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In this awkward fix I forced myself to one side, though pricked all over with thorns in doing so, and gave her one on the head which knocked her out of my path, and induced her for safety to make for the open, where I followed her down and gave her another.

This was a fearful drain on my store but the Pig, seeing my concern, merely laughed at it, and said, Oh, these savage chiefs are all alike here you will have one of these taxes to pay every stage to Uyofu, and then the heavy work will begin for all these men, although they assume the dignity of chief to themselves, are mere officers, who have to pay tribute to Suwarora, and he would be angry if they were shortcoming.


I, of course, gave him beads in return.

I explained our difficulties as those of great men in misfortune and, after listening to our tale, he said he would tell Suwarora of the way we had been plundered, and impress upon him to deal lightly with us.

In the meanwhile, and whilst this was going on at the king s palace, I went with Grant, by appointment, to see the queen.

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A judicious threat of the stick, however, put things ICDL-POWERP Dump right, and on we marched five successive days to Kari as the place was afterwards named, in consequence of the tragedy mentioned below the whole distance accomplished being thirty miles from the capital, through a fine hilly country, with jungles and rich cultivation alternating.

There was a certain tree near Apuddo which was marked by an Englishman two years ago, and this, Mahamed thought, would keep us amused.


She therefore was queen.

I thought then to myself, as I did at Rumanika s, when I first viewed the Mfumbiro cones, and gathered all my distant geographical information there, that these highly saturated Mountains of the Moon give birth to the Congo as well as to the Nile, and also to the Shire branch of the Zambeze.

All night Makaka s men patrolled the village, drumming and shouting to keep off the Watuta, and the next morning, instead of a march, after striking my tent I found that the whole of my porters, the Pig s children, were not to be found.

Villages were numerous, but as we passed them the inhabitants all fled from us, save a few men, who, bolder than the rest, would stand and look on at us as we marched along.

At night, I had such a terrible air catching fit, and made such a noise whilst trying to fill my lungs, that it alarmed all the camp, so much so that my men rushed into my tent to see if I was dying.

I complied at once, by way of offering a special mark of respect And friendship, and on the reliance that he would keep his word.

Then giving him four cows as a return letter to take to me, he said, Hurry off as quickly as possible and bring him here.

It was reported they had been seen in M yonga s establishment and I was at the same time informed that the husbands who were out in search of them would return, as M yonga was likely to demand a price for them if they were claimed, in virtue of their being his rightful property under the acknowledged law of buni, or findings keepings.

In an instant, at the caravan s centre, they fastened upon the poor porters.

Makaka would not hear of such an arrangement.

Great applause followed this wonderful feat, and the cows were given to my men.

Then being assured that I knew he never would have done as he had if a woman s attractions had not led him astray, he went to his work again like a man, and consoled himself by taking Sangizo s sister to wife on credit instead of the old love, promising to pay the needful out of his pay, and to return her to her brother when the journey was over.

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The whole brow and sides of the hill on which we stood were covered with gigantic grass huts, thatched as neatly ICDL-POWERP Exam Dumps as so many heads dressed by a London barber, and ICDL-POWERP Answers fenced all round with the tall yellow reeds of the common Uganda tiger grass whilst within the enclosure, the lines of huts were joined together, or partitioned off into courts, with walls of the same grass.

He was on his march back to the capital of Uganda, as the people had told us, and passed through N yakinyama just before I reached it.

I was greatly annoyed lest Maula should come and try to drive him away.

Here it was, in the district of Dege la Mhora, that the first expedition to this country, guided by a Frenchman, M.

The Wahuma, although they keep slaves and marry with pure negroes, do not allow their daughters to taint their blood by marrying out of their clan.

Thus ended the day, my men receiving one of the cows.


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The Diwan, or head man, was a very civil creature he presented us freely with two fine goats a thing at that time we were very much in want of and took, in return, without any comments, one dubani and eight yards merikani.

The rest of my work, besides sketching and keeping a diary, which was the most troublesome of all, consisted in making geological and zoological collections.

The Bari people at Gondokoro were described as being more tractable than those of Kich, being of a braver and more noble nature but they were all half starved not because the country was too poor to produce, but because they were too lazy to cultivate.

