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Kamrasi said, What will be the use of your going empty handed I cannot send cows and slaves to Rumanika P2170-036 Dumps Pdf when the road is so unsafe you must wait a bit.

This was agreed to but in the night we were robbed of three goats, which he said he could not allow to be passed over, lest Suwarora might hear of it, and he would get 000-N12 Practice Test into a scrape.

Let us now deal with the Wahuma since they crossed the Nile and founded the kingdom of Kittara, a large tract of land bounded by the Victoria N yanza and Kitangule Kagera or River on the south, the Nile on the east, the Little Luta Nzige Lake FN 15 on the north, and the kingdoms of Utubi and Nkole on the west.

In addition to the rod and line fishing, a number of men, armed with long heavy poles with two iron spikes, tied prong fashion to one end, rushed to a place over a break in the falls, which tired fish seemed to use as a baiting room, dashed in their forks, holding on by the shaft, and sent men down to P2170-036 Exam Materials disengaged the pined fish and relieve their spears.

The payment of these men s wages for the first year, as well as the terms of the agreement made with them, by the kind consent of Colonel Rigby were now entered in the Consular Office books, as a security to both parties, and a precaution against disputes on the way.

Magic charms, of course, we had none but the king would not believe it, and, to wheedle some out of us, said they would not kill their brother even if they caught him for fratricide was considered an unnatural crime in their country but they would merely gouge out his eyes and set him at large again for without the power of sight he could do them no harm.

This day also I spent watching the fish flying at the falls, and felt as if I only wanted a wife and family, garden and yacht, rifle and rod, to make me happy here for life, so charming was the place.

The doctoring over, her majesty expressed herself ready to inspect the honorarium I had brought for her, and the articles were no sooner presented by Bombay and Nasib, with the usual formalities of stroking to insure their purity, than she, boiling with pleasure, showed them all to her officers, who declared, with a voice of most exquisite triumph, that she was indeed the most favoured of queens.

No letter like that referred to had ever been received, so that Frij s interpretation about Grant s letterdream was right and if we wished to go to Gani, the king would send men travelling by night, for his brothers at war with him lay upon the road.

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In the evening, the king, accompanied by all his brothers, with iron chair and box, came to visit us, and inspected all Grant s recently brought pictures of the natives, with great acclamation.

This important arrangement being conceded by the king more promptly than we expected, a cow, plantains, and pombe were requested but the cow only was given, though our men were said to be feeding on grass.

Without seeing us again, Lumeresi, evidently ashamed of the power held over him by this rod of Suwarora s, walked off in the night, leaving word that he was on his way to Ruhe s, to get back my gun and all the other things that had been taken from Grant.


In a great hurry he then bade me good bye when, as he thought it would be final, I gave him, in consideration of his former good services to the last expedition, one of the gold watches given me by the Indian Government.

Hoping to keep the king to his promise, I went to the palace early, but found he had already gone to see his brothers, so followed him down, and found him engaged playing on a harmonicon with them.



Church Estate again.

There, after walking a short while in the bush, as I heard the grunt of a buffalo close on my left, I took Blissett in hand, and walked to where I soon espied a large herd quietly feeding.

This interesting but ugly old lady narrated the circumstances by which she had been enslaved, and then sent by Kamrasi as a curiosity to Rumanika, who had ever since kept her as a servant in his palace.

If you take my advice you won t meddle with them until the two children you wish educated have learnt the use of them in England and if I have to take boys P2170-036 Practise Questions Candy Swick & Company from this, I hope they will be of your family.

Mtesa appeared quite confused with the various wonders as he handled them, made silly remarks, and pondered over them like a perfect child, until it was quite dark.

and we took large numbers of their eggs.

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He was otherwise a notoriously bad character so, wishing to make an example, as I knew all my men were robbing me daily, though I could not detect them, I had him turned out of camp.

But this was not the only battle Said Said had to fight on those grounds for some years previously he had to subdue the Waziwa, who live on very marshy land, into respect for his sovereignty, when the battle lasted years, in consequence of the bad nature of the ground, and the trick the Waziwa had of staking the ground with spikes.

With this cringing, perfidious appeal I refused to comply, until the sheikh, still more cringing, implored me to give way else not a single man would remain with me.

He told us, moreover, that if Mtesa ever has a dream that his father directs him to kill anybody as being dangerous 646-230 Dump Test to his person, the order is religiously kept.

Then by way of a change, he ordered all the drums to embark and play upon the waters whilst he and his attendants paddled and steered by turns, first up the creek, and then down nearly to the broad waters of the lake.

