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At last I settled this confounded hongo, by paying seven additional wires in lieu of the cloth and, delighted at the termination of this tedious affair, I ordered a march.

On the 24th, we all, as many as were left of us, marched into the merchant s depot, S.

Finding the flour of the country too bitter to eat by itself, we sweetened it with ripe plantains, and made a good cake of it.

A white dog, spear, shield, and woman the Uganda cognisance were by his side, as also a knot of staff officers, with whom he kept up a brisk conversation on one side and on the other was a band of Wichezi, or lady sorcerers, such as I have already described.

N yamgundu seeing this, as he knew the young man was not entitled to wear it, immediately ordered his children to wrench it from him.

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The whole land was a picture of quiescent beauty, with a boundless sea in the background.



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We found him holding a levee, and receiving his offerings of a batch of girls, cows, goats, and other things of an ordinary nature.

As one coffee seed sown brings forth fruit in plenty, so my coming here may be considered.

They have both their district and their village chiefs, but, in the countries we are about to travel over, no kings such as we shall find that the Wahuma have.


What little ammunition I had left I fired off as signals, or made tinder of to get up a fire, but the wood would not burn.

They gave us more pombe, and introduced us to one of N yamasore s numerous sisters, who was equally charmed with myself and PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test my children.

This was a day of relief and happiness.


Of course a severe contest followed I said, as I had given them so much before, they could not want it, and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I now proposed going on if the Apina, or chief of the village, would give me a guide but he feared to do so lest I should come to grief, and Mahamed would then be down upon him.

The China war, he assured me, had taken up all the Government vessels, and there appeared no hope left for me that season, as the last American trader was just then leaving for Zanzibar.

As I anticipated, on arrival at the palace I found the king was not ready to receive me, and the pages desired me to sit with the officers in waiting until he might appear.

Again the expedition marched on in the right direction.

A page was then sent for by Maula, who, giving him a bit of stick representing the gun required, told him to fetch it immediately.

As his fathers ever did, so does he.

Then, to enhance all these pleasure, so different from our former experiences, we were treated like guests by the chief of the place, who, obeying the orders of his king, Rumanika, brought me presents, as soon as we arrived, of sheep, fowls, and sweet potatoes, and was very thankful for a few yards of red blanketing as a return, without begging for more.

And you can give no stimulants No.


A short stage brought us to Ikamburu, included in the district of Nzasa, where there is another small village presided over by PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test Phanze Khombe la Simba, meaning Claw of Lion.

His greatest delight is in the fair sex, and when he can t get them, next comes beer, song, and a dance.

We had totally failed, then, in conveying to this stupid king the impression that we were not mere traders, ready to bargain with him.

This is done by timing the rate of march with ACSO-IJ-PROD-12-07 Test Engine a watch, taking compass bearings along the road, or on any conspicuous marks as, for instance, hills off it and by noting the watershed in short, all topographical objects.

The matter, however, was merely deferred for I no sooner told him my plans for communicating quickly with Petherick Pegasystems PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test and Grant, than, after saying he desired their coming even more than myself, he promised to arrange everything on the morrow.

I walked off to Usungu to see what I could do for him in his misery.

These Men of the Moon are hereditarily the greatest traders in Africa, and are the only people who, for love of barter and change, will leave their own country as porters and go to the coast, and they do so with as much zest as our countryfolk go to a fair.

On this, Bombay flew into a passion, abusing the men who were helping me, as there were fires and powder boxes under the tent.

Here, as we entered, we saw sitting cross legged on the ground Rumanika the king, and his brother Nnanaji, both of them men of noble appearance and size.

The Wasuahili, taking advantage of their timidity, flock here in numbers to live upon the fruits of their labours.

I rely so far on the geographical information I thus received, that I would advise no one to doubt the accuracy of these protractions until he has been on the spot to test them by actual inspection.

Kidgwiga said Petherick s party was not in Unyoro they had never reached there, but were lying at anchor off Gani.

I then gave Nnanaji, who had been constantly throwing out hints that I ought to give him a gun as he was a great sportsman, a lappet of beadwork to keep his tongue quiet, and he in return sent me a bullock and sundry pots of pombe, which, in addition to the daily allowance sent by Rumanika, made all my people drunk, and so affected Baraka that one of the women also drunk having given him some sharp abuse, he beat her in so violent a manner that the whole drunken camp set upon him, and turned the place into a pandemonium.