Further, at this juncture, ICDL ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions the canoe we had chased turned broadside on us, and joined in the threatening demonstrations of the people on shore.

This people, I was told, are so fierce in war that no other tribe can stand against them, though they only fight with short spears.

At first I thought it necessary, for the sake of maintaining my dignity, to raise objections, and said it would ill become one of my rank to make any request that might possibly be rejected but as the Kamraviona assured me there would be no chance of failure, and everybody else agreed with him, I said it would give me intense satisfaction to serve him and the old man squeezed my hand as if overpowered with joy.

One can seldom afford to follow wild animals on the line of march, otherwise we might have bagged some antelopes to day, which, scared by the interminable singing, shouting, bell jingling, horn blowing, and other such merry noises of the moving caravan, could be seen disappearing in the distance.

Then, as that could not be managed, what would the king devise himself Bana only proposed the Usoga and Kidi route, because he thought it would be to the advantage of Uganda.

Grant and I after this kept our pot boiling by shooting three more antelopes but nothing of consequence transpired until the 30th, when Bukhet, Mahamed s factotum, arrived with the greater part of the Turk s property.

They had been detained there some days after arrival, as those merchants slaves had gone to Utambara to settle some quarrel there but as soon as they returned, Musa ordered them to go and assist us, giving them beads to find rations for themselves on the way, as the whole country about Kaze had been half starved by famines, though he did send a little rice and tobacco for me.

Come along, Bana, said the king, we must have some more sport and, saying this he directed the way towards the queen s palace, the attendants leading, followed by the pages, then the king, next myself for I never would walk before him and finally the women, some forty or fifty, who constantly attended him.

Whilst waiting for the sheikh s arrival, some villagers at night stole several ICDL-POWERP Practise Questions loads of beads, and ran off with them but my men, finding the theft out in time, hunted them down, and recovered all but one load for the thieves had thrown their loads down as soon as they found they were hotly pursued.

Last night I was turned out of my bed by a terrible hue and cry from the quarter allotted to Rozaro and his Wanyambo companions for the Waganda had threatened to demolish my men, one by one, for seizing their pombe and plaintains, though done according to the orders of the king and now, finding the Wanyambo nearest to the road, they set on them by moonlight, with spear and club, maltreating them severely, till, with reinforcements, the Wanyambo gained the ascendancy, seized two spears and one shield as a trophy, and drove their enemies off.

He returned, saying he delivered my message, but no reply was given.

Bombay at last arrived with Mabruki in high glee, dressed in cotton jumpers and drawers, presents given them by Petherick s outpost.

I had three, however, concealed at the time which I had bought from Musa, at forty dollars each intended for the kings of Karague and Uganda.

For instance, one cuts his teeth or tattoos his face in a different manner from the others but by the constant intermarriage with slaves, much of this effect is lost, and it is further lost sight of owing to the prevalence of migrations caused by wars and the division of governments.

Ten days now had elapsed since we came here, still nothing was done 10th , as Karambule said, because Suwarora had been so fully occupied collecting an army to punish an officer who had refused to pay his taxes, had ignored his authority, and had set himself us as king of the district he was appointed to superintend.

On packing up to leave Ghiya s, all the men of the village shut the bars of the entrance, wishing to extract some cloths from me, as I had not given enough, they said, to their chief.

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To this I added, Now, Kasoro, you see how it is Kamrasi does not wish you to do to Gani, so if you take my advice you will return to Mtesa.

At my request the king sent off boats to inquire after the one that left, or was supposed to have left, for Grant on the 3d of March, and he then ordered the return home, much to my delight for, beautiful as the N yanza was, the want of consideration for other people s comfort, the tiring, incessant boating, all day long and every day, in the sun, as well as the king s hurryscurry about everything he undertook to do, without the smallest forethought, preparation, or warning, made me dream of my children, and look forward ICDL-POWERP Practice Questions with pleasure to rejoining them.

The bearer of the letter was at once to go and search for porters ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions Candy Swick & Company at Rungua, but not a word was said about the armed men I had ordered.