On nearing the place, however, the women of the village, who were the only people visible, instead of running away, as our braves expected, commenced hullalooing, and brought out their husbands.

All right was now a matter or pure might, and lucky it was that it did not end in a fight between our men and the villagers.

The unmannerly creature, standing among a thousand of the sleekest cattle, gruffishly replied, What can I know of any other animals than cows and went on with his work, as if nothing in the world could interest him but his cattle tending.

To touch the king s throne or clothes, even by accident, or to look upon his women is certain death.

The first and only giraffe killed upon the journey was here shot by Grant, with a little 40gauge Lancaster rifle, at 200 yards distance.


In great good humour I now called on him, and found him walking about the palace environs with a carbine, looking eagerly for sport, whilst his pages dragged about five half dead vultures tied in a bundle by their legs to a string.

A bundle of cartridges, stolen from one of the men s pouches, which we knew could only have been done by some comrade, was discovered by stopping the rations of flesh.

Mr Moorlan, and two other priests of the Austrian Mission, were here on a visit from their station at Kich, to see the old place again before they left for Khartum for the Austrian Government, discouraged by the failure of so many years, had ordered the recall of the whole of the establishment for these regions.

He had P2170-036 Braindump Pdf received my present of beads from Baraka, and, in addition, took Uledi s sword, saying, If you do not wish to part with it, you must remain a prisoner in my country all your life, for you have not paid your footing.

Presuming this to be a very fair proposition, and thinking we would only have to walk across an elbow of land where the river bends considerably, we gave him a return present of beads, and did as we were bid but, after moving, it was obvious we had been sold.

In the evening a pot of pombe was brought, when the man in charge, half drunk, amused us with frantic charges, as if he were fighting with his spear and after settling the supposed enemy, he delighted in tramping him under foot, spearing him repeatedly through and through, then wiping the blade of the spear in the grass, and finally polishing it on this tufty head, when, with a grunt of satisfaction, he shouldered arms and walked away a hero.

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I wished to go on with the march, but was dissuaded by N yamgundu, who said he had received orders to find me some cows here, as his king was most anxious I should be well fed.

It is as the result P2170-036 Self Study of these expeditions that one half Usogo and the remaining half of Uddu have been annexed to Uganda.

After sundry jokes, whilst we were all bursting with laughter at the theatrical phenomenon, the Wakungu who were present, some twenty in number, threw themselves in line upon their bellies, and wriggling like fish, n yanzigged, n goned, and demaned, and uttered other wonderful words of rejoining as, for instance, Hai Minange Hai Mkama wangi O my chief O my king whilst they continued floundering, kicking about their legs, rubbing their faces, and patting their hands upon the ground, as if the king had performed some act of extraordinary munificence by showing himself to them in that strange and new position a thing quite enough to date a new Uganda era from.

He called the heads of the villages to give me all the information I sought for, and went with me to the top of a high rock, from which we could see the hills I first viewed at Chopi, sweeping round from south by east to north, which demarked the line of the Asua river.

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He wishes to see you, but does not like doing things in a hurry.

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Turning to Congow, I playfully told him that, as the road through Unyoro was closed, he would have to go with me through Usoga and Kidi but the gallant colonel merely shuddered, and said that would be a terrible undertaking.

Gradually descending from the spur which separates the Lohugati valley from the bed of the Lueru lo Urigi, or Lake of Urigi, the track led us first through a meadow of much pleasing beauty, and then through a passage between the saddle back domes we had seen from the heights above Lohugati, where a new geological formation especially attracted my notice.

He fully appreciated the good service I had done to him and his country by opening a road which all caravans for the future would follow if property dealt with.

Msalima also took a map of all the countries we had passed, with lunar observations, and a letter to Rigby, by which he, Baraka, and Uledi would be able to draw their pay on arrival.

Still I would not give in, and the whole day kept jawing without effect, for I could get no man to go with me until the chief gave his sanction.

At night, as we had no local sultans to torment us, eight more men of sultan Majid s donation ran away, and, adding injury to injury, took with them all our goats, fifteen in number.

In two hours we reached the palace of Piejoko, a chief of some pretensions, and were summoned to stop and drink pombe.

The morose E20-329 Testing rhinoceros, though less numerous, are found in every thick jungle.

The company now broke up, but I still clung to the king, begging him to allow me to purchase food with beads, as I wanted it, for my establishment was always more or less in a starving state but he only said, Let us know what you want and you shall always have it which, in Uganda, I knew from experience only meant, Don t bother me any more, but give me your spare money, and help yourself from my spacious gardens Uganda is before you.

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Alternate concerts with the brothers, and conversation about hunting, in consequence of a bump caused by a fall with steeple chasing, which as discovered on my forehead, ended this day s entertainment.