Our day s march had been novel and very amusing.


We therefore had to lay in rations for those days, and as no men could be found who would take service to Karague, we filled up our complement with men at exorbitant wages to carry our things on to Usui.

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Then turning again to the old point, his utter amazement that we should spend so much property in travelling, he wished to know what we did it for when men had such means they would surely sit down and enjoy it.

From the Gani people we had, without any visible change, mingled with the Madi people, who dress in the same naked fashion as their neighbours, and use bows and arrows.

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To day, the king having graciously granted permission, we went out shooting, but saw only a few buffalo tracks.

The subject then turned upon medicine, and after inspecting the chest, and inquiring into all its contents, it ended by his begging for the half of everything.

Small outcrops of granite here and there poke through the surface, which, like the rest of the rolling land, being covered PEGACPBA71V1 Guide with bush, principally acacias, have a pleasing appearance after the rains have set in, but are too brown and desert looking during the rest of the year.

of birds claws, hoofs and horns of wild animals tied on with strings, and sometimes an article like a kilt, made of loose strips of skin, or the entire skins of vermin strung close together.

It was established by Musa Mzuri, by the permission of Rumanika for, as I shall have presently to mention, Sunna, after annexing this part of Uddu to Uganda, gave Rumanika certain bands of territory in it as a means of security against the possibility of its being wrested out of his hands again by the future kings of Unyoro.

He said he did not like Unyoro, because Kamrasi hides himself like a Neptune in the Nile, whenever his men go on a visit there, and instead of treating his guests with respect, he keeps them beyond the river.

On the PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test other hand, I argued that Grant must have arrived long ago at Kamrasi s, and removed all these difficulties for us but, I said, if they would send men, let Bombay start at once by land, and we will follow in boats, after giving him time to say we are coming.

At times we thought we heard musketry in camp, knowing that Grant would be sure to fire signals for us and doubtless we did so, but its sound and the thunder so much resembled one another that we distrusted our ears.

By the king s order we attended at the palace early.

It happened that Grant had just given Ruhe a gun when my note arrived, on which they made an agreement, that it was to be restored, provided that, after the full knowledge of all these transactions had reached us, PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test it was both Lumeresi s and my desire that it should be so.

I sent Frij to Kamrasi to find out what he was doing with the Waganda and my deserters, as I wished to speak with their two head representatives.

The ruffian, on hearing this, allowed the wires to lie in his hut, and said he was going away, but hoped, when he returned, I should have, as I had got no cloths, 20 wires, and 1000 necklaces of extra length, strung and all ready for him.

So far the queen won the day, but I did not obtain my new residence, which I considered the first step to accomplishing the greater object I therefore put the iron farther in the fire by saying I was no man s slave, and I should not go PEGACPBA71V1 Test Software until I got a house in the palace Bombay could teach the boys the way to clean the pistol.

What said the king, turning to his pages again, have you given these men no plantains, as I ordered Go and fetch them this moment, and pombe too, for Bana.

In a state of perplexity, K yengo and the rest, on seeing me laughing, thought something was wrong so, turning about, they thought again, and said, No, it must have been hot, because the higher one ascended the nearer he got to the sun.

the Prince Consort, which made me reflect on the inspiring words he made use of, in compliment to myself, when I was introduced to him by Sir Roderick Murchison, a short while before leaving England.

I sent the three men who had returned from Grant to lay a complaint against the convoy, who had tricked him out of a pleasant voyage, and myself out of the long wished for survey PEGACPBA71V1 Dumps Pass4sure of the lake.

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He began to show a disinclination to allow my going there, and though from the most friendly intention, this view was alarming, for one word from him could have ruined my projects.

The appeal, though listened to, and commented on, showing that it was well understood, got no direct reply.

Of the Karague story, according to which all the Kidi people sleep in trees, Kidgwiga gave me a modified version.

I marched up the left bank of the PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test Nile at a considerable distance from the water, to the Isamba rapids, passing through rich jungle and plantain gardens.

I then asked the king to allow me to try his Whitworth, to which a little bit of stick, as a charm to secure a correct aim, had been tied below the triggerguard.

At last he rose and walked off in a huff but, repenting before he reached home, he sent us a pot of pombe, when, in return, I finished the farce by sending him a box of pills.

Since we had entered Karague we never could get one drop of milk either for love or for money, and I wished to know what motive the Wahuma had for withholding it.