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Lastly, he performed the tambura, or charging march, in imitation of Wakugnu, repeating the same words they use, and ending by a demand for simbi, or cowrie shells, modestly saying, I am a beggar, and want simbi if you have not 500 to spare, you must at any rate give me 400.

As he advanced, my men, forming a guard of honour fired three shots immediately on his setting foot upon our side the river whilst Frij, with his boatswain s whistle, piped the Rogue s March, to prepare us for his majesty s approach.

I said I was not surprised to hear Usui had attracted the Watuta s cupidity, for every one knew of the plundering propensities of the inhabitants, and as they became rich by their robberies, they must in turn expect to be robbed.

This was by no means pleasant for the porters showed their uneasiness by extracting their own cloths from my bundles, under the pretext that they wished to make some purchases of their own.

The same jungle prevails on all sides, excluding all view and the only signs of man s existence in these wilds lay in the meagre path, which is often lost, and an occasional hut or two, the temporary residence of the sporting Kidi people.

Not another word was said, and away the two parties went, with no more arrangement than a set of geese Maula without a letter, and Kaddu without any provision for the way, as if all the world belonged to Mtesa, and he ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions Candy Swick & Company could help himself from any man s garden that he liked, no matter where he was.


In the courtyard fronting them, were hundreds of men and women dressed in smart mbugus the males wearing for turbans, strings of abrus seeds wound round their heads, with polished boars tusks stuck in in a jaunty manner.

When told the truth that I had been trying to shoot a dish of doves for breakfast, as I could get neither meat 102-350 Questions And Answers Pdf nor drink from his kitchen the head boy, rather guessing than understanding what was told him, distorted my message, and said to the king, as I could not obtain a regular supply of food from his house, I did not wish to accept anything further at his hands, but intended foraging for the future in the jungles.

Then turning to the last one, which could not escape, I asked the Wanyambo to polish him off with their spears and arrows, that I might see their mode of sport.

I would rather have died than have failed in my journey, and yet failure seemed at this juncture inevitable.

We shall soon see what they are further on.

But the road, I cried, has that been gained I am not going to show my back.

If the statement were true, he must have crossed the Katonga.

He should be very glad to see Grant, and would take nothing from him and, though he did not see me in person, he would feel much affronted if I did not stop the night there.

He did not like strange eyes to see his secret lodges on the N yanza and if he did not wish us to go down the river, Kamrasi s orders would go for nothing.

This being the fifteenth or twentieth time Kamrasi had disappointed me, after promising an interview, that we might have a proper understanding about everything, and when no begging on his party was to interrupt our conversation, I sent him a threatening message, to see what effect that would have.

The country, still flanked on the right by hills, was undulating and very prettily wooded.

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The novelty of interference even made him smile, and the woman was instantly released.

He sent me a pot of pombe, which I sent home to the women, and walked off for the shootingground, two miles further on, the band playing in the front, followed by some hundred Wakungu then the pages, then the king, next myself, and finally the women the best in front, the worst bringing up the rear, with the king s spears and shield, as also pots of pombe, a luxury the king never moves without.

This disgusting story made me quite sorry, when next day the Arabs arrived, expecting that I should attempt to help them but as the matter had gone so far, I asked them, in the first place, how they ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions could hope Manua Sera would have any faith in them when they were so treacherous, or trust to my help, since they had killed Maula, who was my protege They all replied in a breath, Oh, let the past be forgotten, and assist us now for in you alone we can look for a preserver.

In answer to this, Kamrasi sent one pot of pombe and five fowls, begging we would not be alarmed we should see everything in good time, if we would but have patience, for he considered us very great men, as he was a great man himself, and we had come at his invitation.

This looked famous, and it was agreed we should move the next morning.

This day also I spent watching the fish flying at the falls, and felt as if I only wanted a wife and family, garden and yacht, ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions Candy Swick & Company rifle and rod, to make me happy here for life, so charming was the place.

I rebuked them for doing so, but was mildly told they had no huts of their own.