Then, changing the subject, much to my relief, Kamrasi asked Bombay, Who governs England A woman.

He was a finelooking young man, about thirty years old, the husband of thirty wives, but he had only three children.

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All this exciting news, with the prospect of soon seeing Grant, IBM Smarter Cities P2170-036 Practise Questions did me a world of good, so much so, that I began shooting small birds for specimens watching the blacksmiths as they made tools, spears, ad bracelets and doctoring some of the Wahuma women who came to be treated for ophthalmia, in return for which they gave me milk.

Every man sent his spear, assage, or arrow, into his sides, until, completely exhausted, he sank like a porcupine covered with quills.

After we had settled down for the night, and the Turks had finished plundering the nearest villages, we heard two guns fired, and immediately afterwards the whole place was alive with Bari people.

Then placing one stick on the ground before me, they said, This one is a head which, being affected by dreams of a deceased relative, requires relief the second symbolised the king s desire for the accomplishment of a phenomenon to which the old phalic worship was devoted and this third one, they said, is a sign that the king wants a charm to keep all his subjects in awe of him.

In vain I tried to refuse them she had given more than enough for a keepsake before, and I was not hungry for property still I had to choose some, or I would give offence.

At the same time, the caravan prefers camping in the jungles beyond the villages to mingling with the inhabitants, where rows might be engendered.

He had been in Masudi s camp, and had delivered my message to Insangez.

We kept quiet all day, to see what effect that would have upon the king.

Chongi considers himself the greatest man in the country, and of noble descent, his greatgrandfather having been a Mhuma, born at Ururi, in Unyoro, and appointed by the then reigning king to rule over this country, and keep the Kidi people in check.

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The women, anything but pretty, wore their mbugu cut into two flounces, fastened with a drawing string round the waist and, in place of stockings, they bound strings of small iron beads, kept bright and shining, carefully up the leg from the ankle to the bottom of the calf.

I saw Mahamed march his regiment out of the place, drums and fifes playing, colours flying, a hundred guns firing, officers riding, some of them on donkeys and others yes, actually on cows whilst a host of the natives, Rionga s men included, carrying spears and bows and arrows, looked little like a peaceful caravan of merchants, but very much resembled a band of marauders.

The villages are not large or numerous, but widely spread, consisting generally of conical grass huts, while others are gable ended, after the coast fashion a small collection of ten or twenty comprising one village.

Here I heard, in an adjoining court, the boisterous, explosive laughs of both mother and son royal shouts loud enough to be heard a mile off, and inform the community that their sovereigns were pleased to indulge in hilarity.

At Cairo, where we put up in Shepherd s Hotel, I had the whole of them photographed, and indulged them at the public concerts, tableaux vivants, etc.

Since returning to England, Dr Murie, who was with me at Gondokoro, has also come home and he, judging from my account of the way in which we got ahead of the flooding of the Nile between the Karuma Falls and Gondokoro, is of opinion that the Little Luta Nzige must be a great backwater to the Nile, which the waters of the Nile must have been occupied in filling during my residence in Madi and then about the same time that I set out from Madi, the Little Luta Nzige having been surcharged with water, the surplus began its march northwards just about the time when we started in the same direction.

This was the first time the gun had been discharged since he received it, and, fearing to fire it himself, he called one of my men to do it for him.

In this high exuberance of spirits, a sudden surprise turned their momentary triumph into a total defeat for some Wahumba, having heard the cries of the Wagogo, joined in their cause, and both together fell on the Arab force with such impetuosity that the former victors were now scattered in all directions.

The bird, however, took the hint, and flew away.

Quite approving himself of this suggestion, Lumeresi then gave me one of his officers to be my guide his name was Sangizo.

They had fine oval faces, large eyes, and IBM P2170-036 Practise Questions high noses, denoting the best blood of Abyssinia.

Up jumped Maula in a moment as soon as these words were uttered, charging with his stick, then floundering and n yanzigging as if he had been signally rewarded.

No, the buffaloes are too far off now we will wait to go after then until I have given you a hut close by.

The dress of the Wahuma is very simple, composed chiefly of cow hide tanned black a few magic ornaments and charms, brass or copper bracelets, and immense number of sambo IBM Smarter Cities P2170-036 for stockings, which looked very awkward on their long legs.

This did not take long, as the chief said he was most desirous to see a white man, never having been to the coast, though his father in law had, and had told him that the Wazungu were even greater people than the sultan reigning there.

Meanwhile the cunning blackguard Maula begged for pardon said I quite misunderstood his meaning all he had said was that I was very fortunate, being in such favour at court, for the king and queen both equally loved me.

