although I ordered Android Certified Trainer AND-401 Answers it with a view to please Ilmas, for he was desperately in love with her she made herself sick by putting her finger down her throat.

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In the midst of this assembly I now found Kachuchu, Rumanika s representative, who went on ahead from Karague palace to tell Mtesa that I wished to see him.


Some of the Turks, having found ninty nine eggs in a crocodile s nest, had a grand feast.

This amused Kamrasi greatly, and induced me to inquire how his purity of blood was maintained Was the king of Unyoro chosen, as in Uganda, haphazard by the chief men or did the eldest son sit by succession on the throne The reply was, The brothers fought for it, and the best man gained the crown.

I suspected that there must be a considerable quantity of game in this district, as stake nets and other traps were found in all the huts, as well as numbers of small antelope hoofs spitted on pipe sticks an ornament which is counted the special badge of the sportsman in this part of Africa.

He then made friends with Mahamed, who promised to help him on to Faloro, and I gave Mahamed and his men three carbines as an honorarium.

More pombe, more pombe, cried the queen, full of mirth and glee, helping everybody round in turn, and shouting and laughing at their Kiganda witticisms making, though I knew not a word said, an amusing scene to behold till the sun sank and her majesty remarking it, turned to her court and said, If I get up, will Bana also rise, and not accuse me of deserting him With this speech a general rising took place, and, watching the queen s retiring, I stood with my hat in hand, whilst all the Wakungu fell upon their knees, and then all separated.

The king then rose, followed by his brothers, and we all walked off to the pond.

This was done, and I placed it on the ground, saying, The instrument is yours, but I must keep it until another one comes.

At first I thought it necessary, for the sake of maintaining my dignity, to raise objections, and said it would ill become one of my rank to make any request that might possibly be rejected but as the Kamraviona assured me there would be no chance of failure, and everybody else agreed AND-401 Exam Questions And Answers with him, I said it would give me intense satisfaction to serve him and the old man squeezed my hand as if overpowered with joy.

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His eyes were long, face narrow, and nose prominent, after the true fashion of his breed and though a finely made AND-401 Exam Guide Pdf man, considerably above six feet high, he was not so large as Rumanika.

Should they wish to see a relative, or go outside the hut for any purpose, it requires eight men to lift any of them on a litter.

On other days he takes his women, some hundreds, to bathe or sport in ponds or, when tired of that, takes long walks, his women running after him, when all the musicians fall in, take precedence of the party, followed by the Wakungu and pages, with the king in the centre of the procession, separating the male company from the fair sex.

Ten out of the thirty six given by the Sultan ran away, because they feared that the white men, whom they believed to be cannibals, were only taking them into the interior to eat them and one pagazi, more honest than the freed men, deposited his pay upon the ground, and ran away too.

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I added, I hoped he would do so in company with his wife, which he promised, though he never dared fulfil the promise and, on our leaving, set all his servants to escort us beyond the premises.

The Wahuma, although they keep slaves and marry with pure negroes, do not allow their daughters to taint their blood by marrying out of their clan.

It was well the king had broken through the old fashioned laws of Uganda, by sitting on an iron chair, and adopting European dresses for now he was opening a road to cement his Android AND-401 Answers own dominions with my country.

We left Koki with difficulty, in consequence of the Chopi porters refusing to carry any loads, leaving the burden of lifting them on the country people, as they said, We have endured all the trouble and hardships of bringing these visitors through the wilderness and now, as they have visited you, it is your place to help them on.

Immediately after breakfast the king sent his pages in a great hurry to say he was waiting on the hill for me, and begged I would bring all my guns immediately.

We kept quiet all day, to see what effect that would have upon the king.

If you are the sultan, and will take my advice, I would strongly recommend your teaching Ruhe a lesson, by taking from him what the Arabs paid, and giving it back to Masudi.