I now proposed to send Baraka, who, ashamed to cry off, said he would go with Rumanika s officers if I allowed him a companion of his own choosing, who would take care of him if he got sick on the way, otherwise he should be afraid they would leave him to die, like a dog, in the jungles.

He told me not to think of such a thing, as he would give me all that was needful, both for myself and my men but if I would have patience, he would collect all his officers, and the next morning would see what their opinions were on the subject.


He reported that he had not been allowed to leave the palace earlier, though he pleaded hard that I expected his return and the only ICDL-POWERP Exam Dumps Pdf excuse he could extract from the king was, that we were coming in charge of many Wakungu, and he had found it necessary to retard our approach in consequence of the famine at Chaguzi.

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The king noticed it but instead of upbraiding me, passed it off as a joke, and running up to the Kamraviona, gave him a poke in the ribs, and whispered what he had seen, as if it had been a secret.

Then turning to the animals, he roared over each one in turn as he examined them, and called out their names.

Of these they sent one to take their loot back to Kaze, another to form a reserve force at Mdaburu, on the east flank of the wilderness, and a third, The ICDL L4 powerpoint exam ICDL-POWERP headed by Snay and Jafu, to attack Mzanza.

Rohinda was succeeded by Ntare, then Rohinda II.

Neither the Wanyambo nor the Wahuma would eat the rhinoceros, so I was not sorry to find all the Wanyamuezi porters of the Arabs at Kufro, on hearing of the sport, come over and carry away all the flesh.

the Prince Consort, which made me reflect on the inspiring words he made use of, in compliment to myself, when I was introduced to him by Sir Roderick Murchison, a short while before leaving England.

The whole camp, of course, was in a blaze at this their tribe was insulted, and they would not stand it, until Bombay put down their pride with a few strings of beads, as the best means of restoring peace in the camp.

It was absolutely necessary to get into a rage, and tell the head page we did not come to Uganda to be swindled in that manner, and he might tell the king I would not part with one of them.

There is no place here fit for his reception.

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Everything that struck the eye was much admired and begged for, though nothing so much as my wideawake and mosquito curtains then, as the women were allowed to have a peep in and see Bana in his den, I gave them two sacks of beads, to make the visit profitable, the only alternative left me from being forced into inhospitality, for no one would drink from my cup.

Kamrasi expressed a wish that I would exchange magic powders with him.

To its right there is a hut, with a woman sitting inside the The ICDL L4 powerpoint exam ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions portal, and many goats are feeding all about the palace, just as large and distinct as if I was close by them.

At first he demurred, on the hightoned principle that he could not have any commercial dealings with myself but, at the instigation of Bombay and Baraka, who viewed it in its true character, as tending merely to assist my journey in the best manner he could, without any sacrifice to dignity, he eventually yielded, and, to prove his earnestness, sent me a large tusk, with a notice that his ivory was not kept in the palace, but with his officers, and as soon as they could collect it, so soon I should get it.

The old creature jingled the bell, entered our hut, squatted on his hams, looked first at one, then at the other inquired what the missing things were like, grunted, moved his skinny arm round his head, as if desirous of catching air from all four sides of the hut, then dashed the accumulated air on the head of his horn, smelt it to see if all was going right, jingled the bell again close to his ear, and grunted his satisfaction the missing articles must be found.

I like the carbine very well, but you must give me a double smooth gun.

On being told we did not like being repeatedly reminded of our promises, he came down a little from his dignity, saying, And what answer have you about the business on the island meaning the request to fight his brothers.

Like magic, however, ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions Candy Swick & Company Vikora turned up, and said we must wait until he was settled with.

It was a fixed custom now, they told us, and there was no use in our trying to struggle against it.

In the first object we succeeded well, as the bags we made counted two brindled gnu, four water boc, one pallah boc, and one pig, enough to feed abundantly the whole camp round.

Their young women go naked but the mothers suspend a little tail both before and behind.

The king had heard that I gave a cow to Vittagura and Kidgwiga when they first came to me in Uganda, and wished the Wanyamuezi to ascertain if this was true.