We heard, too, that the deserters had returned to the place they deserted from, with thirty Waganda, and a present of some cows for me.

To which Nasib also added, Ah, yes indeed it is so a monstrous success there is great ceremony as well as business at these courts you will better see what I mean when you get to Uganda.

This, I said, was put in our power by an alliance with his refractory brothers but Kidgwiga only laughed and said, Nonsense Kamrasi is the chief of all the countries round here Usoga, Kidi, Chopi, Gani, Ulega, everywhere he has only to hold up his hand and thousands would come to his assistance.

At this levee sundry Wakungu of rank complained that the Wanyambo plundered their houses at night, and rough handled their women, without any respect for their greatness, and, when caught, said they were Bana s men.

It now rested with himself to remove these obstacles.

26th, 27th, and 28th.

The dismayed criminals, struggling to be heard, in utter despair, were dragged away boisterously in the most barbarous manner, to the drowning music of the milele and drums.

We then separated and Baraka, by my orders, gave the thief fifty lashes for his double offence of theft and desertion.

For days past, streams of men have been carrying faggots of firewood, clean cut timber, into the palaces of the king, queen, and the Kamraviona and to day, on calling on the king, I found him engaged having these faggots removed by Colonel Mkavia s regiment from one court into another, this being his way of ascertaining their quantity, instead of counting them.


To day the king sent me four cows and a load of butter as a return present for the shot, and allowed one of his officers, at my IBM P2170-036 solicitation, to go with ten of my men to help Grant on.

These were accepted with the usual good grace of these people.

This led on to one argument after another, on geology, geography, and all the natural sciences, and ended by Rumanika showing me an iron much the shape and size of a carrot.

This magnificent order created a pause, which K yengo took advantage of by producing a little bundle of peculiarly shaped sticks and a lump of earth all of which have their own particular magical powers, as K yengo described to the king s satisfaction.

This foolish disruption having at first only lasted for a while, the road was again opened and again closed, for the merchants wanted an easy passage, and the native chiefs desired cloths.

Nothing was done because Kamrasi was dismissing his Kidi guests, 200, with presents of cows and women.

Thus died my first rhinoceros.

Fascinated with this speech, she said she would give me another of a middle age between the two, expecting, as I thought, that she would thus induce me to visit her more frequently than I did her son but, though I thanked her, it frightened me from visiting her for ages after.

Further, we have had no food these four days, because row succeeds row.

Tripping down the greensward of the hills together, these tall, athletic princes every now and then stopped to see who could shoot furthest, and I must say I never witnessed better feats in my life.

Then a sedate old dame rose from the squatting mass, ordered the virgins to right about, and marched them off, showing their still more naked reverses.

He said he disliked Uganda, where people s lives are taken like those of fowls and wished to live at the coast, the only place he ever heard of, where all the Wanguana come from great swells in Lugoi s estimation.

Not being aware of the value of the offering, I simply requested the Sheikh to give him four yards of American sheeting, and thought no more about the matter, until presently I found the cloth returned.

It was difficult to say who were of true breed here, for the intercourse of the natives with the Wahuma and the Wanyamuezi produced a great variety of facial features amongst the people.

A large shed was cleared for Grant and myself, and all my men were ordered to disperse, and chum in ones and twos with Mahamed s men for Mahamed said, now we had come there, his work was finished.

Bounding and scrambling, the Wakungu, the women and all, went pell mell through everything towards my hut.

Kamrasi said he must have it, for, besides it, the gun was the only thing new to him.

We saw a herd of hartebeest, and reached at night a place within easy run of Koki in Gani.

This was a predicament which looked very ugly, for my boys had both bolted, taking with them my guns but suddenly the beast, evidently regarding the smoke as a phantom which could not be mastered, turned round in a bustle, to my intense relief, and galloped P2170-036 Certification Dumps off at full speed, as if scared by some terrible apparition.

Here was altogether a staggerer I would stop for three or four days, but if Kamrasi would not have us by that time, what was to be done Would it be prudent to try Kisuere now Baraka had been refused the Gani route or would it not be better still for me to sell Kamrasi altogether, by offering Mtesa five hundred loads of ammunition, cloth and beads, if he would give us a thousand Waganda as a force to pass through the Masai to Zanzibar, this property to be sent back by the escort from the coast Kamrasi would no doubt catch it if we took this course, but it was expensive.

Here, taking a hasty meal, we resumed the march all together, descended the great western chain, and, as night set in, camped in a ravine at the foot of it, not far from the great junction station Ugogi, where terminate the hills of Usagara.