Here the whole of the inhabitants turned out to oppose us, imagining we had come there to revenge the Arab, Mohinna, because the Wagogo attacked him a year ago, plundered his camp, and drove him back to Kaze, for having shot their old chief Short legs.

Within their reach everywhere is the sarsaparilla vine, AND-401 Self Study but growing as a weed, for they know nothing of its value.

Then, seeing themselves defeated in that tactic, they collected in hundreds in front of us, set fire to the grass, and marched up and down, brandishing ignited grass in their hands, howling like demons, and swearing they would annihilate us in the morning.

Rising out of the bed of the Urigi, we passed over a low spur of beef sandwich clay sandstones, and descended into the close, rich valley of Uthenga, bound in by steep hills hanging over ST0-086 Exam us more than a thousand feet high, as prettily clothed as the mountains of Scotland whilst in the valley there were not only magnificent trees of extraordinary height, but also a surprising amount of the richest cultivation, amongst which the banana may be said to prevail.

Moreover, it is his custom to keep visitors waiting on him in this way, for is he not the king of kings, the king of Kittara, which includes all the countries surrounding Unyoro Chapter XVII Unyoro Invitation to the Palace at last Journey to it Bombay s Visit to King Kamrasi Our Reputation as Cannibals Reception at CourtActing the Physician again Royal Mendicancy.

We then all rose with an English bow, placing the hand on the heart whilst saying adieu and there was a complete uniformity AND-401 Exam Test Questions in the ceremonial, for whatever I did, Mtesa, in an instant, mimicked with the instinct of a monkey.

When old Maula came as desired, bringing his son with him, and a suitable offering of ivory and cattle, the Arab induced them both to kneel down and exchange blood with him, when, by a previously concerted arrangement, Khamis had them shot down by his slaves.

Unexpectedly, and for reasons only known to himself, the king sent us a cow and load of butter, which had been asked for many days ago.

Early in the morning, as Budja drummed the home march, I called him up, gave him a glass rain gauge as a letter for Mtesa, and instructed him to say I would send a man to Mtesa as soon as I had seen Kamrasi about opening the road that I trusted he would take all the guns from the deserters and keep them for me, but the men themselves I wished transported to an island on the N yanza, for I could never allow such scoundrels again to enter my camp.

Of this dumb show the king soon got tired he therefore called for his iron chair, and entered into conversation, at first about the ever engrossing subject of stimulants, till we changed it by asking him how he liked the gun He pronounced it a famous weapon, which he would use intensely.

They promised to take the message, but its delivery was quite another thing for no one can speak at this court till he is spoken to, and a word put in out of season is a life lost.

I replied, If Mtesa wishes you to see my vessels and all the wonders they contain, as far as I am concerned you may do so, and I shall be only too happy to show you a little English hospitality but the road is in Kamrasi s hands, and his wishes must now be heard.

On hearing this, I strongly advised him, if he wished the road to be kept permanently open, to try conciliation with Android Application Development AND-401 Answers Kamrasi, and send him some trifling present.

Goats and other peace offerings were then presented and, finally a large body of officers came in with an old man, with his two ears shorn off for having been too handsome in his youth, and a young woman who, after four days search, had been discovered in his house.

More compliments went round, and then he asked if it was true we could open a man s skull, look at his brains, and close it up again also CAT-ASM-201-518 Testing if it was true we sailed all round the world into regions where there was no difference between night and day, and how, when he ploughed the seas in such enormous vessels as would carry at once 20,000 men, we could explain to the sailors what they ought to do for, although he had heard of these things, no one was able to explain them to him.

Two great objections had been raised against us one was that we were reported to be cannibals, and the other that our advancing by two roads at once was suspicious, the more especially so as the Waganda were his enemies had we come from Rumanika direct, there would have been no objection to us.

This was all acquiesced in, and we wished to take his portrait, but he would not have it done on any consideration.

To which the great king retorted, If you have not got flour, that is not my fault, for I ordered your master to come slowly, and to bring provisions along with him.