All his accumulations would then go to the Zanzibar market, or else to slavers looking out off the coast.

Arrived near the end of the Moga Namirinzi hill in the second lake, the paddlers splashed into shore, where a large concourse of people, headed by Nnanaji, were drawn up to receive me.


All the men of his district clapped their hands Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 71V1 PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test together as a courteous salutation to him, and the women curtsied as well as they do at our court a proof that they respected him as a great potentate a homage rarely bestowed on the chiefs of other small states.

He had returned three days before, but had not yet seen the king.

These distant people pay their homage to Kamrasi, though they have six degrees of longitude to travel over.

More compliments went round, and then he asked if it was true we could open a man s skull, look at his brains, and close it up again also if it was true we sailed Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 71V1 PEGACPBA71V1 all round the world into regions where there was no difference between night and day, and how, when he ploughed the seas in such enormous vessels as would carry at once 20,000 men, we could explain to the sailors what they ought to do for, although he had heard of these things, no one was able to explain them to him.

The mighty king was now reported to be sitting on his throne in the statehut of the third tier.

In my turn, I told Petherick he had missed a good thing by not going up the river to look for me for, had he done so, he would not only have had the best ivorygrounds to work upon, but, by building a vessel in Madi above the cataracts, he would have had, in my belief, some hundred miles of navigable water to transport his merchandise.

Is there any medicine for women or children which will prevent the offspring from PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test Candy Swick & Company dying shortly after birth for it is a common infirmity in this country with some women, that all their children die before they are able to walk, whilst others never lose a child.

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Half of my men, however, did stop there, but with the other half Grant and I went on and, as the sun was setting, we came in sight of what we thought was Petherick s outpost, N.

From the top of the bank bordering on the valley, a good view was obtainable of the Uraguru hills, and the top of a very distant cone to its northward but I could see no signs of any river joining the kingani on its left, though on the former expedition I heard that the Mukondokua river, which was met with in Usagara, joined the Kingani close to Sagesera, and actually formed its largest head branch.

But this was not all their misfortunes for the slaves who brought in this information had met the first detachment, sent with the Khoko loot, at Kigua, where, they said, the detachment had been surprised by Manua Sera, who, having fortified PEGACPBA71V1 Online Exam a village with four hundred men, expecting this sort of thing, rushed out upon them, and cut them all up.

It was not my policy to make our object appear too important to ourselves, so I had to appear tolerably indifferent, and took the opportunity to ask for PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test my paint box, which he had borrowed for a day and had kept in his possession for months.

Rumanika, it appeared, as I always had heard, considered old Musa his saviour, for having eight years before quelled a rebellion, when his younger brother, Rogero, aspired to the throne whilst Musa s honour and honesty were quite unimpeachable.

Here we were overtaken by Rozaro, who had remained behind, as I now found, to collect a large number PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test Candy Swick & Company of Wanyambo, whom he called his children, to share with him the gratuitous living these creatures always look out for on a march of this nature.

At night, 22d, a steel scabbard and some cloths were extracted from our camp, so I begged my friend the great doctor would show us the use of his horn.


The day thus ended, and I was dismissed.

Among his jokes were, that I must never drink pombe excepting with these sticks if I wanted any when I leave Uganda, to show my friends, she would give me twenty more sticks of that sort if I liked them and, turning from verbal to practical jocularity, the dirty fellow took my common sucker out of the pot, inserted one of the queen s, and sucked at it himself, when I snatched and threw it away.

The Mgussa s voice is also heard, but in what manner I do not know, as all communication on state matters is forbidden in Uganda.

I found that the woman, who fully understood the jealous hatred which existed in Baraka s heart against Bombay, flirted with both of them and, pretending to show a preference for Bombay, set Baraka against her, when from high words they came to blows, and set the place in a blaze.

I now sent Bombay to the king to request an interview, as I had much of importance to tell him but the could not be seen, as he was deep in the interior of the palace enjoying the society of his wives.

Rumanika, who appeared immensely delighted as he assisted me in putting the questions I wanted, and saw me note them down in my book, was more confirmed than ever in the truth of my stories that I came from the north, and thought as the beads came to Amara, so should I be able to open the road and bring him more visitors.

Next day 17th I received a letter from Grant, narrating the whole of PEGACPBA71V1 Pdf his catastrophes In the Jungles, near M yonga s, 16th Sept.