The home must be forsaken without a last adieu, the dinner untasted, and no provision made for the coming night, in order that P2170-036 Practise Questions Candy Swick & Company his impetuous majesty should not suffer one moment s disappointment.

After receiving what he called his dues one barsati, two yards merikani, and two yards kiniki the drums beat, and all was settled with him but I was told the head chief Makaka, who lived ten miles to the west, and so much out of my road, had sent expressly to invite me to see him.

Feeling his power, he raised an army and attempted to fight for the crown, which it is generally admitted would have succeeded, had not Musa, with unparalleled magnanimity, employed all the ivory merchandise at his command to engage the services of all the Arabs slaves residing at Kufro, to bring muskets against him.

23d to 31st.


On arrival at camp, the king, P2170-036 Test Prep quite shocked with himself for having deserted me, asked me if I did not hear his guns fire.

Of what value, he observed, would the beads be to him if his life was lost This was crushing the whole camp was unanimous in opposing me.

I scolded her for her obstinacy.

Thus it is proved that the plot against Maizan was concocted on the coast by the Arab merchants most likely from the same motive which has induced one rival merchant to kill another as the best means of checking rivalry or competition.

This large body of Waganda could not be kept waiting.

Now load, Bana load, and let us see you do it, cried the excited king but before I was half loaded, he said, Come along, come along, and let us see the bird.

Of course I took the opportunity to renew my protest against the plundering system but the king, changing the subject, told me the Wazungu were at Gani inquiring after us, and wishing to come here.

Nothing of material consequence happened until the 14th, when eighty of Rionga s men brought in two slaves and thirty tusks of ivory, as a present to Mahamed.

I could not get a proper front shot at the boss of any of them, and if I had waited an instant we should both have been picked up or trodden to death so I let fly at their temples, and instead of killing, sent the whole of them rushing away at a much faster pace than they came.



The king signified his approval by holding his mouth, putting his head on one side, and looking askance at it.

It forms a link of the great East Coast Range but though it is generally comprehended under the single name Usagara, many sub tribes occupy P2170-036 Vce Dumps and apply their own names to portions of it as, for instance, the people on whose ground we now stood at the foot of the hills, are Wa Khutu, and their possessions consequently are U Khutu, which is by far the best producing land hitherto alluded to since leaving the sea coast line.

Baraka s jealousy about his position had not struck me yet.

This was rather perplexing.

The first court passed, I was even more surprised to find the unusual ceremonies that awaited me.

I declined, however, to give him the instrument on the security of his promise, and he went to breakfast.

The theft having been proved to the satisfaction of every one, I ordered Baraka to strip him of everything and give him three dozen lashes but after twenty one had been given, the rest were remitted on his promising to turn Queen s evidence, when it transpired that Mutwana had done as much as himself.

I called and described the effects of a lightningrod, and tried to enter into the Unyoro business, wishing to go there at once myself.

In this territory there are small villages only at every fifth mile, for there is no road, and the lands run high again, whilst, from want of a guide, we often lost the track.

He then inquired if I would like to go shooting I said, Yes, if he would accompany me not otherwise.

I was told how a Myoro woman, who bore twins that died, now keeps two P2170-036 Practise Questions small pots in her house, as effigies of the children, into which she milks herself every evening, and will continue to do so five months, fulfilling the time appointed by nature for suckling children, lest the spirits of the dead should persecute her.

I then went into a long inquiry with Musa about our journey northward P2170-036 Labs to Karague and as he said there were no men to be found in or near Unyanyembe, for they were either all killed or engaged in the war, it was settled he should send some P2170-036 Latest Dumps of his head men on to Rungua, where he had formerly resided, trading for some years, and was a great favourite with the chief of the place, by name Kiringuana.


He imbibed it with great surprise it was wonderful tipple he must have some more and, for the purpose of brewing better, would send the barrel of an old Brown Bess musket, as well as more pombe and wood in the morning.

This was no sooner said than done, by the attendants in a body shoving on and trampling them under, as an elephant would crush small trees to keep his course.

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I could not stand this we were literally, as Musa said we should be, being torn to pieces so I appealed to the mace bearers, protested that Makinga could have no claims on me, as he was not a man of Usui, but a native of Utambara, and brought on a row.

To please myself now I had done quite enough but as the princes would have it, I went on with the chase.

I brought them to at last by starvation, and then we went on.

One bracelet of fine twisted brass wire adorned his left wrist, and his hair, half an inch long, was worked up into small peppercorn like knobs by rubbing the hand circularly over the crown of the head.


Now, however, as Manua Sera wished to make friends, they would abide by anything that I might propose.

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