The queen began to sing, and the councillors to join in chorus then all sang and all drank, and drank and sang, till, in their heated excitement, they turned the palace into a pandemonium still there was not noise enough, so the band and drums were called again, and tomfool for Uganda, like the old European monarchies, always keeps a jester was made to sing in the gruff, hoarse, unnatural voice which he ever affects to maintain his character, and furnished with pombe when his throat was dry.

And were his officers drunk too O yes, they were all drunk together men were bringing in pombe all day.

As Kaggo, however, the second officer of importance, had expressed a wish to see me, I sent Bombay to him for food, and waited the upshot.

The startling news set the place in a blaze, and brought all the Arabs again to seek my advice for they condemned what Snay had done in not listening to me before, and wished to know if I could not now treat for them with Manua Sera, which they thought could be easily managed, as Manua Sera himself was not only the first to propose mediation, but was actually Android AND-401 on his way here for the purpose when Snay opposed him.

This announcement made the king reflect for he had been privately primed by his AND-401 Certification mother s attendants, that we both wished to go to Gani, and therefore shrewdly inquired if Rumanika knew we wished to visit Kamrasi, and whether he was aware we should attempt the passage north from Uganda.

I answered that my footing in the country had been paid for on the last journey, and unless he would accept me as any other common traveller, he had better walk away but the little Sheikh, a timid, though very gentlemanly creature, knowing the man, and dreading the consequences of too high a tone, pleaded for him, and proposed as a fitting hongo, one dubuani, one sahari, and eight yards merikani, as the American sheeting is called here.

When more sober, Bombay again came to crave a thousand pardons for what he had done, threw himself down at my feet, then at Grant s, kissed our toes, swore I was his Ma Pap father and mother he had no father or mother to teach him better he owed all his prosperity to me men must err sometimes oh, if I would only forgive him, and so forth.

The king was delighted, and said he must keep the rifle to look at for the night.

In a country where men were property, the fate of one or two left behind was obvious and had we doubted that his object was to get possession of them, his next words would have sufficiently revealed it.

A party of fifty men came from Labure, a station on ahead of this, to take service as porters, knowing that at this season the Turks always come with a large herd of plundered cattle, which they call government property, and give in payment to the men who carry their tusks of ivory across the Bari country.

Suffice it to say, AND-401 Certification Dumps I had, through Baker s generosity, at that very moment enough and to spare but at his urgent request I took a few more yards of cloth for my men, and some cooking fat and, though I offered to pay for it, he declined to accept any return at my hands.

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This measure made Usui feudatory to Karague, so that much of the produce of the extortions committed in Usui went to Karague, and therefore they were recognised, though the odium always rested on Suwarora, the savage extortioner, rather than on the mild disposed king of Karague, who kept up the most amicable relations with every one who visited him.

Such are the ways of Uganda all over.

Still Rumanika could not understand how it was I spent so much and travelled so far, or how it happened such a AND-401 Exam Cram great country as ours could be ruled by a woman.

The feat, of course, brought forth great and uproarious congratulations from his women.

I thought then to myself, as I did at Rumanika s, when I first viewed the Mfumbiro cones, and gathered all my distant geographical information there, that these highly saturated Mountains of the Moon give birth to the Congo as well as to the Nile, and also to the Shire branch of the Zambeze.

They both knew Hindustani but while Rahan s services at sea had been short, Baraka had served nearly all his life with Englishmen AND-401 Answers was the smartest and most intelligent negro I ever saw was invaluable to Colonel Rigby as a detector of slave traders, and enjoyed his confidence completely so much so, that he said, on parting with him, that he did not know where he should be able to find another man to fill his post.

In all other respects they ornament themselves like the women, only, instead of a long coil of wire wound up the arm, they content themselves with having massive rings of copper or brass on the wrist and they carry for arms a spear and bow and arrows.

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