Bombay, doing his best to escape, or to hurry my march, replied that he was very anxious on our account, because the Waganda wished to snatch us away.

Nothing short of the grandest palace, a throne to sit upon, the largest harem, the smartest officers, the best dressed people, even a menagerie for pleasure in fact, only the best of everything would content him.

The rain falling was considered at court a good omen, and everybody declared the king mad with delight.

Not one of them would come near me, for they knew I was friends with Kamrasi and Mahamed s men, when they saw mine attempting to converse with them, abused them for prying into other men 1Z0-858 Questions s concerns.

Has she any children Yes, said Bombay, with ready impudence these are two of them pointing to Grant and myself.

On the 19th I went fishing, but without success, for they said the fish would not take in the lake ML0-320 Exam Paper Pdf and on the following day, as Grant s recovery seemed hopeless, for a long time at least, I went with all the young princes to se what I PEGACPBA71V1 Test Exam could do with the hippopotami in the lake, said to inhabit the small island of Conty.

Any one who saw the grateful avidity with which they took the money, and the warmth with which they pledged themselves to serve me faithfully through all dangers and difficulties, would, had he had no dealings with such men before, have thought that I had a first rate set of followers.

He wished to give us a cow, but put it off for another day, and was surprised we dared venture into his premises without permission from the king.

The only marked difference between the two is in the shape of their horns, as may be seen by the woodcut and in their colour, in which, in both sexes, the Ugogo antelopes resemble the picticandata gazelle of Tibet, except that the former have dark markings on the face.

Now, slight as this PEGACPBA71V1 Exam Guide Pdf little affair might appear, it was of vital importance to me, as I found all my men shaking their heads and predicting what might happen to us when we got there so, as a forlorn hope, I sent Baraka with another letter to PEGACPBA71V1 Vce Musa, offering to pay as much money for fifty men carrying muskets as would buy fifty slaves, and, in addition to that, I offered to pay them what my men were receiving as servants.

I then inquired if it was true the Wabembe were cannibals, and also circumcised.

Though half inclined to accept his offer, which would have saved a long trudge to Kaze, yet as he had tricked me so often, I felt there would be no security unless I could get some coast interpreters, who would not side with the chiefs against me as he had done.

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These men, they said, are our friends, and not yours if we choose to give them presents of cloth and beads, and they give us a return in ivory, what is that to you Mysterious Mahamed next came to me, and begged for a blanket, as he said he was going off for a few days to a depot where he had some ivory and he also wanted to borrow a musket, as one of his had been burnt.

As Kamrasi was anxious I should take two of his children to England to be instructed, I agreed to do so, but said I thought it would be better if he invited missionaries PEGACPBA71V1 Preparation Materials to come here and educate all his family.

The king was plainly dressed in an Arab s black choga, and wore, for ornament, dress stockings of rich coloured beads, and neatly worked wristlets of copper.

Mtesa has no right to order me out of another man s house, to be an enemy with one whose friendship I desire.

He pronounced this name laughing, and said, Formerly our stock was half white and half black, with one side of our heads covered with straight hair, and the other side frizzly you certainly do know everything.

I met to day a Mhuma cowherd in my strolls with the rifle, and asked him if he knew where the game lay.

Kidgwiga told us to day that king Kamrasi s sisters are not allowed to wed they live and die virgins in his palace.

Bit by bit, however, I learned that he first went to the palace, and, finding the king had gone off yachting to the Murchison Creek, he followed him there.


Again I called the two together, and begged them to act in harmony like brothers, noticing that there was no cause for entertaining jealousy on either side, as every order rested with myself to reward for merit or to punish.

Not another word was said, and away the two parties went, with no more arrangement than a set of geese Maula without a letter, and Kaddu without any provision for the way, as if all the world belonged to Mtesa, and he could help himself from any man s garden that he liked, no matter where he was.

At the foot of this is the Maji ya Wheta, a hot, deep seated spring of fresh water, which bubbles up through many apertures in a large dome shaped heap of soft lime an accumulation obviously thrown up by the force of the spring, as the rocks on either side of it are of igneous character.

Next morning, 1st Masudi and his party started for Karague.

Baraka, at this, somewhat taken aback, said there were no such things as perquisites on a journey like this for whatever could be saved from the chiefs was for the common good of all, and all alike ought to share in it repeating words I had often expressed.