He told me with the greatest possible gravity, that he remembered well the time when a boat could have gone from this to Vigura as also when fish and crocodiles came up from the Kitangule but the old king no sooner died than the waters dried up which showed as plainly as words could tell, that the king had designed it, to make men remember him with sorrow in all future ages.

I was all the more impressed with this belief, by knowing that the two church missionaries, Rebmann and Erhardt, without the smallest knowledge of the Hindus map, constructed a map of their own, deduced from the Zanzibar traders, something on the same scale, by blending the Victoria N yanza, Tanganyida, and N yazza into one whilst to their triuned lake they gave the name Moon, because the men of the Moon happened to live in front of the central lake.

I still stuck out, saying that if they did go, they should be seized on the coast and cast into jail for desertion.

As we approached the southern extremity of this chain, knots of naked men, perched like monkeys on the granite blocks were anxiously awaiting our arrival.

In a long field of grass, as high as the neck, and half under water, so that no walks could be taken, we had nothing to see but Kamrasi s miserable huts and a few distant conical hills, of which one Udongo, we conceive, represents the Padongo of Brun Bollet, placed by him in 1 south latitude, and 35 east longitude.

The king, however, sent an officer for Grant, because I would not believe in his statement yesterday that he was coming by land and I also sent a lot of men with a litter to help him on, and bring me an answer.

I answered him with all promptitude, Yes, at once, with some of his officers competent to judge of the value of all I point out to them for future purposes in keeping the road permanently open.

Wishing then to obtain a better view of the country, I strolled over the nearest hills, and found the less exposed slopes well covered with trees.

In consequence of this, Lumeresi daily assembled his grey beards and had councils of war in his drum house but though his subjects sent to him constantly for troops, he would not assist them.

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After reaching the elevated ground, we marched over rolling tops, covered with small trees and a rich variety of pretty bulbs, and reached the habitations of Muhanda, where we no sooner appeared than the poor villagers, accustomed only to rough handling, immediately dispersed in the jungles.

He then got a second bullet in the flank, and, after hobbling a little, evaded our sight and threw himself into a bush, where we not sooner arrived than he plunged headlong at us from his ambush, just, and only just, giving me time to present my ICDL-POWERP Vce Software small 40 gauge Lancaster.

1st and 2d.

All these creatures, I was assured, would afterwards be given away as return presents for the hongos or presents received from the king s visitors.

Of course, one half the flesh was given to ICDL-POWERP them, in return for which they brought us some small delicacies to show their gratitude for, as they truly remarked, until we came to their village they never knew what it was to get a present, or any other gift by a good thrashing.

This of course led to a long story, describing the world, the proportions of land and water, and the power of ships, which conveyed even elephants and rhinoceros in fact, all the animals in the world to fill our menageries at home, etc.

After some badgering, I paid what he asked for, and ordered the men to carry me out of the palace before anything else was done, for I would not sleep another night where I was.

The king, however, damped my ardour by saying the information was not perfect, and we must wait until certain Wakungu, whom he sent to search in Unyoro, returned.

One man, little Rahan rip as he is stood with cocked gun, defending ICDL ICDL-POWERP Actual Questions his load, against five savages with uplifted spears.

When killing a cow, they kneel down in an attitude of prayer, with both hands together, held palm upwards, and utter Zu, a word the meaning of which he did not know.

We then had another pic nic together, and whilst I went home to join Grant, Rumanika spent the night doing homage and sacrificing a bullock at the tomb of his father Dagara.

Here the rush onward was stopped by newly made fences, but the king roared to the officers to knock them down.

What said Kamrasi, does Bana forget my promised appointment that I would either see him to day or to morrow ICDL-POWERP Practise Questions I cannot do so to day, and therefore to morrow we will certainly meet and bid good bye.

They had been attacked by the Gani people, and driven back with considerable loss both of men and property, although they were in sailing vessels, and fired guns which even broke down the trees on the banks.

Poor little Lugoi joined in the repast, and said he longed to return to my hut, for he was half starved here, and no one took any notice of him but he was destined to be a royal page, for the king would not part with him.

Then, said Mahamed, we cannot go with you, for there is a famine at this season at Gondokoro.

We could not talk fast enough, so overwhelmed were we both to meet again.

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