Both sides were fringed with the huge papyrus rush.

The life of the sailor is most particularly attractive to the freed slave for he thinks, in his conceit, that he is on an equality with all men when once on the musterrolls, and then C2070-582 Book Pdf he calls all his fellow Africans savages.

Then you had two mothers and two fathers one set died at Anguja, and the other set at Anguza you are a humbug I don t believe you you are no Mguana, but a slave who has been snatched from his family, and does not know where any of his family are.

Sirhid knew very well that I had a small reserve of pretty cloths, though all the common ones had been expended so, to keep in good terms with him who was to be our intercessor, I said I would give him the last I had got if he would not tell Suwarora or any one else what I had done.

The third scene was more easily arranged, for the day was fast declining.

Unexpectedly, and for reasons only known to himself, the king sent us a cow and load of butter, which had been asked for many days ago.

The cows, said N yamgundu, have gone on to Kisuere by another route, but I will bring them here and then, as Maula is taking you, I will go and fetch Grant.

After rifling his loads of a kilyndo, or bark box of beads, they, it appeared, received orders from M yonga to sell a lot of female slaves, amongst whom were the two Wahuma women who had absconded from this.

We now mustered twenty Wanguana, twenty PEGACPBA71V1 Practice Test five country porters, and thirty one of Kidgwiga s children making a total, with ourselves, of seventy eight souls.

I gave them a cow, and they at once killed it, and, sitting down, commenced eating her flesh raw, out of choice.

These two men had now charge of our tents and personal PEGACPBA71V1 Pdf Exam kit, while Baraka was considered the general of the Wanguana forces, and Rahan a captain of ten.

He answered, with his usual courtesy, That he would be very glad to oblige us in any way that we liked but he feared that, as the Waganda were such superstitious people, some difficulties would arise, and he must decline to comply with our request.

Two loads of flowers, neatly packed in long strips of rushpith, were sent for us to consume at once, as more would be given on the morrow.

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This, as may naturally be supposed, led into further genealogical disclosures of a similar nature, and I was told by Rumanika that his grandfather was a most wonderful man indeed, Karague was blessed with more supernatural agencies than any other country.

After this I heard they were not going to Rionga himself, but were going to show Rionga s men the way that they made friends with Pegasystems PEGACPBA71V1 old Chongi of Koki.

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To call on the Sultan, of PEGACPBA71V1 Actual Test course, was our first duty.

They all said I must have the king s sanction first, else people, from not knowing my object, would accuse me of practising witchcraft, and would tell their king so.

My plans for the present were to reach Zungomero as soon as possible, as a few days halt would be required there to fix the longitude of the eastern flank of the East Coast Range by astronomical observation but on ordering the morning s march, the porters too well fed and lazy thought our marching rate much too severe, and resolutely refused to move.

He had told no one he was going to the N yanza, and now it was thought he would return in the same way.

Carrying water with us, we next marched half way to the first settlement of Ugogo, and bivouacked again, to eat the last of our store of Mbumi grain.

To wait there any longer after this, I knew, would be a mere waste of time, so I ordered my men to pack up that moment, and we all marched over at once to Lumeresi s, when we put up in his boma.

The medicines, four varieties, were weighed out into ten doses each, and their uses and effects explained.

Of course, I said they were my guests in Uganda, and if they had been wise they would have eaten their cow on the spot what was that to Kamrasi It was a pity he did not treat us as well who have come into his country at his own invitation, instead of keeping us starving in this gloomy wilderness, without a drop of pombe to cheer the day why could not he let us go on He wanted first to hear if the big Mzungu, meaning myself, had really come yet.

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They did no harm, however, excepting to create a slight alarm, which some neighbouring villagers took advantage of to run of with two of my cows.

I naturally seized every opportunity for putting in a word in the direction of my great object, and here seemed to be an opportunity.

Mr Moorlan became very friendly, and said he was sorry he could not do more for us.

By doing so, we should have avoided the wandering Watuta, whose depredations had laid waste nearly all of this country but the designing blackguard, in opposition to my wishes, to accomplish some object of his own, chose to mislead us all, and quietly took us straight into Sorombo to Kague, the boma of a sub chief, called Mfumbi, where we no sooner arrived than the inhospitable brute forbade any one of his subjects to sell us food until the hongo was paid, for he was not sure that we were not allied with the Watuta to rob his country.

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